5 Star Cake Recipes

5 Star Cake Recipes – A chocolate cake recipe that is incredibly easy and the most delicious chocolate cake ever! What makes this cake even more special is that it is sturdy enough to stack without sacrificing flavor and texture.

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5 Star Cake Recipes

5 Star Cake Recipes

This Fluffy and Buttery Vanilla Cake recipe has been my most popular recipe on this site. I’ve gotten so many questions about how to make the chocolate version of it, so finally, here it is!

Cake Recipes Rated 5 Stars By Home Bakers

The cake has a soft texture but is firm enough for stacking and carving. It’s not wet but it’s definitely moist and has a concentrated chocolate flavor without being too sweet.

Thanks to cocoa dissolved in boiling water; It gives the cake an exceptionally full and intense chocolate flavor. I used the same method to make my favorite basic chocolate cupcakes.

Overall, I think this chocolate cake is the best in the baker’s back pocket. It’s great for any special occasion and any frosting will work with it!

Follow the same procedure as written in the recipe but you will need to adjust the baking time. Note that the times below are only a guide as not all ovens are the same.

Small Chocolate Cake

Tip: Since not all ovens are the same, always check your cake a few minutes before the recommended baking time. You’ll know the cake is done when a cake tester or toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

This is the exact baking pan I use and I really recommend this brand (not sponsored – I just love their baking pans!).

You can also bake this in three 6×2 pans. If you do this, don’t forget to adjust the baking time.

5 Star Cake Recipes

Of course, two 6×3 pans produced a tall cake, about 3 inches in height (before breaking and leveling). Rose right on top of the cake pan. I then break each cake in half, giving me a total of four 6-inch layers, as you see in the pictures.

Luscious Layer Cakes Perfect For Any Occasion

After cutting and leveling the cake, the total height of my cake is about 4.5 inches. If I put frosting between the layers and on the outside of the cake, the total height of the final cake will probably be over 5 inches.

Tip: If you only have a cake pan that is less than 3 inches tall, an alternative is to extend the parchment around the cake pan for height, like I did in my vanilla cake.

You can also bake this in two 8×3 pans; The cooking time will be longer if you bake in a long pan.

Using an 8×2 pan, the recipe yields three 8-inch cakes that are about 2 inches high (before tarting and leveling). The cake rises right up to the top of the cake pan.

Fancy Cake Recipes

Note: Not sure what your mixer’s medium, medium-low, or low speed is? Read this Stand Maker Speed ​​Control Guide.

If you need to make a cake like this in vanilla, head over to Fluffy and Buttery Vanilla Cake Recipe.

I used this recipe to make a 3-tiered wedding cake so I can say that while it is soft and fluffy, it is firm enough to be used in a multi-tiered cake.

5 Star Cake Recipes

A chocolate cake recipe that is incredibly easy and the most delicious chocolate cake ever! What makes this cake even more special is that it is sturdy enough to stack and carve without sacrificing flavor and texture.

Small Chocolate Cake (6 Inch)

(Note 1) If you need a thicker cake layer, you can also bake this in two 8×4 pans. Adjust the cooking time.

(Note 2) Always check your cakes a few minutes before the recommended baking time. You’ll know the cake is done when a cake tester or toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. We independently select these products – if you purchase from one of our links, we may receive a commission. All prices were correct at the time of publication.

Chocolate cake, with its fluffy-yet-fluffy layers and swirls of creamy frosting, is synonymous with the leg-twisting joy you felt as a child, tackling a slice the size of your head and in the process. Getting all over your face. It’s a first date, butterflies in your stomach, sweet dessert – two forks. And it’s a big birthday celebration, with too many candles to count. It is of all these things; It is the ultimate celebration meal. It’s chocolate cake

Most of us make a real, from-scratch chocolate cake once or twice a year — if that. So when we

Sinful Triple Chocolate Fudge Poke Cake

, we need a recipe we can trust. To find the absolute best chocolate cake recipe out there, I’ve put together four popular recipes against each other, in a side-by-side taste test.

Some called for real chocolate in the batter, while others simply relied on cocoa powder for flavor. Some cakes used vegetable oil to keep them moist, while others called for butter to add a pleasant dairy flavor. In the end, I learned a

Since there are many types of chocolate cake (layer cake, sheet cake, chocolate cake with flavored frosting), I decided to stick to the classic two-layer cake covered in chocolate frosting. I avoided recipes with extra flavors like nuts or spices.

5 Star Cake Recipes

From there, I took a look at the most searched recipes. Anna Garten tops the list, followed by Hershey’s, and Martha Stewart’s. Although the Pioneer Woman’s recipe also proved to be very popular, I left it out because it is a sheet cake, not a layer cake. Smitten Kitchen’s cake, baked in one layer in a square pan, met the same fate. I then did a quick Google search for “chocolate cake,” which revealed that Add a Pinch’s recipe might be the most beloved of them all. Here’s a little more about each.

Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake

Martha Stewart’s recipe is made entirely by hand and requires no mixer. It was the only recipe I found that used butter — not vegetable oil — so I was curious to see how that would affect the texture and flavor. (The frosting picture looks really pretty too!)

I thought the classic Hershey’s back-of-the-box chocolate cake was the go-to cake for many people. It is a classic that has been a staple for many years.

Add a Pinch’s recipe had over 2,000 reviews and an average 4.97/5 star rating, so I thought it was worth a try. All the reviews online raved about how delicious the cake was, so I was curious to see what all the fuss was about.

Anna Garten’s Cake is a recipe that my colleague Grace has raved about in the past. It uses instant coffee to flavor the chocolate in the frosting (one heck Anna swears by) and actually brewed coffee in the cake. I was eager to try it.

The Best Chocolate Mud Cake

Each cake was made on the same day and exactly as written. I took no creative liberties and tried to copy the steps as faithfully as I could. If a recipe specifically called for a particular brand of ingredient to be used, I used it. I wanted it to be a fair competition and I was diligent about keeping things consistent.

I also grabbed some of my friends to taste the cake to see what they thought. Surprisingly, there was a lot of agreement in our opinion, and we all came up with a lot of tricks for better cake baking.

This cake, unfortunately, was disappointing. The taste was fine, but the texture was dry, crumbly and wet. It lacked the luscious richness you’d expect from a chocolate cake and tasted like a poorly made sponge cake. The frosting was delicious and had a nice texture, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the disappointing cake.

5 Star Cake Recipes

The process of making the cake was awkward – it required mixing the butter until “light and fluffy” using not a rubber spatula (which proved to be practically impossible), which in my opinion contributed to the unpleasant texture. Sadly, I will not be making this cake again. Sorry, Martha!

Momofuku Milk Bar’s Birthday Layer Cake Recipe

This standard, run-of-the-mill chocolate cake was pleasant, but not great. It was a little too sweet and rather flavorful. Of course, the taste was delicious (this is chocolate cake, after all), but there was nothing about it.

Humidity – to the point of being overwhelming. After a few bites, I desperately needed a glass of milk to wash it down. Chillies also need salt to balance the sweetness. If you’re looking to make something that tastes like it came out of a box, this is for you. It’s safe and reliable, but if you’re more into “tall” chocolate cake, this isn’t the one.

This is a solid cake recipe. It’s moist, rich, and has a light texture that’s not overwhelming or too wet. It’s a great go-to cake recipe, but it’s anything but. it is

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