7 Benefits of Jalapeno Chili for Body Health that are Rarely Known

Capsaicin compounds don’t just give a spicy taste, they are able to optimize metabolism, increase fat burning, and reduce appetite. This effect can make a person eat 50-75 fewer calories.

2. Against cancer

Capsaicin has anti-cancer properties so it can stop cell growth, slow down the spread to other organs and prevent the formation of new blood vessels around cancerous tumors. But to get the above benefits, consuming jalapeno must be in the right dosage. If it is too much, there will be side effects such as stomach cramps, stomach feels hot and other digestive disorders.

3. Natural pain reliever

The content of vitamin C contained in jalapeno is also able to relieve pain naturally. However, this effect can only be obtained when used externally.

The substance is able to relieve pain by blocking pain receptors in the area where the jalapeno is attached. At first, there is a burning sensation, over time the area becomes numb and the pain fades.

Jalapeno also contains capsaicin which can help relieve pain. A study in the journal Clinical Therapeutics said adults with rheumatoid arthritis experienced a 57 percent reduction in pain after applying capsaicin cream to the joints. The result is more effective and significant than using a placebo cream.

4. Keep you young

The efficacy of this one is still being debated and further research is needed. One study showed that people who ate chili peppers several times a week were 13 percent less likely to experience a disorder that led to death.

The study compared individuals who ate little or no chili peppers over 19 years. According to experts, capsaicin can increase blood flow and prevent obesity which is often the main cause of death.

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