Can I Eat Greek Yogurt On Keto

Can I Eat Greek Yogurt On Keto – If you want yogurt on the keto diet but don’t know what you can have, let this list of the best keto yogurt options be your guide. This list has the best flavored low carb yogurt you can have on a ketogenic diet, so you can consider all your cravings answered!

Yogurt is a great addition to any healthy diet thanks to its high protein content, probiotics and nutrients.

Can I Eat Greek Yogurt On Keto

Can I Eat Greek Yogurt On Keto

But when it comes to eating yogurt on the keto diet, it’s important to choose carefully, because a lot of regular yogurt is high in carbs and added sugar.

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

These keto-friendly yogurt options give you all the taste and health benefits of your favorite yogurt minus the high carb count—and of course, added sugar.

Plus, everything on this list is well under 10 net carbs per serving and there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for plain yogurt, flavored yogurt, Greek-style yogurt, or even plant-based yogurt, you’ll find it here!

Ratio Keto Yogurt is probably one of the most well-known low-carb yogurt options and one of the only brands that is advertised as a truly keto-friendly yogurt.

And the macros for this keto yogurt definitely speak for themselves. A serving of Ratio Yogurt has only 2 net carbs plus 15g of fat and 15g of protein – the best macros of any of the keto friendly yogurts on this list!

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Plus, Ratio comes in 5 delicious flavors – vanilla, mango, strawberry, coconut and black cherry. With that said, my favorite is undoubtedly the vanilla.

By the way, the keto yogurts are sweetened with sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener that is not compatible with the pure keto diet. So if that’s something you’d like to avoid, you can try any of the other low-carb yogurts below.

Ingredients: pasteurized ultra-filtered non-fat milk, pasteurized milk, milk fat, avocado oil, natural flavor, salt, beet juice concentrate, sucralose, cultures (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus)

Can I Eat Greek Yogurt On Keto

Two Good Greek yogurt gets its name from the fact that each cup of their yogurt has only 2 grams of sugar. That’s 80% less than the average flavored Greek yogurt you can buy!

Keto Low Carb Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Each cup of Two Good’s Greek Yogurt has only 3 net carbohydrates and they come individually packaged so you don’t have to worry about portion sizes, making this the ultimate keto snack.

These Greek yogurt cups are sweetened with natural stevia and monkfruit sweeteners, so they have the same sweet and tangy taste as your favorite non-keto yogurt without any added sugar.

As far as flavors go, you can get the two good yogurt in vanilla, strawberry, peach, and mixed berry flavors.

Ingredients: cultured reduced fat milk, water, natural fruits, lemon juice concentrate, tapioca starch, gellan gum, stevia leaf Reb B, sea salt, fruit and vegetable juice concentrate, vitamin D3, active yogurt cultures (L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus

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Skyr is a type of strained yogurt from Iceland, where it has been part of the local cuisine for centuries. And what really sets Skir apart from the rest is that it has a higher protein content than regular yogurt or even Greek yogurt.

This low carb Skir from Siggi’s has one of the highest protein content of all the keto yogurts on this list with 14g of protein per serving and only 4 net carbs.

You can choose from vanilla and strawberry flavored Skir and they come in individual cups in packs of 4.

Can I Eat Greek Yogurt On Keto

If you’re a fan of Chobani Greek yogurt, you’ll love this keto-friendly version of their classic flavored yogurt.

The 7 Best Greek Yogurts Of 2023

Just like the regular Chobani Greek yogurt, this low carb yogurt is non-GMO and made without artificial ingredients. Each cup comes out to 5 net carbs and they come in a huge variety of delicious flavors.

You can get this low carb yogurt in blueberry, vanilla, mixed berry, strawberry, toasted coconut vanilla, and even milk & cookies. There’s a flavor of this low carb yogurt to fit any craving!

Ingredients: Ultra-filtered non-fat milk, water, skim milk, allulose, vanilla extract, natural flavors, tapioca flour, citrus fiber, guar gum, sea salt, stevia leaf extract (Reb B), monk fruit extract, citric acid enzyme , cultures

When you need low-carb plain Greek yogurt, whether for savory recipes or just because you prefer to control the extra sweetness and flavorings yourself, the best keto yogurt you can get is this 5% Greek yogurt from Fage.

