Cake Recipe 5 Minutes

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There are tons of recipes for making 5-minute cakes in a mug, but I’ve taken the time to experiment with eight variations on one recipe to make the best, tastiest, and most reliable 5-minute brownies out there. Cake on the web. This quick and easy chocolate cake recipe will change your life! Now you can have a rich, chocolaty dessert in an instant. So grab a big mug (I’ll link to my favorite in the next step) and get ready to make a new kind of cupcake – cake in a cup!

Cake Recipe 5 Minutes

Cake Recipe 5 Minutes

*If you don’t have chocolate chips, try a crumbled candy bar – I cannot stress enough how much this enhances the awesomeness of your cake

Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting (5 Minutes!)

This will start forming the crown at the top of the mug. Don’t panic! It will collapse as soon as the heat is turned off.

This cake is difficult due to the different types of microwaves most people have. I experimented a lot with the amounts of different ingredients.

I think if it’s something you’re going to be doing a lot in the future, it’s worth messing with! Try reducing the time in the microwave just a bit (you can always put it back in for more). If that doesn’t help, try a little less egg, or a little less flour.

Pay attention to what you’re trying each time, and you’ll eventually find the cake that’s perfect for both you and your microwave!

No Bake S’more Cake: Simple, Quick, And Delicious!

How to Cook Baked Brie With Basil Pesto and Sundried Tomatoes by John DeCaux in Snacks and Appetizers There’s really nothing better than a nice warm mug cake on a cold, slushy day! These 5-Minute Mug Cakes are a must-have for anyone from college students who need a quick, sweet treat to bakers who love their fine cakes and desserts. Download this free printable, and stick it next to your microwave for those cold and rainy days when you just want to sit down with a good book and a hot dessert.

We’ve got a quick recipe for a warm and fudgy vanilla cake, a coffee cake that will make your day, and a fudgy chocolate cake that’s so amazing you have to taste it to believe it! Give these mug cakes a try, and you’ll be enjoying a mug full of deliciousness in no time.

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Cake Recipe 5 Minutes

Coconut dessert recipes can’t get any better than this. Lazy Day Coconut Macaroon Bars are like coconut macaroons in a dessert bar… See more Continue reading: “Lazy Day Coconut Macaroon Bars”

Microwave Nutella Mug Cake Recipe

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Minute Microwave Ube Cake

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Cake Recipe 5 Minutes

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Emma’s Goodies Cakes

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Easy Healthy Vegan Cake @ Not Quite Nigella

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