Cake Recipes Good Food

Cake Recipes Good Food – Still looking for the perfect birthday cake recipe? I got you covered! I’ve rounded up 17 absolutely stunning birthday cake recipes that are perfect for almost any occasion! So whether you’re looking for a classic birthday cake covered in sprinkles, a decadent chocolate lovers dream come true, or something more sophisticated like my Almond Raspberry Cake, this is the list for you! Celebrate…with a cake!

This deliciously decadent 4-tier chocolate cake is devilishly delicious! The frosting is almost like fudge, and the extra chocolate shavings on top add a nice crunch! Add chocolate chips for that extra birthday cake feeling!

Cake Recipes Good Food

Cake Recipes Good Food

This Black Forest Cake is the perfect combination of chocolate cake, boozy cherry filling and dreamy whipped cream. In addition, a thick dress of chocolate ganache! If heavy buttercream isn’t your thing, you’ll love this cake!

Funfetti Cake Recipe

If it’s decadence you’re looking for… look no further than this Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake! Includes 3 layers of moist chocolate cake, homemade salted caramel sauce and salted caramel buttercream!

There is no more classic than the yellow cake! Add super creamy chocolate frosting and colorful sprinkles, and you have the perfect birthday cake!

This Raspberry Coconut Snowball Cake is SO pretty and perfect for anyone who loves the combination of tropical coconut and tart raspberries! Also great for anyone who loves pink! Go crazy decorating with extra raspberries and a pink edible flower!

If you’re a sprinkle lover, this funfetti cake is for you! This childhood favorite is 100% homemade…but tastes like the canned mix you fell in love with as a kid. Minus the weird chemicals!

Best Sheet Cake Recipes

This Almond Raspberry Cake is a total show and doubles as a conversation starter! Moist, buttery and packed with SO much flavor, this one is a no-brainer!

Do you like pistachios?! This pistachio cream cake is the perfect birthday cake for you! With pistachio cake, pistachio cream and chocolate ganache covered in…you guessed it – pistachios!

This classic bakery style white cake is a timeless treat that almost everyone loves! Fluffy, fluffy, snow-white cake layers can be paired with almost any variety of frosting or buttercream! Top with sprinkles and you have a dream birthday cake in your hands! It would also make a beautiful wedding cake for a small ceremony.

Cake Recipes Good Food

Chocolate + red wine in cake?! Need I say more? The perfect birthday cake for any wine lover! Delicious with a tall glass of red wine on the side. Cheers!

Epic Vegan Cake Recipes

Carrot cake lovers, rejoice! This three-tier cake is bursting with flavor and covered in smooth, silky cream cheese. Absolutely delicious and always a crowd pleaser! Top with nuts for a nice crunch!

This classic lemon raspberry cake will never go out of style! Bright lemon and tangy raspberries are balanced with a sweet cream cheese frosting that almost melts in your mouth! A beautiful cake any time of the year!

If you prefer your raspberries to chocolate, then this cake is for you! This chocolate raspberry cake is super moist, rich in chocolate flavor and sprinkled with fresh raspberries! Plus, a swirl of raspberry jam!

The only thing better than red velvet cake? Red Velvet Cake with White Chocolate Truffle Frosting! With its gorgeous red hue, this cake is especially nice during the holidays!

Butterfly Cakes Recipe

Death by chocolate cake…the title says it all! This is an intensely chocolaty birthday cake perfect for SERIOUS chocolate lovers!

Looking for something lighter? This Lemon Coconut Cake is bursting with juicy blueberries and fresh flavor! The swirl of lemon curd melts in the mouth and reveals all the flavors of the cakes!

And finally, we have a chocolate cake with a very special ingredient: ricotta! Don’t let that scare you! The ricotta adds the most amazing flavor and texture. This cake has a cult following for a reason! It is delicious!!! This is my best vanilla cake recipe. A classic butter cake but with Japanese techniques applied for the softest, fluffiest, fluffiest yellow cake you’ve ever had before. This professional baker style cake stays fresh and moist for 4 days – never before seen! Use the same batter for perfect vanilla cupcakes.

