Cake Recipes For Diabetes Type 2

Cake Recipes For Diabetes Type 2 – This delicious Diabetes Birthday Cake Recipe features sugar-free vanilla cake with sugar-free chocolate frosting. A decadent and tasty dessert for everyone!

What is it about birthday cakes that makes them so special and delicious? It’s just 2-3 layers of sponge cake and some frosting on top. For me, they are my favorite ones.

Cake Recipes For Diabetes Type 2

Cake Recipes For Diabetes Type 2

I guess these types of desserts are more about nostalgia. I still remember blowing out the candles in the presence of my loved ones. Of all the childhood memories one can have, blowing out the candles on your birthday cake will always be one of them.

Diabetes Friendly Desserts

This amazing diabetes cake recipe is super easy to make, uses regular ingredients and everyone will love it.

I made it last night and gave it to my husband and my in-laws, they were drooling and complimenting how good it tasted. When I told them that this cake was sugar free they couldn’t believe it. Of course, they went for seconds.

I can imagine adjusting your diet must be difficult since everything has so much ADDED sugar! including things one might not think of, for example: spaghetti sauce, bread, yogurt (even unflavored Greek), BBQ Sauce, dried fruit, etc.

This Diabetes Birthday Cake Recipe is so delicious because it has a very moist and spongy vanilla cake and a fudgy and addicting chocolate fudge frosting that is finger licking good.

The Best Diabetic Chocolate Cake

Last week I made a Diabetic Lasagna Recipe that would go great as the main dish of your party.

I used Swerve sweetener which is a great sugar substitute for the sponge cake part. You can also use Splenda baking mix or any of the usual sugar substitutes you are used to cooking with.

This Diabetes Birthday Cake Recipe is on the small side. It is only 6 inches in diameter, which is perfect for a small collection. If you are expecting a large party, simply double the recipe and use a 9″ mold.

Cake Recipes For Diabetes Type 2

I hope you can try this delicious Diabetes Birthday Cake Recipe at home. If you do, please upload a photo to Instagram and tag me @ or use the hashtag #LivingSweet.

Vanilla Keto Cake Diabetic Friendly

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. This super fluffy and moist low carb chocolate layer cake tastes as delicious as it looks. With its luscious ganache frosting it makes the perfect keto-friendly sugar-free birthday cake recipe. You won’t believe how easy it is!

You guys, this sugar free cake is incredible! It’s so soft and moist, and has the deepest chocolate flavor!

I made it for my mother’s 87th. She LOVES chocolate and is diabetic, so a keto birthday cake was the perfect way to mark the occasion. Happy Birthday, Marigold!

It wasn’t until I started eating a low carb diet that I became interested in baking. When there was a birthday, I just bought a cake. They always looked incredible, but even then I thought they were too cute.

Wholesome & Healthy Cake Recipes

After switching to a sugar-free keto diet due to inflammation issues, I started reading labels – and was shocked at how bad those ready-made cakes are for you. The amounts of sugar they contained was just insane!

It is actually quite simple to make a cake without sugar, whether you want to enjoy it for dessert, for a birthday or for any other celebration.

All I did was replace the wheat flour with a wheat free and gluten free flour mix – almond flour and coconut flour. And replace the sugar with low carb sweetener powder.

Cake Recipes For Diabetes Type 2

I swear, you won’t taste AT ALL that this cake is sugar free and keto. The reason is that chocolate has such a strong and deep flavor. By making chocolate ganache instead of regular sugar-free frosting with butter, cocoa and sweetener (especially vanilla frosting), any aftertaste you might normally detect from sweetener is just not noticeable.

Delicious Diabetic Birthday Cake Recipe

One thing to note is that this is definitely a celebration cake for a more adult audience. Unless you have kids who are totally into dark chocolate!

I’ll be posting a sugar free vanilla birthday cake with cream cheese frosting soon, so watch that space. I have so many ideas for low carb cakes…it’s going to be a year of celebration!

Here are the ingredients! We have all the usual suspects, from blanched almond flour to coconut flour to almond milk, butter, cocoa powder and vanilla extract, baking soda and baking powder for more eggs (Note – ground almonds / almond meal will work too).

It may seem a lot but don’t forget that we are essentially making a layer cake with two sponge cakes, which sit on top of another.

