Asian Ramen Noodle Recipes

Asian Ramen Noodle Recipes – Chicken Ramen Noodles with a delicious stir-fry sauce takes only 20 minutes to make at home and is better than take out. This Easy Ramen Noodles recipe is the perfect midweek dinner and can be customized to your liking.

I am so excited to share this Chicken Ramen noodle recipe with you. This Ramen Noodle recipe turned out so well that I made it for dinner two days in a row. Balanced stir-fry sauce, juicy chicken, and lots of veggies. This Ramen recipe is just perfect.

Asian Ramen Noodle Recipes

Asian Ramen Noodle Recipes

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Ramen With Vegetables

I have become a fan of instant noodles. It used to be my snack when I was in college. I’m sure many of you can relate to this fact. Even now I keep a few packets of instant noodles for midnight hunger pangs or quick meals.

But not a big fan of the seasoning that comes with it. It has nothing to do with the taste, which is quite tasty but more about the health aspect. So even though Instant Noodles have become a rare indulgence, they are still my favorite.

I’ve lost count of how many variations of instant noodles I’ve tried. But every time it used to be with packaged spices.

This is the first time I use my own stir-fry sauce instead. And the results are simply amazing. So with this, I can have healthy ramen noodles with vegetables and protein of my choice.

Asian Ramen Noodle Salad

Now is the time to ditch the seasoning packets added to instant ramen noodles. Now there’s no excuse not to repeat this easy and delicious Asian ramen noodle recipe at home.

The secret to making these noodles delicious is the stir-fry sauce. It’s not only quick to make but packed with flavor. It goes well with noodles and can be used with fried rice (Yay! one sauce – two recipes).

Takeaways have a distinct smoky flavor with stir-fried ramen noodles. The smoke comes from an iron pan on a high flame. You can try the same if you have a pan at home. Otherwise, a simple pan will do just fine. There is less risk of ingredients tumbling out of the pan. Take care of this when doing it in the pan.

Asian Ramen Noodle Recipes

This Chicken Ramen recipe can be customized. Actually, there are 4 components. You don’t need the salty seasoning that comes in the package, but you have instant ramen noodles ready in a few minutes.

Beef And Broccoli Ramen Stir Fry (video)

There is no limit to the amount of vegetables you can add. I have added Broccoli and pepper here. You can add mushrooms, carrots, beans, zucchini. When the vegetables are good, I will not overload the dish with them. There should be a balance between noodles, chicken, and vegetables.

I have used chicken thighs here. I like how juicy they remain after cooking. Chicken thighs are always the first choice in fried food. You can also use chicken milk, but be careful not to overcook it.

This stir-fry sauce is the best part of the whole dish. It tastes sweet, salty, and slightly spicy. This is a simple Asian stir-fry. The ingredients are as follows

This sauce is very easy to make. Add the sauce – Soy, Oysters, and Vinegar in a small bowl. Add sesame oil to the mixture. Then add sugar and mix.

Quick Asian Ramen Noodles (vegan + 15 Minutes!)

This stir-fry sauce is quite versatile. You can use it in any Asian stir fry recipe. I always keep a bottle in the fridge.

Start by preparing all the ingredients before you start cooking. it takes only 5 minutes to complete the dish. Pin

The rule of thumb when making a Stir-fry is to keep the vegetables crispy. Be sure not to overcook the vegetables.

Asian Ramen Noodle Recipes

This Easy Ramen Noodles recipe with chicken and a delicious stir-fry sauce takes only 20 minutes to make and is the perfect midweek dinner.

Mushroom Ramen Noodle Recipe

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Portion: 100 g | Calories: 336 kcal | Carbohydrates: 17 g | Protein: 20 g Fat: 20 g | Saturated fat: 7 g | Cholesterol: 98 mg | Sodium: 1724 mg | Potassium: 441 mg | Fiber: 1 g | Sugar: 9 g | Vitamin A: 1150 IU | Vitamin C: 61 mg | Calcium: 39 mg | Iron: 1.7 mg

Buffer Copy Email Facebook Flipboard Hacker News Line LinkedIn Messenger Mix Pinterest Pocket Print Reddit SMS Telegram Tumblr Twitter VK WhatsApp Xing Yummly This Garlic Sesame Ramen Noodles recipe is an easy to make dish that is perfect for lunch or dinner. Ditch the ramen seasoning packets and make a simple and delicious sesame garlic sauce that’s sure to please.

