Appetizer Recipes Make Ahead

Appetizer Recipes Make Ahead – A friend gave me this recipe, and when I serve these tortillas, people ask me for the recipe! Cream cheese buns can be made ahead of time and sliced ​​just before serving, leaving you time for other last-minute preparations.—Pat Waymire, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Marinated Cheese This special dish always makes it to our neighborhood parties and is the first to disappear from the buffet table. It’s interesting, fun and easy! – Laurie Casper, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

Appetizer Recipes Make Ahead

Appetizer Recipes Make Ahead

Antipasto Kabobs My husband and I met at a cooking class. We have loved creating menus and entertaining ever since. These pre-made antipasto bowls are always a hit. – Denise Hazen, Cincinnati, Ohio

What Are 20 Make Ahead Christmas Appetizers In 2022?

Baby Swiss Appetizer Cheesecake This delicious cheesecake can be refrigerated up to 24 hours before serving, so it’s the perfect make-ahead recipe for the holidays, playdates or special occasions. – Marilyn Edelman, Sabetha, Kansas

Filled with sausage, sweet peppers and cream cheese, these rolls are perfect for unexpected guests, Christmas dinners, a cocktail party or a half-time snack. In addition to being easy to make, they can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator. All you have to do is pop them in a hot oven! -Cindy Nerat, Menominee, Michigan

Veggie Dill Dip I like to keep this dip handy, along with a variety of chopped vegetables, for an easy snack.—Hazel Baber, Yuma, Arizona

Cheese/Grape Dinners These little bites are worth the time they take. Serve them as part of an antipasto platter or as a cheese course with your favorite wine. – Eleanor Grofvert, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Cold Appetizer Recipes Your Guests Will Rave About

Chicken Caprese Salad This unique, delicious salad and bread combination will get rave reviews—guaranteed. -Frances Pietsch, Flower Mound, Texas

Cranberry Cream Cheese Spread This festive spread takes just 10 minutes from start to finish. Thanks to its sweetness, both children and adults will eat it. – Frankie Robinson, Lockhart, Texas

Herbed Cheese Wafers These snacks are rich, buttery and full of flavor. You can serve them alone or with a dip.-Mildred Sherrer, Fort Worth, Texas

Appetizer Recipes Make Ahead

Mediterranean Layer Dish with Pita Chips Not your ordinary layer dip, this bold combination of hummus and Greek yogurt will be the most requested new recipe at your next shower or gathering. -Elizabeth Dumont, Boulder, Colorado

Easy Antipasto Skewers Appetizer

Hot Crab Pinwheels I got the recipe for these crab meat balls from a friend. What surprised me the most is that my husband, who hates seafood, could not stop eating them. -Kitty Boesel, Woodbridge, Virginia

Mini Muffuletta People love these hearty little sandwich chips. The recipe is great for a party and can be made a day in advance.-Gareth Craner, Minden, Nevada

Mediterranean Pastry Pinwheels These are quick and easy snacks. The flavors of the sun-dried tomatoes and pesto balance nicely. -Kristen Heigl, Staten Island, New York

Mini Grilled Cheese If you’re looking for a great pre-made snack, try these mini grilled cheese sandwiches. They are good to eat with soup or salad for lunch. My family loves to snack on them all the time. – Anita Curtis, Camarillo, California

Healthy Appetizer Ideas

Crispy Sriracha Spring Rolls While in the Bahamas, friends recommended a restaurant that served amazing chicken spring rolls. When I got home, I made my own version. Such a great treat to look forward to in the ice cream! – Carla Mendres, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Bacon Cheeseburger Slider BakeI made this dish to fill two pans because these cheeseburger sliders disappear quickly. If you want to make just one portion, just halve the slider burger recipe. -Nick Iverson, Denver, Colorado

Braised Pork Chops When I make Asian-style pork chops, I remind my family that they’re meant to be an appetizer—but maybe I should just call it dinner. -Mary Kisinger, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Appetizer Recipes Make Ahead

Mini Phyllo Tacos For a filling snack, serve crispy phyllo cups filled with taco-seasoned beef and shredded cheese. These hand bites will be an absolute hit with a hungry crowd. – Roseann Weston, Philipsburg, Pennsylvania

Make Ahead Thanksgiving Appetizers For A Low Stress Holiday

Pork Taquitos Taquitos are a popular dish and these homemade ones are so much better than the frozen ones at the supermarket. If you want a little more filling, adjust the seasonings to taste.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Buffalo Chicken Pockets Here’s my idea of ​​pub food made easy: bisques seasoned with Buffalo wing sauce and blue cheese. They are my Friday night favorites. -Maria Regakis, Saugus, Massachusetts

Broccoli-Cheddar Tassies Our family loves broccoli casserole. I wanted to try it as a snack, so I used a pecan tassie recipe for the crust. The result? We are talking jokingly. -Gail Gaiser, Ewing, New Jersey

