Appetizer Recipes By Ina Garten

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Ina Garten, aka the Barefoot Contessa, is back with a brand new cookbook and shared a rave review that has us wanting more!

Appetizer Recipes By Ina Garten

Appetizer Recipes By Ina Garten

Ina Garten, everyone’s favorite Food Network chef, is back in the news. No, it’s not for Jeffery to create something amazing or inspire the official 2020. the meme. That’s because the Barefoot Contessa has dropped another recipe from her upcoming cookbook,

Barefoot Contessa Family Style: Easy Ideas And Recipes That Make Everyone Feel Like Family: A Cookbook: Garten, Ina: 8601400525517: Books

If this brand new appetizer is any indicator, there will be so many interesting dishes to dig into when the book finally hits the shelves!

Ina shared the recipe for this simple, complex snack on her Instagram, which looks pretty easy to make. It’s a dinner-ready bite-sized crostini mix topped with creamy goat cheese, fresh figs and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Basically, this toasted snack is meant to make you love food.

Check out this post on Instagram Check out my new book, Modern Comfort Food (Available October 6th) – The Easiest Snack Ever! Fig and cheese toast. Fig jam, goat cheese, a slice of fresh fig on toast and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Yum. Recipe link in profile. #moderncomfortfood A post shared by Ina Garten (@inagarten) Oct 2020 July 23, 10:34 a.m. PDT

We’re looking forward to all the recipes in Ina’s new cookbook, including Grilled Cheddar and Chutney Sandwiches and Banana Rum Trifle. (Banana! Rum! Trivia!) Ina’s last 11 cookbooks have featured her sumptuous but self-taught meatballs, and we hope you’ll enjoy this dreamy comfort food-inspired book, too.

Ina Garten Stuffed Mushrooms

Hitting shelves by October 6, you can pre-order the cookbook on Amazon now to have it delivered to your doorstep on delivery day. It’s priced at $35, but you can get it now for $25 with free shipping! If you prefer a signed version, you can pre-order a copy on the Barefoot Contessa website. In the meantime, try some of Ina’s best cooking tips in your own kitchen. Happy comfort cooking!

This is one of my favorite easy snacks. We have a lot of pork roasts here in Kentucky and these little sandwiches are perfect to serve while the pig is roasting. – Rebecca Rose, Mount Washington, Kentucky

Shrimp Phyllo Cups I almost didn’t make these appetizers for last year’s Christmas party because of time constraints, but I knew they would be delicious. Easy to make, the cups have few ingredients and look beautiful on a plate – very gourmet! It turned out to be one of the favorites of the night and they just flew away. -Terri Edmunds, Naperville, Illinois

Appetizer Recipes By Ina Garten

Cranberry Endive Appetizers You can pack a lot of flavor into elegant appetizers with just the right combination of ingredients. I made this blue cheese filling for a holiday gathering and everyone loved it. -Margee Berry, White Salmon, Washington

Easy Ina Garten Recipe: Roasted Shrimp Cocktail

Meatballs with Chimichurri Sauce This South American condiment with fresh cilantro and parsley is more than just a sauce for frying meatballs. You’ll want plenty of extra dip. — Amy Chase, Vanderhoof, British Columbia

Cheese-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes “These are easy to make as an appetizer or salad,” says Mary Lou, a Florida resident. “It’s impossible to eat just one.”

Brie Appetizers with Bacon-Plum Jam Among my friends, I’m known as the pork master because I love to cook almost every cut. These appetizers combine soft, mild Brie cheese with a sweet and sour bacon jam with a hint of Sriracha sauce. -Rick Pascocello, New York, New York

Cranberry and Fig Goat Cheese Crostini The blend of flavors in the crostini makes for an absolutely amazing appetizer. —Barbara Estabrook, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Ina’s Roasted Eggplant Dip

Cheesecakes “I found this recipe in one of my mom’s old cookbooks and updated the flavor by adding cayenne and mustard,” recalls Jamie Wetter of Boscobel, Wisconsin. “Delicious and quick for this busy season, these soft, golden buns come together in minutes and just disappear at parties!”

Water Chestnuts with Bacon My husband and I entertain a lot, and we always start with appetizers like these tempting bites. Midge Scurlock, Creston, Iowa

Sweet Pea Pesto CrostiniI took a healthier twist on my favorite celebrity chef’s recipe by adding vegetable stock oil and going easy on the cheese. Use this pasta-based pesto recipe to garnish crostini. If you want to use it for pasta, add more broth to get a sauce consistency. -Amber Massey, Argyle, Texas

Appetizer Recipes By Ina Garten

Asparagus Wraps Asparagus makes a great tasty food, especially wrapped in a pie and delicious fillings. Easy to put together, it’s perfect for a weeknight bash or something more fun. -Linda Hall, Evington, Virginia

