Best Main Course Dishes Non Veg

Best Main Course Dishes Non Veg – From the classic Butter Chicken to Gongura Mutton or Meen Curry from the south, we have it all here. Here are 30 of the best non-vegetarian curries from Indian cuisine that you just can’t miss!

Indian food is nothing less than a celebration of . With extensive use of various spices and herbs, it boasts of a variety of rich and interesting curries, which are hard to resist! And if you are not a vegetarian, there is a nice range of rich curries that are simply irresistible. Be it creamy korma, fiery laal maas or a delicious chicken, Indian non-vegetarian fare has something for each of us. Here we have 30 non-vegetarian Indian curries that you can prepare at home: Chicken1. Butter Chicken

Best Main Course Dishes Non Veg

Best Main Course Dishes Non Veg

Ask any Indian ie their favorite Indian chicken dishes, butter chicken will always be in the top three. Tender pieces of chicken marinated in a velvety gravy of butter and cream, make for a heavenly treat for non-vegetarians. Find the recipe here to make an appetizer at home.

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A typical north-Indian-style chicken curry! Spicy chicken masala is a heaven for all spice lovers who love their chicken doused in a myriad of flavors. Find the recipe here.

A Punjabi dinner dish, Amritsari chicken masala is a mouth-watering delicacy filled with a host of spices that will instantly excite your taste buds. Flavored with cumin, coriander and red chillies with butter, cream and the tang of lime, this chicken recipe is a real crowd pleaser! Find the instructions here. 4. Chettinad Chicken

South India has a plethora of delicious regional dishes and Chettinad chicken is a gem from one of them. Chettinad cuisine is from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu and has a rich and aromatic blend of spices using local and fresh ingredients. Chicken Chettinad is one of the most popular parts of the cuisine and is loved for its perfect balance of flavors. Find the recipe here.

A rich chicken korma, slow cooked on low flame, chicken korma is as ‘shahi’ as it sounds. The word ‘korma’ comes from the Turkish word ‘Kavurma’ which means cooked meat. It is a popular recipe of braising meat with milk, cream, stock and various spices that became popular during the Mughal period. Find the instructions here. 6. Kadai chicken

Delicious Non Vegetarian Indian Curries You Must Try

Chicken Kadai is another very popular chicken curry, famous for its spicy flavor and gets its name from the cooking process, which uses a ‘kadhai’ (or wok) to make a delicious curry. Find the recipe here.

Love spicy curry chicken? Then Malvani chicken curry is exactly what you want! Malwani chicken curry is a popular main dish in Malwani/Malvani cuisine from the South Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa. If you can do it at home.8. Kolhapuri chicken

Kolhapuri food is known to be spicy and full of flavor. This dish is no less – a chicken curry made with special Kolhapuri masala that uses the bold flavors of peanut oil, bay leaf, black pepper and cloves. The unique flavor in this chicken curry comes from fresh ground spices and grated coconut. Find the instructions here.9. Chicken Vindaloo

Best Main Course Dishes Non Veg

Experience traditional Goan cuisine in your own kitchen! Introduced to the shores of India by Portuguese explorers, Vindaloo curries now stand high among all Indian curries because of their distinct spicy flavor due to a spicy (masala) roasted mixture called Vindaloo masala or paste. Find the full recipe for chicken vindaloo here. 10. Al Hachi chicken

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A Kashmiri delight, this is a chicken recipe that you love to prepare at home. If you include whole spices and chicken that is shallow with the goodness of bottle gourd, Al hachi chicken makes for a great dinner. Find the recipe here.Meat11. Laal Maas

A Rajasthani specialty, laal maas is a fiery combination of meat, spices with a dash of chillies. A delicious bright red dish with oodles of ghee and coriander leaves on top, laal maas makes for a heavenly combination with piping hot parathas. Find the recipe here.

Long valued as a heritage of Kayasth cooking, especially from old Delhi, Pasanda is one of those heritage dishes that many may have only heard of but never tasted. Here’s a pasanda recipe made with lamb thigh chops, spices, herbs and fruit that you can try at home. Find the instructions here. 13. Meat Kofte

Koftas are part of the Mughlai cuisine of the Indian subcontinent, borrowed heavily from Persian cuisine and reserved for special occasions. Here is a delicious mutton kofte recipe made with abundant use of spices and herbs, including dried herbs, cardamom, kasturi methi, deggi mirch and saunf powder. Find the recipe here.