Cake Recipes Good Food

So if you like all of this too, then I dare say this could also become YOUR favorite vanilla cake recipe! And here’s a little preview to show you how soft and fluffy it still is after 4 days:

Raspberry Ricotta Cake Recipe

This vanilla cake is the result of combining the best of Japanese sponge cakes and Western butter-based cakes. It has the world famous very soft and fluffy crumb of Japanese cakes and uses the Japanese baking method, combined with the goodness of butter and the softness of Western cakes.

But it’s sturdier than Japanese cakes which are so delicate they can only really be decorated with cream. Anything heavier and the bottom layer gets crushed!

Also, importantly, this cake incorporates my cake shelf life requirement to stay perfectly fresh for at least 2 days after it is made. (It lasts perfectly 4 days.) Because who bakes cakes on the day they are meant to be served??

Interestingly, baking experts will agree that the method and ingredients of this cake are very similar to what is called a hot milk cake in America – although strangely it is often described as a “dense” cake, probably because they don’t keep the eggs aerated. insofar as I insist that we do and also because sometimes it is baked in tube pans which takes much longer to bake (= dense cake).

Best Fudgy Chocolate Cake

The words “best served daily” on a cake recipe are never a good sign – it means it’s going badly bad overnight. But THIS cake recipe is almost perfect for 4 days – even 5 days!

I don’t mean to get too corny with you…but a sign of a well-done cake is an even crumb. No large tunnels or lots of irregular sized holes. It looks and tastes

There is a widely held misconception that cake flour is the secret to a better cake. This is only true for some cakes. For this one, plain/all-purpose flour works best.

Cake Recipes Good Food

Here’s what you need to make this moist vanilla cake. No cake flour, no buttermilk, no sour cream. I’ve tried them all – this cake is best with plain/all purpose flour and just milk.

Peanut Butter And Chocolate Cake A Doctored Cake Mix Recipe

Make a really good cake that starts with “creaming butter and sugar until frothy…”. is actually harder than you think. The butter needs to be the perfect temperature, and you can’t have cold mixing bowls.

If it’s too hard, you’ll never cream it off and you’ll end up with pockets of fat. If you beat the butter too long, you break up the air pockets.

There’s more room for error with cookies and some other types of baked goods. But the butter temperature should be near perfect for cakes and cupcakes. (17°C/63°F is the ideal temperature for “softened butter”).

And even if you nail it, the cake quickly loses its freshness. Even the next day, it is much drier.

Polish Apple Cake

I’ve tried dozens and dozens over the years to compare to this vanilla cake. This recipe puts everyone to shame in terms of fresh shelf life.

Please note, this is a lengthy, step-by-step explainer article, to ensure that those new to baking are armed with everything they need to bake that cake perfectly, the first time and every time. times !

Hard to find the perfect cake because there is nothing to hide behind, it is one of the purest forms of pastry. And the “buttercream and sugar” step is the biggest cause of trouble, setting the cake up for success or failure from the start (read above).

Cake Recipes Good Food

Vanilla sponge cake used to make Victoria sponge – spread with strawberry jam, top with whipped cream.

Best Vanilla Cake Recipe

A stand mixer makes this vanilla cake a breeze to make, although it can be made with a handheld electric mixer. Although it takes time to beat the eggs to make a nice fluffy cake, this recipe is more foolproof than the usual “buttercream”. and sugar until fluffy” – read the box above to find out why.

This cake’s unique soft, moist crumb comes from double the leavening power – whipped eggs PLUS baking powder!

1. Whisk the eggs and sugar – Beat the eggs with the sugar for a full 7 minutes until thick and glossy, turning from yellow to white and tripled in volume (a little more double the depth in the bowl).

The aeration created during this step is essential for a soft and fluffy crumb. It is a technique borrowed from Japanese sponge cakes.

Super Simple Cake Recipe

Minimum otherwise you will knock out the air. Just follow my time and beater speeds and you can’t go wrong!

After 7 minutes of beating, the egg-sugar mixture will triple in volume (double in height in the mixing bowl).

2. Gradually add flour – Whisk together flour, baking powder and salt. Then add to the egg mixture in 3 batches, mixing for just 5 seconds on speed 1 in between. This should make flour

Cake Recipes Good Food

3. Hot melted butter in milk – use a microwave or stove to heat the milk with the butter until it melts. Believe it or not, HOT milk helps aerate this cake. I doubted it, so I tried with chilled fade

Retro Dessert Recipes That’ll Take You Back To The Good Ol’ Days

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