Best Birthday Cake Recipes

Best Birthday Cake Recipes – This deliciously easy birthday cake from scratch features creamy frosting and several fluffy yet moist rainbow cake layers.

This is a no-fuss, old fashioned easy birthday cake recipe made from scratch. Call it whatever you want: a butter cake, yellow cake, pound cake, or vanilla birthday cake. No matter what you call it, this cake is sure to be a hit at your next birthday party.

Best Birthday Cake Recipes

Best Birthday Cake Recipes

First, you have to make the cake from scratch, which is super easy, I promise. The end result is a buttery vanilla cake that is soft, moist and melts in your mouth. Now, I add sprinkles to create a fun rainbow effect, but you don’t have to. It will still have that unique flavor. There’s a delicious buttercream frosting on top. It’s the perfect creamy complement to birthday cake.

Vegan Birthday Cake Recipe

Before making this recipe for an easy birthday cake, have you ever wondered where the idea of ​​using a cake to celebrate a birthday came from? It definitely goes further than I could have imagined! According to Wikipedia, birthday cakes have been a part of European celebrations since the mid-19th century. But it seems that the Germans have been selling cakes for weddings and birthdays since the 15th century. imagine that!

Now no matter how this tradition started, I, for one, am happy like a pig sliding around in the mud that we continue to celebrate with easy birthday cake recipes like the one you’re about to learn today.

In another small bowl (the hardest part of this recipe is the dishes later), whisk together the vanilla, milk, and eggs until well combined.

Now add a little wet mixture and a little flour mixture to the creamed butter and mix well.

Piñata Cake Recipe

Then add each of them and keep mixing until it is smooth and completely mixed, about 2-3 minutes.

Prepare two cake pans by either greasing and flouring them or spraying the living dirt off of them with cooking spray, as I do.

I’m using 9 inch cake pans, but if you can find 8 inch cakes you’ll have a taller cake (good luck finding them though). You can cut down on a lot of the fuss by simply baking it in a 9×13 pan and icing and serving from the pan. This is my normal way but I took extra efforts for this birthday.

Best Birthday Cake Recipes

If you have a cake pan that has a reputation for chipping, grease it with shortening and powder it with flour. If you have a pan like 90% of all other cake pans out there, a liberal dosing of cooking spray will do just fine. A lot of people also use a product like Baker’s Joy, which is a shortening and flour in a spray. It works great but is a bit more expensive so I just stick with my cooking spray which I buy in the big old bulk bins at Sam’s. Ten takes forever to use one of them.

The Best Homemade Vanilla Cake Recipe Ever!

You want to fold these gently into the cake mix because they will color very quickly.

Bake them at 350 for 30-35 minutes or until lightly browned and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

One of my secret ingredients I love to add to my easy birthday cake icing is butter flavoring. You can use it in addition to vanilla or in place of vanilla extract, depending on your personal taste or mood on any given day. Many bakeries also use it. This is completely optional though, and vanilla extract works fine on its own.

Most recipes will call for you to slowly add in the remaining powdered sugar, but in my world, we have things to do and then set the mixer back there until it’s well mixed.

Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe

Place the first tier of your cake on the cake pedestal with the top facing up. Add a big old wall of icing.

Spread it out a bit. Be careful not to let your knife or spreader touch the actual cake as this will pull the crumbs into your icing. Just keep smoothing it over the icing.

Eventually, you’ll spread it to the sides as well. I always attach the globs to the top and spread them from the top of the cake to the sides. This is the easiest way for me to do it. You do it however it is easiest for you. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to ice a cake written down in any federal document that I’m aware of.

Best Birthday Cake Recipes

See those spread-y lines and swirls on the icing on that cake? Please don’t grease them. I’m not sure at what point we started trying to make homemade things look like store-bought, but I’ve been guilty of this more times than I can count. This is a beautiful homemade cake and it looks like a beautiful homemade cake. No point trying to make it look like a store-bought cake. It is grand. You are very beautiful. You made a cake. be proud of that

Surprise Pinata Cake

If you want to add another sprinkle of sprinkles on top, do so as soon as you’ve finished spreading the icing because the icing will soon set and the sprinkles won’t stick to it.

Please note: I am making a double recipe for the icing so that I can decorate a two layer cake. the recipe posted below also doubles the size of the normal recipe. If you want less, you can easily halve it. Half will also work fine for a 9×13 cake or for those who want to challenge themselves to use as little as possible when decorating a layer cake. I find life challenging enough, so I do things to take the easy way out when possible, like when I’m icing a cake.

Note: If you have a pan with a reputation for sticking, grease it with shortening and powder it with flour. If you have a pan like 90% of all other cake pans out there, a liberal dosing of cooking spray will do just fine. A lot of people also use a product like Baker’s Joy, which is a shortening and flour in a spray. It works great but is a bit more expensive so I just stick with my cooking spray which I buy in the big old bulk bins at Sam’s. Ten takes forever to use one of them.

“Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Do your thing Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today a day worth remembering. It’s classic and party-perfect in every way! This recipe has been on my website since 2014 and has become a popular favorite, even scoring #1 (out of 9!) in the Sprinkle Cake Bake-Off. Below you’ll find my detailed recipe, video, and tips for best success.

My Very Best Vanilla Cake

This thick, plush confetti birthday cake is filled with the old flavors of a childhood party: butter, vanilla, sugar, and rainbow sprinkles. Close your eyes and you can practically hear the balloons pop and smell the blown out birthday candles. But this cake doesn’t have to be limited to birthday parties or childhood! This Happy Cake is a delight to serve and eat at any celebration. It’s like a boxed Funfetti Cake, but

This giant rainbow delight has been on my site for several years, and during that time, I’ve made a few small updates. This was a great confetti birthday cake recipe before; In fact, it was ranked No. 1 (out of 9) in Pancake Princess’s Best Sprinkle Cake Bake-Off, and came in a close 2nd place in The Kitchn’s Funfetti Cake Bake-Off. But with 3 small updates, the cake just got bigger.

“This cake was seriously delicious. It had a nice light texture but was still very moist. The vanilla flavor was bold without being overpowering, and the cake was sweet without being overpowering. I loved how easy the frosting was to make and appreciated Loved how smoothly it went onto the cake. My only critique is that you have to whip the egg whites in a separate bowl, so it’s a bit tedious, but that’s the only negative I can think of.

Best Birthday Cake Recipes

After years of testing cake recipes, I’m more confident than ever in this updated version. The cake looks very similar to my vanilla cake, but uses a little less sugar because we’re adding sweet sprinkles.

Ultimate Birthday Cake From ‘baked Occasions’

Here is a mixture of butter, sugar and oil. You beat the butter and sugar together first, and then mix in the oil. The mixture will be creamy and mostly smooth:

Divide batter among 3 9-inch cake pans. You can squeeze the cake batter into 3 8-inch cake pans if needed, but be sure to increase the bake time as called for in the recipe. Always line your round pan with circles of parchment paper before pouring the batter. Cool the baked cake in the cake pan for 20 minutes, and then remove and set the warm cake

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