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Cake Recipes Blog – I have been posting to this blog for 12 years. When I started Kim, I was 27, had a full-time job at Communications and Evas, was single, and lived with my boyfriend and sister. I was a dreamer, a passionate optimist, a weekly baker, and a home cook. On February 1, 2009, I decided to start a food blog because I had a passion for something and thought I could spread my passion for food through a blog page.

Now I am 40 years old. I have my husband Tommaso, who is also my best friend and business partner, my 5-month-old daughter, Livia, and two dogs, Noah and Theo. I live next to my wards and my grandma, in our little apartment with the most beautiful view of the mountains. I’m still a dreamer, although my inner optimism has been affected by age and a no-nonsense attitude towards life. I’m still an occasional baker – hello good insulin, but mostly an avid home cook.

Cake Recipes Blog

Cake Recipes Blog

After three years of blogging, I quit my full-time job to freelance as a food writer and photographer.

Why Baking A Cake Is The Best Therapy

Now, I like to define myself as a foodie. Cooking classes, parties, cookbooks, recipes and photography, videos and podcasts: everything revolves around our love of food, cooked and shared.

Over the years, we’ve shared cooking with Italian Acct, who turns two today, and via email on Facebook (did you know we have a cooking group with Jules’ little one?), on Instagram, through our podcast. , with our newsletters.

But blogging has become a place where we love to share recipes, stories, photos and insights into our lives.

In 2020 we reached over 2,200,000 page views in one year, with a 40% increase in traffic for Gil language alone. Needless to say, your support will keep us going for 12 years.

Moist Pistachio & Coconut Cake

Last spring, we were all pizza and bakers during the lockdown. Still, if you look at the blog stats, you’ve also enjoyed Rototta Ravioli, sage and classic Tuscan Latapita, stuffed turkey breast, delicate acacia flower fritters, and the all-time favorite, Apple Olive Oil Tart.

At Food Blogging Connect in London 2010, I learned a lot about blogging, and met some of my favorite fridges.

This blog is my playground and my online community. It’s also the only journal I’ve kept over the years where I’ve chronicled my struggles to find my place in the world, my feelings of uncertainty about where to start, and the steps I’ve taken to build my career. It’s also where I shared not only the beginning of my love story, but also our wedding in September, my pregnancy during lockdown, and the arrival of Livia into our lives.

Cake Recipes Blog

But this blog is also a collection of home recipes that I want to pass on to Libya, a detailed portrait of the home cook I am now. It is a part of who I am as a person, as a woman, and as a professional.

Crunchie Bar (hokey Pokey) Layer Cake

We’re not old bloggers who miss the good old days, and it’s not because I’m an avid writer. We want to live online as much as possible on the internet, while devoting our time and love to creating something we share. The average lifespan of a blog post is 2 years, or as long as this post you keep coming back to proves, – 4 months for a pin on Pinterest, 21 hours for a photo on Instagram, 5 hours on Facebook. . Now you see why we still believe passionately in blogging.

Social media comes and goes: Think Facebook, how important it was 5 years ago, and how boring it might be now. Also, the algorithm changes from day to day, making you suddenly invisible to your mom. Blogging is different and you have 100% control over it. You can read this article to learn more about the lifespan of a social media post.

Today, to celebrate this quick milestone in a time of rapid consumption, I’m sharing what I believe is important to maintaining a long-term relationship with your blog. You won’t be surprised to find that the spark in a relationship between two people, whether it’s love or friendship, is very similar to life.

If you want to blog for many years, write something that is interesting and relevant to you. It helps you stay consistent, showing up week after week, creating new content, and sharing your thoughts and experiences on the subject. You can come up with new ideas. Keep your seat.

Homemade Cake Recipes From Scratch

That’s why I blog about food, why I chose Tuscan and Italian food after months of delicious posts (from frosty cupcakes to roasted vegetables to Chinese spring avocado), and why I still think it’s relevant 12 years later. I’m always excited when I discover a new local recipe while standing in line at the butcher or digging through a fascinating story in one of my cookbooks.

Even though I chose to concentrate years ago, it doesn’t stop me from exploring other foods, such as French mousse au chocolate or the intersection of different traditions, like zucchini and cheese.

Be yourself, be natural and use your movements and voice. Don’t think of others. It’s easier when you don’t have to fake a voice, an interest, or a life. Readers will feel that you are not who you are, and that you are using an unnatural style.

Cake Recipes Blog

In this regard, I quote two of my favorite quotes from William Zinser, from his book On Good Writing, which I would never recommend to anyone interested in writing fiction.

Orange Pound Cake

“There are no style shops here. Style is as organic to the person writing, as part of it is hair, or if bald, the lack of it. Trying to add style to a weak foundation is like adding a bald man. At first glance, the former bald man looks young and handsome. But at second glance – and with a tattoo there’s always a second glance – it doesn’t look quite right. This is the problem with writers who deliberately set out to embellish their prose. You lose what makes you special. The reader will notice if you’re putting it. Readers want to hear the giant voice of the person they are talking to. That’s why the foundation’s rule is: Be yourself.”

“Trust your own stupidity and your own opinion. Writing is a selfish act, you may admit. Use his energy to propel yourself.”

At first, it was three or four times a week. My posts were short, photos took only five minutes, and the writing was informal, easy, and relaxed. Right now I aim to post twice a month: it usually takes about three days to publish a blog post if you want to test recipes, organize photoshoots, clean up clutter, write and research, and translate the post into both. Language and sharing.

I wish they still had the informal, easygoing atmosphere of the early days, though I hope our dedication to creating our website shines through in every post.

Groaning Cake Recipe

Why is consistency so important? Because practice makes you better, treating your blog like your gym or playground will improve your skills, give you confidence and help you find your voice and style.

The more you write, photograph, and research, the better you can get. If you don’t believe me, list Steph King.

As with any relationship there are good days and bad days. Taking a break from your blog can help you refocus, find new inspiration, and breathe new life into your life. I’ve realized that the more time I spend offline, the more creative I become because I need real-life, hands-on experiences. Hands on Flour and Eggs, Inspiration.

Cake Recipes Blog

Every time I take a break from the blog, I come home wanting to share what I’ve found with my repeated instincts and instincts.

Stunning Birthday Cake Recipes For Special Occasions

Anytime I want to get results I have to remember to be flexible. It takes time to start a blog, it takes time to build an audience, and it takes time to find your voice. But along the way to your goals, you’ll learn, discover new passions, and enjoy the drive!

So, this is what worked for us. What do you think about the blog? Are you reading them? (I think you’re here). Do you think blogging is still relevant? Is there a secret to keeping your blog glowing? As a reader, focus on what matters

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