3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Cake Recipes

3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Cake Recipes – This easy Crock Pot Cherry Cobbler is made with just three ingredients and is ready in two hours!

If you are looking for a super easy and delicious dessert, keep reading. A few years ago we made this easy 3-ingredient Crock Pot Peach Cobbler recipe. I didn’t believe it would work, but to my surprise, not only did it work, but it was very easy to make and the cobbler was very nice.

3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Cake Recipes

3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Cake Recipes

You’ll love this cherry cobbler version made with the same basic three ingredients. Instead of canned fruit in peach cobbler, you use canned pie filling. You can also use homemade filling if you want. And if you want to experiment a little, check out all of our slow cookers:

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As with the slow cooker peach cobbler, this recipe uses fruit preserves, cake mix, and butter. We combined the cherry pie filling with a cherry chip cake mix. If you think that’s too many cherries, don’t worry. It’s perfect. You can also use white or yellow cake mix. Or go for chocolate cherry cobbler with chocolate brownie mix. Enjoy it!

Pour the pie mixture into the bottom of a 4-quart slow cooker. I like using an oval slow cooker instead of a round slow cooker for this recipe because it allows the cake to spread out and not be as thick. We used 30 oz cherry pie filling, but you could easily use 2 cans or one 30 oz and one 15 oz jar.

You can also try mixing the cherry filling with blueberry or blackberry pie.

Pour the cake mixture evenly over the pie mixture. Try to spread the mixture evenly so that it cooks to the same thickness.

Here’s How To Whip Up A Nutella Cake In Your Slow Cooker With 3 Ingredients

Cut a stick of butter into pieces. Spread the pieces evenly over the cake mixture. That’s it. DO NOT MIX. Resist lust! Just put the top on, put the slow cooker on and away you go.

Start checking the cobbler after 2 hours to see if the cooking is done. All slow cookers are a little different. Cobblers take 2.5-3 hours in this slow cooker. You want the fruit to be bubbly and browned on top of the cake mix. Use a toothpick to check the doneness of the cake.

Allow the cobbler to cool before serving. It’s great hot or chilled. Serve with homemade whipped cream or a large scoop of 3-ingredient vanilla ice cream.

3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Cake Recipes

Per Serving: Calories: 651 Total Fat: 20 g Saturated Fat: 11 g Trans Fat: 1 g Unsaturated Fat: 7 g Cholesterol: 41 mg Sodium: 808 mg Carbohydrates: 114 g Fiber: 2 g Sugar: 38 g Food content: 34 g food. She is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute and author of the cookbook Plant-Based Buddha Bowls.

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Slow Cooker Apple Pie Cake is everything you love about this 3-ingredient, warm apple filling with a tart-like topping.

This simple slow cooker dessert is everything you’d expect from a classic apple pie, but only requires three ingredients—and less work. When it’s done baking, you’ll be greeted with a sweet and buttery cake-like blanket. But dig your spoon through the top and you’ll find a cinnamon-kissed, warm apple filling. The contrast between the lightly browned, slightly crispy top and the sweet, tangy center is enough to transform this easy dessert into a new treat. Just don’t forget a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

This easy-to-make dessert combines the best parts of fruit pie and cake, and it only has three ingredients. Drop in or pull out cupcakes are the answer when you need a simple dessert that you can pull off with no effort. It got its name because the ingredients are basically dropped or thrown into the slow cooker. You start with a couple of boxes of fruit pie filling (this version calls for apples, although any other fruit filling is fair game), then add the cake mix and melted butter. ‘shine.

Perhaps the most important step in this process is to cover the slow cooker with a clean kitchen towel or paper towel before adding the lid. It soaks up the moisture that builds up in the slow cooker and becomes irresistibly crisp around the edges as it bakes like a cake. You only need 3 simple ingredients (plus a scoop of ice cream!) for this perfect fall dessert.

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Whether your fall is still warm or it’s starting to cool down, you don’t need to fire up the oven to make this delicious cake mix dump cake.

Plus, it comes together in minutes and then your slow cooker does all the work until it’s cooked to perfection and ready to serve with a big scoop of ice cream on top.

How to Make Apple Cobbler Cake Mix in the Slow Cooker How to Make Apple Pie in the Instant Pot.

3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Cake Recipes

1. Pour the apple pie filling into the Instant Pot. I use this HERE.

Ingredient Slow Cooker Pumpkin Cake

3. Melt 4 tablespoons of butter and pour over the cake mixture. DO NOT MIX IT UP!

4. Pour 1 cup of water into the Instant Pot. Insert the trivet, then place the pan on top.

5. Close the lid, push by hand and cook for 25 minutes. (Make sure the sensor is sealed)

6. When finished, push the button to vent (quick release). Serve while still hot!

Best Crock Pot Cherry Dump Cake

Now you can serve this with cinnamon, ice cream, whipped cream, or anything else! Personally, I like it when it’s done baking (very hot) and topped with vanilla ice cream. The melted ice cream on top of this is AMAZING! Yeah yeah!

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3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Cake Recipes

Our latest cookbook – Six Ingredients with Stuff from Six Sisters – is all about using a few ingredients to make a delicious dinner! Cooking with just 6 ingredients or less has never been easier with this cookbook recipe!

Slow Cooker Cherry Cake

Whether you’re a chef just starting out or a busy parent looking to save time in the kitchen, this cookbook is for you! It is full of entrees, side dishes and desserts.

After cooking, I took it out and put ice cream on it. . . it was so good!

Calories: 101 kcal · Carbohydrates: 0.1 g · Protein: 0.1 g · Fat: 11 g · Saturated fat: 7 g · Polyunsaturated fat: 0.4 g · Monounsaturated Fat: 3 g Trans Fat: 0.5 g Cholesterol: 30 mg Sodium: 91 mg Potassium: 4 mg Fiber: 0.01 g Sugar: 0.03 g Vitamin A : 350 IU · Vitamin C: 0.01 mg · Calcium: 4 mg · Iron: 0.01 mg

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Make Gooey Chocolate Lava Cake In The Crockpot!

This post was written by a past contributor to Six Sisters’ Stuff. We appreciate all the creative input that makes Six Sisters’ Stuff a great resource for families! Try slow cooker cake recipes for perfectly baked results every time. Our personal favorite? Chocolate lava cake.

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Slow Cooker Lava Cake I love chocolate. Maybe that’s why this slow cooker has long been a family favorite. Sometimes I serve it warm with vanilla ice cream; the cake can be served cold. – Elizabeth Farrell, Hamilton, Montana

3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Cake Recipes

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Cake baked in a slow cooker. A cake baked in a slow cooker may seem unusual, but the smile after dinner proves how delicious it is. Sometimes, for a change of pace, I substitute butterscotch chips for chocolate. -Marlene Adkins, Placentia, California

Pineapple Upside Down Cake. This cake recipe is great topped with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. It also works well with gluten-free and sugar-free cake mixes. – Karin Gatewood, Dallas, Texas

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