Decadent Cake Recipes From Scratch

The secret ingredient that makes this recipe fluffier without the need to whip the egg whites separately is – yogurt! It’s just amazing to have that addition we all want in a really good gluten free cake.

Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth. You may need to scrape the sides a few times and blitz again.

Tip: By adding the wet ingredients FIRST and the dry ingredients SECOND, you prevent the flour from sticking to the bottom.

Cake Recipes For Diabetes Type 2

Bake in the oven for about 35 minutes or until you can insert and remove a toothpick without any crumbs sticking.

Easy Diabetic Pie Recipes

Now onto the sugar free frosting! I decided on a rich ganache instead of a chocolate buttercream frosting, because when you’re making a grown-up cake, you might as well pull out all the stops.

And add finely chopped dark chocolate (minimum of 85% cocoa solids, or 90% as it is very low sugar) or sugar-free chocolate chips such as Lily’s to the cream.

Don’t get confused! This can cause the mixture to split, because it cools too quickly. First, let the mixture sit for 5 minutes.

Tip: If your ganache splits, don’t panic! Just put in a food processor and blend until smooth and organized.

A Valentine’s Day Cake That Even People With Type 2 Diabetes Can Eat? It Can Be Done!

As soon as the chocolate frosting has cooled slightly and is therefore not boiling but still spreadable, spread it over the two (completely cooled) cakes.

Wait for the ganache to set, then stack the cakes on top of each other to make a beautiful sugar free birthday cake!

You can serve it with whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream, but I just added some grated chocolate on top and some red currants.

Cake Recipes For Diabetes Type 2

I always get questions about how to substitute ingredients, due to intolerances or simply dislikes. Here we go!

A Healthy And Sugar Free Banana Cake

You can replace the coconut flour with an additional 1 ¼ cup or 125g of almond flour (use only 1 cup if your almond flour is super fine).

No This is not the ideal recipe to experiment with because of the amount and cost of the ingredients.

As a general rule, I like to use ⅓ the amount of coconut flour stated for the almond flour – about 80 grams / ⅔ cup a little. But I think you would also need to add about 2 additional eggs to get the same fluffiness.

Yes! I used a mixture of powdered erythritol / monk fruit sweetener. But allulose or xylitol will work just as well. I love natural sweeteners – no sucralose, no maltitol, no artificial flavors.

Diabetic Friendly Breakfast Ideas

Powdered sweetener works best, as it will give a smoother texture. If you only have granulated sweetener, simply mix it first in the food processor to powder.

It’s easy to create a dairy-free version of this diabetes birthday cake. Just replace the butter with coconut oil and the yogurt with coconut yogurt.

I used two 8 inch cake pans. 9 inch rounds will work too, just note that the cake will be flatter.

Cake Recipes For Diabetes Type 2

You can use a rectangular cake pan or even a bundt pan to make one large cake. The baking time will increase to about 60-70 minutes, depending on the size of the pan.

How To Cook It: Oatmeal

If you know you are making the cake in advance you can freeze the two chocolate sponge cakes separately and make the frosting after you defrost them.

I you are freezing a cake low carb cake leftovers, I recommend that you make enough space in the freezer to freeze the cake on a plate. Only after it is completely frozen, carefully place it in freezer bags or containers. In this way, the ganache is not damaged.

Last but not least – if you don’t want to make a HUGE cake, simply divide the recipe in half and make one layer of sugar-free cake covered with ganache.

All ingredients can easily be halved – except for the 7 eggs. I recommend that instead of large eggs, simply use 4 medium eggs.

How To Make Yummy And Easy Sugar Free Sponge Cake

Keto Chocolate Lava Cake – Best served warm, this low carb Keto cake has a gorgeous center. My readers love it.

Best Keto Chocolate Cake Ever (Sugar Free) – the most popular keto cake recipe on the website. It’s dense and fudgy and contains only 5 ingredients.

Easy Keto Triple Chocolate Mug Cake – Great if you’re after a quick chocolate fix. This is a coconut flour recipe and it’s so fluffy and light, but with an amazing deep chocolate flavor.

Cake Recipes For Diabetes Type 2


Ingredient Chocolate Cake (no Eggs, Butter Or Oil)

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