If you’re looking for simpler, Asian-inspired recipes, then try our Shrimp and Asparagus Stir-Fry recipe, next!

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

During the week, I recommend this sesame garlic noodle recipe. It makes a perfect and satisfying lunch which is exactly what I need on busy workdays and between meetings.

What makes these instant ramen noodles different from what you get from using traditional seasoning packets, this version calls for a simple and delicious savory sauce that only takes a few minutes to make.

The result: a super budget-friendly and delicious upgrade from what you’re used to when making instant ramen.

Asian Ramen Noodle Recipes

Now I’m not knocking the OG ramen package. As a kid, I would down all the Maruchan chicken and shrimp packets.

Kimchi Cheese Ramen Stir Fry (20 Min. Recipe)

Fast forward to now and I’m going to jazz up this childhood favorite that not only tastes better but is overall more satisfying.

You are just a few ingredients away from slurping goodness. Let’s find out what you need:

To make it easy, look for packets of Ramen Maruchan noodles that are commonly found at your local grocery store.

If you’re looking for quality ramen noodles with no preservatives, Fresh Ramen by Hakubuku is my favorite.

Slow Cooker Ramen Noodles Recipe

Adding chili oil to your ramen noodles really ups the ante. If you haven’t checked out the Garlic Ginger Oil recipe, I suggest you do, because it’s the main ingredient that makes up this ramen noodle recipe.

Bonus: extra chili oil can be saved for later and topped with anything. It is one of my favorite condiments that the kitchen is never without!

This quick and easy noodle dish is great, but you can also pair it with tofu, poached or leftover rotisserie chicken if you want to add some protein.

Asian Ramen Noodle Recipes

Love this easy ramen noodle recipe? Leave a comment below and share your love for this recipe on Instagram and Pinterest. We love to see you down in the kitchen. Enjoy eating!

Ramen Noodle Salad

This Sesame Garlic Ramen Noodles recipe is an easy-to-make dish that’s perfect for lunch or dinner. Ditch the ramen seasoning packets and make a simple and delicious sesame garlic sauce that’s sure to please.

Optional: For darker noodles, use a mixture of light and dark soy sauce. My brand of choice is Jembatan Kali Mutiara and I use the following amounts: Get your chopsticks ready!! With caramelized beef, tangled noodles, and a savory 4-ingredient sauce, these Asian Beef Ramen Noodles are simply delicious!

Beef noodle recipe, get ready to be surprised at how quick and easy this flavor packed ramen noodle recipe is! Are you ready??

I have previously shared a story where Dozer has been randomly recognized in the streets by viewers (ah, it makes me proud!) and a strange occasion when I have been recognized. Always in a tangled state. I’m waiting for the time that happened when I was only sold in the evening.🤞🏼

Spicy Vegetarian Ramen Recipe

Well, when 3 total foreigners in 2 weeks tell me that this Asian Beef Bowl is one of their favorites because it’s delicious but quick and easy, it makes me think –

I hinted at a little tip that makes this ramen noodle recipe faster than expected – and it’s this:

That’s right, these Asian Beef Ramen Noodles are made in ONE POT!!! Of course it saves to wash an extra pan to cook the noodles separately, but for this recipe, the more important factor is the starch in the noodles as a thickener. for the sauce (which does not contain corn flour / cornstarch or other preservatives).

Asian Ramen Noodle Recipes

Here’s how this recipe goes down – 4 minutes for the onions and beef, 2 to 3 minutes for the noodles,

Beef Ramen Noodles (stir Fry) • Salt & Lavender

The beauty of this technique is that it should be a super quick recipe as the noodles cook in 2 to 3 minutes. Do more and be very soft!

This recipe is very adaptable. I have used onions, garlic, beef (mince) and beans as they require minimal chopping. Finely sliced ​​cabbage will be a good substitute for bean sprouts, if not, carrots cut into pieces

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