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Some know it as ‘ahuna mutton’, while some call it ‘matka gosht’, however, this one-pot beef curry from Bihar has a fan base of its own drooling over it. Named after Champaran district in Bihar, it is traditionally cooked in earthen pots or matka in dum style. Here’s how to do it at home. Find the recipe here.

Originally prepared by the cooks of the Indian Railways during the British Raj keeping in mind the delicate palates of the British people, Railway mutton curry has caught the attention of everyone with its delicious blend of pork with spices. and milk. Find the instructions here. 16. Nihari Mutton

No discussion on Indian meat curries is complete without the classic Nihari. A stew-based dish, made by slow-cooking meat with a bone barrow, it is believed that the origin of Nihari dates from the 17th-18th century and was first eaten by Nawabs in the Mughal Empire as a breakfast item after their morning prayers. (Fajr). Find the recipe here.

Best Main Course Dishes Non Veg

One of the most famous lamb dishes of Andhra that goes well with steamed rice and chapati. The dish is bursting with flavors that are a great combination of Gongura or sour sorrel leaves, with red chilli and pork. A fiery extravaganza that you must try! Find the recipe here.

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Give the meat curry a Parsi twist with the traditional Sali boti recipe that comes with the famous flavors of tomatoes, onions, jaggery and vinegar. Find the instructions here. 19. Rogan Josh

Loaded with strong flavors, dense, aromatic curry, made with red meat, Rogan josh stands tall as one of the most popular non-vegetarian dishes. A signature dish from Kashmir, here’s how to make it at home.

This is sure to set your taste buds ablaze with crab meat seasoned with fiery spices from the south with a dash of masala. Find the recipe here.

Soak in the flavors of the south with authentic coconut-y prawn curry! Tangy tamarind, chillies and coconut paste are stirred together and cooked with prawns in a lucious, spicy curry. Find the recipe here.

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Bihari cuisine is unique as is the style of cooking its dishes. The distinct flavors of fresh spices dominate this fish curry in which marinated fish is pan-fried and cooked with a fine paste of spices. Find the full process here. 23. Goan Fish Head Curry

Bring the authentic flavors of Goan cuisine into your kitchen! This fish curry consists of fish heads marinated in a thick paste of onion, coconut, garlic and chilli cooked until soft and is best served on a bed of rice. Find the instructions here. 24. Meen Curry

A recipe from ‘God’s country’, Kerala, meen curry is fish (also known as meen in south India) fillets cooked in coconut milk with tamarind, mustard seeds and other aromatic spices. Find the recipe here.

Best Main Course Dishes Non Veg

This is marinated fish, fried and cooked in rich gravy, bursting with hot spices and delicious flavors. Relish the gastronomic brilliance of this traditional Andhra fish curry. Find the recipe here.

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A simple, home style, Assamese fish curry that is a regular feature during lunch and dinner. It is best enjoyed with steamed rice and a fresh green chilli on the side. Find the instructions here. 27. Hilsa Fish Curry

One of the most common Bengali fish recipes, hilsa fish curry is delicious yet easy to make at home. Here is how you can try this fish curry at home with this simple recipe.28. Parsi Fish Curry

A delicious combination of pomfret fillets with a host of spices and herbs, coconut milk, tamarind and tomatoes, this Parsi fish curry comes with a distinct flavor to eat. Find the instructions here. 29. Machcha Besarou

Bring the flavor of Oriya cuisine with this absolutely delicious fish curry. It consists of fried fish marinated in turmeric and cooked in mustard, garlic and tomatoes which makes for a typical Oriya dish that goes well with rice. Find the recipe here.

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Yet another common fish from Bengal, Macher jhol is a simple fish cooked in mustard oil with a host of spices and herbs. Find the recipe here.

Try these absolutely delicious Indian non-vegetarian curries at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below!

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Best Main Course Dishes Non Veg

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