Best Ina Garten Appetizers Recipes

Rustic Tuscan Pepper Bruschetta If you love sweet red, yellow and orange peppers, combine them with fresh mint for a cold kitchen snack. Marinate for up to one hour before assembling. —Noelle Myers, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Rosemary Veal Meatballs These savory appetizer meatballs are flavored with rosemary and garlic, with a hint of sweetness from chopped golden raisins. They will be a hit at your next gathering. —Rhonda Maiani, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Best Deviled EggsHerbs add a wonderful flavor to these deviled eggs, which are truly the best you can make! The recipe includes delicious options that include bacon, chipotle peppers and crab. – Jesse & Anne Foust, Bluefield, West Virginia

Pumpkin Pinwheels Cream cheese, mozzarella, and roasted red peppers make these pumpkin pinwheels delicious as hell. They were a hit at my last Halloween party. —Andrea Bailey, Huntington Beach, California

Ina Garten Partners With Goldbelly To Send Her Freshly Baked Desserts

Artichoke Phyllo Cups I wanted to create a bite-sized version of a rich, creamy artichoke dip. These adorable phyllo cup snacks were a total hit! -Neel Patel, Champaign, Illinois

Clams with Crumbs In my family, it wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without fried clams. They are easy to make and always work. —Annmarie Lucente, Monroe, New York

Shrimp Salad Appetizers These refreshing appetizers have been a hit since a friend shared her family’s recipe with me. My son says it best: celery and shrimp go so well together. -Solie Kimble, Kanata, Ontario

Appetizer Recipes By Ina Garten

Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms Ever since I found this appetizer recipe in a magazine years ago, these Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms have been a delight to my family and friends every Christmas. – Harriet Stichter, Milford, Indiana

Make Ahead Appetizers From Barefoot Contessa (whipped Feta Crostini)

Patatas Bravas Patatas bravas (which means “spicy potatoes”) are the ultimate Spanish comfort food. When serving tapas, the crispy potatoes and smoky sauce are hard to resist. Add a dash of garlic aioli for a richer flavor. – Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Grilled Nectarine and Cheese Crostini In our house, we love the flavors of sweet grilled nectarines and fresh basil over goat cheese. I usually find all the ingredients at the farmers market. -Brandy Hollingshed, Grass Valley, California

Smoky Bacon Wraps These cute little sausage and bacon bites are finger licking good. They have a sweet and salty flavor that is fun for breakfast or as a snack. —Cara Flora, Kokomo, Indiana

Brie-Leek Tartlets My family is picky, but everyone loves these bites. I make dozens of them at a time because they are gone as soon as I turn my back. -Colleen MacDonald, Port Moody, British Columbia

Kielbasa With Mustard Dip Recipe

Smoked Pimiento Cheese Crostini Pimiento cheese has long been a favorite in our family, so these bite-sized snacks are delicious! I add Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce to liven them up a bit. Caramelized onions add another layer of flavor. You can make the cheese and onions three to five days in advance; they behave well. If you need to save time, you can use ready-made jalapeno pimiento cheese. – Caitlyn Bunch, Trenton, Georgia

Party Pesto Pinwheels I took a few of my favorite recipes and combined them into these delicious appetizers. Colorful and impressive, these appetizers pair easily with refrigerated crescent roll dough, ready-to-eat pesto sauce, and a jar of roasted red peppers. – Kathleen Farrell, Rochester, New York

Mushroom Puff Pastry Bites These Mushroom Puff Pastry Bites make a great meal. I even freeze it for a quick snack for unexpected guests. – Marion Ruzek, Jeffersonville, Indiana

Appetizer Recipes By Ina Garten

Shrimp Pie Fill small pie shells with cream cheese mixture, then top with seafood sauce and shrimp for a picture-perfect, delicious treat. This recipe makes a great appetizer and a quick and easy meal on the go. -Gina Hutchison, Smithville, Missouri

Ina Garten’s Easy Holiday Appetizer Recipes

Cilantro Tomato Bruschetta This is an easy tomato appetizer that all my family and friends love. Fresh ingredients from the garden capture the summer and come together in a great snack recipe that pairs well with many different main dishes. —Lisa Kane, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bacon Cream Cheese Pinwheels It’s hard to resist a half moon roll, bacon and cream cheese in one bite! Kids, friends, everyone will gobble up these cream cheese wheels. Now I bake a double batch whenever we get together. – Krista Munson, Sharpsburg, Kentucky

Pork SatayCilantro adds freshness, while sesame oil and Thai chili sauce add Asian flavors that go well with the peanut butter. – Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms I used this recipe when I was in a culinary arts program and had to prepare the entire buffet myself. It’s an impressive party appetizer, yet so easy to put together. — Amy Gaisford, Salt Lake City, Utah

Top 10 Recipes From The Barefoot Contessa Parties!

Crispy Cumin Twist Snacks This snack

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