Appetizer Greek Recipe

Appetizer Greek Recipe – Check out our collection of delicious Greek appetizers or mezedes. Discover traditionally made Greek appetizer recipes. From tzatziki and spinach pie to regional recipes like talaturi, this category has you covered for the best appetizers to choose from!

This is my latest Vegan Tzatziki recipe! Deliciously creamy, refreshing, and best of all, it tastes just like the original, even though it’s dairy-free! If you’re after […] that’s great.

Appetizer Greek Recipe

Appetizer Greek Recipe

The tangy feta cheese melts into the extra crispy coating and is finished with a touch of lemon! A super quick and easy Greek feta saganaki recipe that will impress your guests and […]

Greek Tortilla Pinwheels (with Video)

No artificial or lazy? Every day we get asked by our readers whether or not a traditional tzatziki recipe uses lemon juice or vinegar. That’s why we decided to write about a traditional Cypriot sauce called Talaturi, which is also a yogurt-based sauce similar to Greek tzatziki.

Tired of the usual punch? Then this extra crisp, extra golden and super flavorful homemade Greek fraiche recipe is sure to become your favorite! A super simple recipe that will take your regular chips to a whole new level!

Traditional Greek lamb stew (Keftedes arni) recipe. If you love lamb, this traditional Greek lamb recipe is just for you! This delicious recipe is a popular Greek appetizer that is usually served as part of a side dish. Find out how to make it perfect with this traditional recipe.

A super versatile, traditional Greek spanakopita triangle recipe (spanakopitakia)! These little treats are perfect for any time of day as a delicious starter, lunch or light dinner! Find out how to make them perfect with this traditional Greek recipe…

Greek Fried Olives

A Greek-inspired pita pizza recipe made with a pita bread base! Made in just 15 minutes, this is the perfect midweek lunch or dinner! So go ahead, put on the delivery menu and wow your friends and family with this super easy pita pizza recipe.

Find out how to make the perfect Greek Fried Eggplant (Melitzan Tiganites) with this traditional recipe! Silky, sweet eggplant coated in oil and deep fried to form a gorgeous, golden brown, extra crispy crust! A Greek Fried Eggplant Recipe You Can’t Miss!

Find out how to make your own hummus with these three delicious, 10-minute recipes! Commercial hummus sauce is available almost everywhere, but as we all know, nothing compares to homemade! That’s why I’ve rounded up three of the best, super easy hummus recipes for you to whip up this delicious dip!

Appetizer Greek Recipe

If you’re ever in Greece, you can’t miss this delicious Greek sourdough saganaki served in every Psarotaverna (fish tavern)! This […]

Delicious Greek Food

A super easy fried mushroom recipe for Greek food lovers! Fried mushroom (Tiganita Greek kolokitakia) is a favorite Greek dish that is served in every Greek tavern, so why not make it at home and give it back this holiday season!

Crispy and perfectly fried calamari (calamaracia tiganita) recipe! A favorite Greek dish in every fish tavern (Psarotaverna) and you really have to try it […]

Our best Greek Mushroom (Kolokitopita) recipe for Greek food lovers! Juicy mushrooms, tangy feta cheese, and creamy Greek yogurt add velvety flavor to […]

These delicious homemade potato balls are sure to be the talk of your next party! With a crispy inside and a gorgeous golden brown crust on the outside, this ripe […]

Greek Bruschetta: The Ultimate Mediterranean Inspired Appetizer

A traditional, creamy, smooth and absolutely delicious Greek Taramasalata recipe. While you can buy Taramasalata from your local deli, it will often be of poor quality and have a very bright purple color due to the addition of food coloring along with unnecessary thickeners. So skip the preservatives and make your own in less than 15 minutes with this super easy recipe!

Little Bits of Heaven! This traditional Greek dolmades recipe (stuffed grapes/grape leaves) is a Greek vegetarian appetizer! Made from thin grape leaves wrapped into small vines and stuffed with rice and fresh herbs, they are amazing to make. While you can get the canned version from supermarkets, there’s nothing like making them fresh at home! Discover all the secrets of this little delight with a detailed recipe, including all the finished photos!

A Greek “Tiropitakia” recipe for any time of day, as a starter or lunch! To prepare this traditional tiropitakia (Greek feta cheese triangles) recipe, we […]

Appetizer Greek Recipe

If you love garlic, you have to try this amazing traditional Greek skordalia recipe! Greek potatoes are rich and hearty, which gets its name from the main ingredient used to prepare it and, of course, scordo = garlic.

