6 Foods and Drinks that Cause a Distended Stomach to Avoid

Fimela.com, Jakarta Do you feel frustrated with distended stomach hard to remove? Apparently, the food and drink we consume daily can be the cause of a bloated stomach, you know. Apart from trying to maintain a healthy diet and exercise, knowing these interesting facts will help you in getting a flat and slim stomach.

The following are some foods and drinks that are the cause distended stomach.

1. Fizzy drinks

Reported from Healthline, soft drinks contain a lot of carbon dioxide gas which can cause a buildup of gas in the stomach, so that the stomach feels bloated and enlarged. In addition, soft drinks also contain high sugar and calories, which can cause weight gain if consumed in excess.

If you want to keep your stomach slim and avoid distended stomachit is better to reduce consumption of soft drinks and switch to healthier beverage choices such as mineral water, herbal teas, or infused water which can provide hydration without adding extra fat and calories.

2. Processed foods that are low in fiber

Processed foods are often a practical and easy choice, but did you know that processed foods can also cause a distended stomach, you know. Many processed foods, such as white bread, pasta and fast food, tend to be low in fiber. In fact, fiber is an important nutrient that is needed by our body.

Reported from MedicalNewsToday, fiber plays a role in maintaining the health of the digestive tract, helps smooth bowel movements, and provides a longer feeling of fullness. If the body experiences a lack of fiber intake, then our digestive health can be disrupted and food is difficult to digest properly.

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