4 Layer Loaf Cake Recipes

4 Layer Loaf Cake Recipes – 22 Quick and Easy Recipes in 30 Minutes (or Less) + 5 Chef Secrets to Make Your Kitchen Better!

Everyday chocolate is easy to bake but, in the kitchen, the simplest things are often the hardest to get right. The challenge is that most chocolate cakes get their chocolate flavor only from cocoa powder. This works well in a layer cake when you have a thick layer of chocolate to add richness and flavor, but in a bare cake, the cocoa powder alone leaves you wanting. This chocolate snack from Ina Garten’s latest cookbook, Cook Like a Pro: Recipes & Tips for Home Cooks (Clarkson Potter, 2018), calls not only for cocoa powder, but also bittersweet chocolate and chocolate chips. The result is a delicious snack cake that tastes as rich and chocolaty as a brownie and requires complete frosting.

4 Layer Loaf Cake Recipes

4 Layer Loaf Cake Recipes

I don’t usually post Ina Garten recipes on my blog because I think everyone already has them, but this one is too good not to share. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day though

Fresh Apple Cake Recipe With Brown Butter Buttercream

Day – and the recipe happily makes two cakes, so one for your family and one to give as a gift (or put in the freezer for your next chocolate fix!).

First, pour boiling water into a 2 cup measuring cup and add dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and coffee beans.

In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the attachment, mix the butter, granulated sugar, and brown sugar together.

You want to start and end early. (Don’t worry if there are a few unmelted chocolate chips in the chocolate.)

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Bake for 45 to 55 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. (Test in a few places so you can hit the hot chocolate chips.)

Cool in the pan for 15 minutes, then turn out onto a cooling rack, rounded side up, and allow to cool to room temperature.

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4 Layer Loaf Cake Recipes

Adapted from Cook Like a Pro: Recipes & Tips for Home Cooks. Copyright © 2018 by Ina Garten. Published by Clarkson Potter/ Publishers, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC. Where there’s ice cream, there must be sprinkles! This ice cream cake has the texture of buttery sprinkles and ice cream while chocolate ganache and sprinkles add flavor and finishing touches. You can use your favorite flavor of ice cream, but stick to ice cream that does not contain large chunks. (See recipe notes.) The cake is very firm after freezing, so give it a few minutes before slicing and serving.

Layer Cake Recipes

My go-to ice cream cake recipe is all ice cream with layers of Oreos and whipped cream on top. Today’s recipe includes a real cake. I prefer soft cakes, so my #1 goal is to start with a soft cake that is still firm enough to mix and serve and freeze. It’s definitely a long process and about 7 test recipes later – and that’s not an exaggeration – I have a recipe that works.

Butter-based cakes, like pound cake, are very heavy and even bulkier when frozen. I knew this wasn’t the place I wanted to start, so I chose an oil-based cake. Oil-based sprinkles are good, but they taste like quick bread. I replaced the oil with melted butter so that there was a little more texture in the cake. I also switched to bread flour for a lighter texture. I tried using 2 egg whites instead of a whole egg, since egg whites make a lighter cake (see white cake), but that didn’t make any difference here. Use bread flour, melted butter, 1 whole egg, and other ingredients listed below. The cake has a great texture, but is still a little soft as the cake melts.

You can watch the recipe video and read the complete recipe instructions below, but I found the step-by-step pictures to be very helpful. Let’s start assembling this cake!

Start Assembling: After removing the completely cooled cake from the pan, cut it into 3 layers. This can be difficult, so take your time. I usually stand the bread upright on one side and cut down. Be careful and watch your fingers when doing this. Line your baking pan with parchment paper or plastic wrap overhanging the sides. Place the bottom cake layer in:

The Best Lemon Curd Loaf Cake

Ice Cream: Spread half of your ice cream on top. This is easier if the ice cream is a bit soft and I worked in the recipe instructions below. I just use a spoon to take it out of the container and spread it. It’s a very thick ice cream:

Can it really be a cake without a noble ending? Top this ice cream cake with a thick layer of chocolate ganache. Since the cake is very cold, the ganache sets quickly and tastes like a layer of rich fudge. The chocolate ganache instructions are below, but if you want to learn more see my different ganache post.

Let the ganache cool and thicken for about 10 minutes, then spread it on the frozen bread. Obviously the cake is very cold, so I recommend letting it sit for about 3-5 minutes before cutting. (Otherwise you will have a lot of time trying to cut it!) And if you prefer soft ice cream cakes like I do, let the slices “melt” for a few minutes before serving them. Feel free to add a dollop of whipped cream, too!

4 Layer Loaf Cake Recipes

I’ve been baking cake and cupcake batters with sprinkles for a while now and I’ve learned exactly what works – and what doesn’t. Here’s what I know:

Types Of Cakes To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Many readers have tried this recipe as part of a baking challenge! Feel free to email or share recipe photos with us on social media. 🙂

This ice cream cake has the texture of buttery sprinkles and ice cream while chocolate ganache and sprinkles add flavor and finishing touches. For best results, review the recipe information and video tutorial before starting.

Are you familiar with this website? This email list is a good place to start. I’m going to walk you through some of my most popular recipes and show you exactly why they work.

Sally McKenney is a professional photographer, cookbook author, and baker. Her tried and tested cooking recipes and detailed step-by-step tutorials give readers the knowledge and confidence to bake from scratch. Sally has been featured on Good Morning America, HuffPost, Taste of Home, People and more.

Coffee Layer Cake With Vanilla Espresso Buttercream

This email list is a good place to start. I’ll walk you through a few of my most popular recipes and show you exactly why they work. This delicious and fluffy Vanilla Loaf Cake makes a quick and easy dessert, afternoon snack, or breakfast.

Follow the basic recipe to make an easy, vanilla-flavored cake covered in vanilla icing. Or, use this recipe as a starter to create 4 other delicious breads: cinnamon, chocolate chip, blueberry, or raspberry swirl.

Loaf cake is one of those delicious, crowd-pleasing desserts that is so easy to make that it looks like cheating. They are a cake that is easy to cut and serve, somehow perfect for any occasion, and always just what everyone wants to eat.

4 Layer Loaf Cake Recipes

The bread needs no decoration except maybe a dollop of icing, and it will stay soft and delicious for several days. (Ha! It’s funny who can go that long without being eaten.)

Lemon Loaf Pound Cake (better Than Starbucks!)

Sometimes I bake the original vanilla and sometimes I use the recipe as a jumping off point to create something new.

With just a few tweaks and additions, this vanilla cake recipe can be easily transformed into 4 different types:

This cake relies on two techniques to create a smooth, creamy, and tender flavor that literally melts in your mouth:

An emulsion is a state in which droplets of water are dispersed in fat. Some substances, such as egg yolks, act as emulsifiers. This means that when their minds are raised, they help the oil and water to meet and stay together.

Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

In this recipe, an emulsion is created by beating eggs and sugar until they are light and fluffy, then slowly beat in some oil. The process creates a water-in-fat emulsion that increases stability and gives the cake a light, fluffy, soft texture.

One of my favorite baking books of all time is BakeWise by Shirley O’Corriher. In one recipe, Shirley explains that if they are folded gently into the batter right before baking, the sour cream adds more air, which gives a soft, fluffy surface. This genius recipe works like a charm to match this cake.

To be honest, this vanilla cake is very tasty on its own, without the garnish. But, I think it’s better to cover it in a light vanilla icing or lemon icing.

4 Layer Loaf Cake Recipes

You can serve the cake right after covering it with icing for extra sauce

Mini Vanilla Cake Recipe: Simple 4 Inch Layer Cake

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