Fried Feta Cheese Wrapped In Filo Pastry, With Honey And Sesame

A unique and impressive traditional Greek cheese pie recipe from the Kozani region! Wrapped in a melted mixture of hard yellow cheese and feta and baked until golden brown… Sound delicious? Because he is!

To make this traditional vegetarian delight from scratch, check out this traditional Greek pie crust (prasopita) recipe with homemade phyllo!

The Ultimate Christmas Puff Pastry Package Recipe! Sweet caramelized apples, cheese, eggs and crumbled herby sausage, wrapped in crumbly and buttery dough pastry.. These delicious baked pastry parcels are like no other!

Delicious round packets of golden fried dough wrapped in a rich, melty cheese filling.. The perfect starter anytime of the day, any day of the week! Learn how to make the perfect Tiganopsomo (fried bread) here…

Greek Stuffed Mini Potatoes Recipe: How To Make It

Crispy on the outside, thick on the inside and tender with a golden brown yogurt crust, these are the best chicken fingers ever! The perfect party for Christmas!

A rustic Greek dish of thick country sausage and peppers in a rich tomato sauce. Perfect over a glass of red wine or a tsipouro and ideal as a savory dip!

Cool, creamy and full of flavor! These refreshing little yogurt balls will become your favorite easy snack! Try them with extra virgin olives and some cherry tomatoes or spread over saltine crackers. Enjoy!

Appetizer Greek Recipe

If you’re looking for a fava recipe that tastes just like it’s served in Greece, you have to try this Greek fava recipe! This is a wonderful […]

Greek Salad Cucumber Appetizer Party Bites

Imagine delicious packages of golden pastry filled with cream cheese. These traditional small cheese pies (pitarakia) from the island of Milos will surprise you! Find out how to make them perfect with this traditional Greek recipe.

Get the party started with this Greek-style grilled cheese ball recipe! With a melty, gooey inside and a gorgeous golden brown crust on the outside, this grilled cheese […]

It’s simple and spiced with extra flavorful Greek feta cheese (thyrokafteri)! Very rustic, ethnic Greek food, perfect for any occasion and the perfect dipping […]

Filling and super-healthy! Gigantes plaki (Greek baked giants) is a classic Greek recipe consisting of “giant” beans cooked in a tomato sauce and a variety of fresh herbs […]

Mediterranean Feta Dip

A mouth-watering veggie dish that will blow your mind! A wonderful combination of juicy, salty fried feta topped with crisp, golden-brown sesame seeds with a sweet honey sauce! … sound complicated? Well, this […]

The most delicious and unique pie, filled with amazing cream, wrapped in pure golden brown kataifi dough! Prepare it for dinner and surprise your guests […]

For all cheese lovers! A simple and favorite traditional Greek Saganaki recipe, made with just two ingredients and ready in less than 10 minutes!

Appetizer Greek Recipe

Revithokeftedes (Greek chicken fritters) is a very healthy and tasty appetizer from the island of Sifnos! In Greece, these delicious revitohefteds are usually served as part of a plate, […]

Keftedes (greek Meatballs) With Herb Butter

Creamy and filling, perfect for a light meal! The perfect combination for juicy grilled meat! Other Delicious Greek Salads If you love my salad, you’ll love my […]

A delicious traditional Greek Tiropita recipe, perfect for any time of day, main course, starter or lunch! This traditional tiropita (Greek cheese) recipe is from our […]

Traditional Greek Tzatziki Sauce Recipe. Learn how to prepare this cold and creamy sauce, the traditional Greek way served in the best taverns!

Less! Made with just four ingredients, this baked feta recipe (feta bouyourdi) is a simple and delicious appetizer that will blow your mind! Find out the secrets to this amazing recipe here…

Honey Za’atar Baked Feta Cheese

Find this recipe for traditional Greek kolokitoheftedes (hamster/courgette balls). Find out how to make this roasted feta and courgette the authentic Cretan way.

Discover this delicious crunchy, buttery, phyllo and feta cheese roll recipe, perfect as an appetizer or side dish for a fun family meal! Don’t forget to do a few extras! Your loved ones will come back for more!

If you’ve ever been to Greece, you can’t miss this delicious Greek appetizer served in every Psarotaverna (fish tavern)! This is

Appetizer Greek Recipe

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