Warm Goat Cheese in Marinara Every family has a recipe that they pull out time and time again when the gang gets together, and warm goat cheese in marinara sauce is one of those house favorites. Chopped basil and cracked black pepper give it a fresh and lively finish. – Jan Valdez, Chicago, Illinois

Quick And Easy Puff Pastry Appetizers

Bacon-Cheddar Potato Croquettes Instead of throwing away leftover potato chips, use them to make this potato croquette recipe. The mini baked buns are great for dipping with ranch dressing, barbecue sauce or Dijon mayonnaise. – Pamela Shank, Parkersburg, West Virginia

Chicken Crescent Wreath Here’s a great dish that takes a minute to prepare. Even when I have less time to cook, I can serve this delicious moonshine crown. Red peppers and green broccoli add a festive touch. -Marlene Denissen, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

Chicken Chips Potato Chips This novel recipe is a quick and delicious change from fried chicken. – Sister Judith LaBrozzi, Canton, Ohio

Appetizer Recipes Make Ahead

Hearty Pork & Black Bean Nachos My husband and I are both graduate students now, so we don’t have much time to make dinner. Our family loves coming home to this incredible nacho bowl, and I love how easy it is to make. -Faith Stokes, Chickamauga, Georgia

Easy Cold Appetizers

Baked Egg Rolls These egg rolls are low in fat, but the crispness from baking will fool you into thinking they’re fried! – Barbara Lierman, Lyons, Nebraska

Sweet ‘n’ Tangy Chicken Wings I love the convenience of slow-cooker recipes for get-togethers. Make these wings a few hours ahead of time and you’ll have a fantastic meal ready when your guests arrive. -Ida Tuey, South Lyon, Michigan

Crispy Goat Cheese Snacks Want an awesome party starter? Wrap goat cheese slices in seasoned breadcrumbs, fry until golden-brown and top with tomatoes, beets, vinegar and pine nuts. -Julia TenHoeve, Richmond, Virginia

Ham & Brie Pastries Growing up, I loved pocket pastries. Now, with a busy family, I need quick bites. My twist on the classic ham and cheese serves as an appetizer or for dinner. – Jennifer Tidwell, Fair Oaks, California

Easy, Make Ahead Holiday Appetizer Recipes

Collard Greens & Pulled Pork Egg Rolls It’s fun to take leftover ingredients from your pantry and cook them up. You can make wontons with the same filling for a snack; Bake or bake as per your preference. – Melissa Pelkey ​​Hass, Waleska, Georgia

Almond Cheddar Appetizers I always try to have a supply of these snacks in the freezer. If guests drop by, I just take some out and reheat to serve. They work well as an appetizer, for brunch or with a light meal. – Linda Thompson, Southampton, Ontario

Diced Mushroom Conversions Stand up to my full-sized mushroom flocks. For parties, I prepare and freeze them ahead, then pop them in the oven when guests are on their way. -Isabella Michel-Clark, Sparks, Nevada

Appetizer Recipes Make Ahead

Spanakopita Bites For easy spanakopita, try this version baked in the pan, then cut into squares. It has all the delicious flavor of the classic version — buttery phyllo with a spinach-cheese filling — but it’s so easy to make. – Barbara Smith, Chipley, Florida

Easy Appetizer Recipes

Onion Brie Bowl Golden caramelized onions are combined with buttery, silky onions in this warm spread. Make sure you have enough bread cubes or sticks to use up each doughnut. -Taste of the Home Test Kitchen

Sausage Wonton Cups Here’s a delicious hot dish for all those parties that call for fun finger foods. I have made this recipe a few times, and the cuts always disappear so quickly. It’s really easy. – Shirley Van Allen, High Point, North Carolina

Baked Stuffing Wontons These quick and easy wontons are perfect for a hearty meal or paired with a refreshing bowl of soup on a cold day. I usually make a large batch, freeze half on a floured baking sheet, then store in an airtight container. -Brianna Shade, Beaverton, Oregon Here you can find some of my favorite Christmas treats to feed a crowd. These 15 easy-to-make Christmas food ideas will get your holiday party going.

These adorable little snacks are fantastic for a number of reasons. They come together quickly, making them perfect for entertaining. Beautiful color, good taste and still have essential nutrients.

Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipes

Add a festive touch to your holiday meal or side dish lineup with this quick and easy recipe for delicious Christmas Deviled Eggs, no food coloring required!

These stuffed sea mushrooms with garlic and gouda are the best! We love this easy sweet and savory dish for holiday parties

It turns out that an antipasto salad like this is even better when you sandwich it between moonshine leaves and we’re not crazy about it at all.

Appetizer Recipes Make Ahead

The Christmas season is especially fun because there are all kinds of opportunities for delicious little treats that you don’t normally eat all year.

Our Favorite Make Ahead Appetizer Recipes

This Rudolph Cheese Ball Recipe is as delicious as it is delicious! Cheesecakes are so easy to make and fun

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