Almond Flour Cake Recipes

Almond Flour Cake Recipes – This Almond Flour Cake is light and fluffy, made with simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. It’s perfect for a birthday party, and no one will be able to tell that it’s gluten-free!

I love working with almond flour because it is made with only one ingredient, almonds. It’s higher in protein than traditional white flour, and it’s also higher in fat, which means you’ll need less oil than you might expect.

Almond Flour Cake Recipes

Almond Flour Cake Recipes

Almond flour gives this cake a light nutty flavor, and it’s surprisingly light and fluffy for such a simple ingredient list. I think it tastes like a traditional birthday cake, compared to my other Healthy Birthday recipes. (Which is 100% fruit-sweet!)

Flourless Honey Almond Cake Recipe

Almond flour is heavier than white flour, so it needs a leavening agent (like baking powder or baking soda). It also requires less oil and eggs than recipes that call for wheat-based flour.

If there is another type of flour you have on hand, I suggest you look for a recipe that calls for the type of flour you have, so you don’t have to do the measuring yourself. Almond flour cake will be very different from coconut flour cake!

It took me more than 15 tries to get the almond flour cake proportions right, so I mention this so you don’t waste your ingredients by switching.

If you don’t have almond flour on hand, I have a recipe for coconut flour cupcakes, as well as a coconut carrot cake recipe here on my site, if you’d prefer to use coconut flour.

Almond Flour Strawberry Cake (gluten Free & Paleo)

This recipe requires 1 bowl and about 10 minutes of time to mix the batter. No need to beat egg whites or do anything fancy!

The only tip I have when making this recipe is to stir in the coconut oil at the end, so the eggs and maple syrup can lose some of their cooling properties if they are cold in the fridge.

Coconut oil can thicken the batter, or clump it together, when it comes into contact with cold ingredients, so adding coconut oil at the end usually makes the batter smoother.

Almond Flour Cake Recipes

Don’t be surprised if it thickens a bit after sitting in the bowl. It will still bake well!

Almond Flour Cake (gluten Free, Paleo W/ Keto Option)

Amount of batter will fill one 9-inch pan or two 6-inch pans. I chose small pans for these photos, to make a beautiful two layer cake. (It’s topped with vegan ice cream made without powdered sugar!)

If you would prefer to bake this recipe as cupcakes, this recipe will make 12 cupcakes. Line a muffin pan with 12 sheets of paper, then divide the batter evenly between them. (I usually use about 1/4 cup less.)

Bake these cupcakes for about 25 minutes at 350ºF, or until the edges are lightly golden and the center feels soft to the touch.

For chocolate cupcakes, be sure to try my Chocolate Almond Flour Cupcakes recipe. (You can also use this method to bake a cake, if you want to bake using the time in the cake recipe below.)

Almond Flour Cake

This is the perfect almond flour cake! This healthy recipe is easy & delicious, and perfect for a birthday or gluten-free party.

I’ve only tested this version with plain almond flour, so I can’t say how the substitutes might affect it. My guess is that the almond meal will produce a denser, less fluffy cake.

Calories: 175 kcal, Carbohydrates: 14 g, Protein: 5 g, Fat: 12 g, Saturated fat: 3 g, Cholesterol: 55 mg, Sodium: 71 mg, Potassium: 118 mg, Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 9 g , Vitamin A: 79 IU, Calcium: 86 mg, Iron: 1 mg

Almond Flour Cake Recipes

Nutritional information is 1 per 12 servings without frosting. This information is automatically calculated and is an estimate, not a guarantee. For more accurate results, use the labels on your ingredients at home.

Almond Sponge Cake

If you try this recipe, please leave a comment below to let me know what you think! If you make any changes, I’d love to hear those, too. We can all benefit from your experience.

Reader Feedback: What’s your favorite cake flavor? Try a chocolate chip cookie or a coconut chip cookie if you want to change things up!

Hi, I’m Megan. A former fast food junkie turned certified nutritionist, trying to make healthy living as easy as possible.

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Perfect Almond Flour Cake

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Are you looking for a moist, soft and delicious yellow cake made from almond flour? This recipe has you covered. It is very easy to do! Perfect drizzled with buttercream or simply dusted with powdered sugar and served with fresh fruit.

People often ask me if they can substitute almond flour for gluten-free flour in a gluten-free yellow cake recipe. That’s not a good idea because almond flour, made from ground almonds, contains no fat and no starch. The good news? This recipe is made with almond flour. No need to make an exchange! It is moist and soft and grain free.

Almond Flour Cake Recipes

Do not use coconut flour. This cake uses almond flour and tapioca starch. Coconut flour or gluten-free-based flours will not work in this recipe.

Flourless Apple, Almond, And Ginger Cake Recipe

Test the cake to see if it is ready. Insert a cake tester or toothpick into the center of the cake to check for doneness. A cake tester should come out clean or with a few crumbs attached. You don’t want to see any hits.

Almond Flour Snacks Moist and soft, this grain-free almond flour cake is perfect for birthdays. Dairy-free.

Many types of powdered sugar contain corn starch. If you need grain-free powdered sugar, look for a grain-free brand or make your own with this corn-free powdered sugar recipe. Sheela is Senior Kitchen Contributing Food Editor and author of Mediterranean Everyday: Easy, Inspiring Sensual Food She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy and is also a food expert.

In its simplest form, the cake requires little more than some kind of flour, sugar, and eggs to come together, a humble combination of ingredients to create a small slice of magic. I’ve always had a soft spot for this type of cake, but it feels especially appropriate at this time, when we’re all trying to satisfy our cravings and find some comfort in whatever we’ve got.

Almond Flour Apple Cake

When you get it right, when the cake itself is freestanding, there is no need for fancy frosting or decorations. That’s exactly what lemon almond cake is all about: It’s simply delicious and full of bright lemon flavor.

Dust the cake lightly with powdered sugar, or add chopped strawberries or other fresh fruit, which go beautifully with the citrus notes of the cake.

Thanks to modern egg sorting technology, this cake feels special without the need for bells and whistles. The yolks are mixed directly into the batter while the whites are whipped separately until they form billowy, stiff peaks. The whipped whites are gently folded into the batter, giving the cake a light and fluffy texture.

Almond Flour Cake Recipes

Using almond flour instead of all-purpose flour makes this cake gluten-free, perfect for Passover. It’s also a great option for anyone struggling to find flour in the grocery store right now.

Almond Flour Cake With Strawberry Jam Topping

Be sure to reach for almond flour, not almond meal for this method, as the harder form of the latter will impose the air shape of the cake. If you can’t find or have almond flour on hand, you can easily make your own.

Storage: Leftovers can be stored tightly wrapped at room temperature for up to 3 days. The cake can also be refrigerated for up to 1 month if wrapped in a double layer of plastic wrap, then wrapped in aluminum foil. Thaw at room temperature for 3 to 4 hours before serving. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission on the products you purchase, at no additional cost to you. PLEASE SEE THE DISPLAY POLICY FOR FULL DETAILS

A delicious one-dish Almond Flour Pound Cake with moist, buttery vanilla crumb that’s perfect as a breakfast cake or afternoon tea.

Bonus, this is a gluten-free pound cake made with almond flour and low-carb keto approved at 3 grams of net carbs per slice.

Vegan Almond Cake With Summer Fruit

I’m a big fan of pound cake, and I’ve shared many keto pound recipes with you before, including keto lemon pound cake, keto marble pound cake, or keto strawberry pound cake.

But they all use a touch of coconut flour, so today, I’m sharing a 100% almond flour cake.

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