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This plain yogurt gets down to the basics, made with just skim milk, cream, and yogurt cultures for the cleanest yogurt taste.

And in addition to having only 5 net carbs per serving, this low-fat yogurt also packs 15g of protein, making it a perfect keto ingredient for adding to high-protein smoothies and shakes.

Fage also makes 0% and 2% fat versions of this low-fat Greek yogurt if you’re looking for something with less milk fat, though I highly recommend the 5% Greek yogurt for better macros.

Can I Eat Greek Yogurt On Keto

Ingredients: Grade A pasteurized skimmed milk and cream, live active yogurt cultures (L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus, L. acidophilus, bifidus, L. casei)

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If you never thought you could find a keto vegan yogurt, you’re in luck! Kate Hill has a plant-based almond milk yogurt that is both keto friendly and vegan friendly and is also non-GMO, gluten-free and soy-free.

A serving of this almond milk keto yogurt has only 6 net carbs. It’s also one of the most high-fat keto yogurt options at 10g of fat per serving, great for keeping your macros in check.

And if you want another vegan keto yogurt option but with more protein, you can get Kite Hill Plain Unsweetened Protein Yogurt. It has 7 net carbs with one gram of added sugar.

Ingredients: Almond milk (water, almonds), starch, citrus fiber, locust bean gum, xanthan gum, live active cultures (S. thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidobacteria)

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Oikos Triple Zero yogurt stands for 0g added sugar, or artificial sweeteners and 0% fat, so this keto Greek yogurt is perfect to snack on if you’ve reached your fat limit for the day.

It’s also one of the highest protein keto Greek yogurts you can find – each serving has 7 net carbs and 15g of protein. So, it’s fantastic for a filling breakfast or post-workout snack

You can get this keto-friendly Oikos yogurt in vanilla, strawberry, peach and mixed berry, all naturally flavored and sweetened.

Can I Eat Greek Yogurt On Keto

Ingredients: Skimmed Grade A Nonfat Milk, Water, Natural Flavors, Tapioca Starch, Vegetable Juice Concentrate, Stevia Leaf Extract, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Sea Salt, Vitamin D3, Yogurt Cultures: S. Thermophilus and L. Bulgaricus

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Yogurt is already an amazing superfood, and sheep yogurt is even better. This keto yogurt from Old Chatham Creamery is made with live yogurt cultures and full fat sheep’s milk, resulting in the creamiest low carb yogurt you’ll ever try.

A generous serving of this keto friendly sheep’s yogurt has 8 net carbs with 10g of fat and 8g of protein.

And while it may have the highest carb count on the list, it’s still significantly lower than most options you’ll find in your local yogurt aisle. Plus, it tastes just as rich and delicious as any full-fat Greek yogurt you can find, keto diet or not!

These keto friendly yogurts are perfect for breakfast or a snack, or even for adding to smoothies and desserts.

Epic Greek Yogurt Breakfast Recipe Ideas

I use yogurt in a few of my keto recipes, like in this keto chocolate cake and as a base for my keto granola.

They are a wonderful addition to the keto diet, not only because they are quite low carb, but because of all their health benefits. They help support a healthy gut, provide vital nutrients and can even curb your appetite – all while tasting good.

If you’ve tried any of these—or have a favorite that I missed—be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Can I Eat Greek Yogurt On Keto

If you like this keto list, I have a bunch of other keto lists on the blog that I think you’ll like too. Is Yogurt Keto? How many carbs in yogurt? By Carine Claudepierre – Published on 03/25/2022 This post may contain affiliate links, which means I make a small commission from items you purchase at no additional cost to you. Please see my full disclosure policy for details

Genius Ways To Eat Greek Yogurt

If you follow a ketogenic diet, you know how important it is to control your carbs. You surely know that milk is not keto-friendly, but yogurt is keto? How many carbs are in a cup of yogurt?

Let’s take a look at all forms of yogurt to find out if it is a keto-friendly dairy product and how much you can take and stay in ketosis!

Yogurt is a versatile ingredient on a keto diet. It can be runny, or it can be thick. It can be smooth and sweet or tangy and creamy.

Despite the fact that it comes from milk, it loses most of the sugar while curdling making it keto friendly. The bacteria used to feed on the sugar and leave the tangy taste typical of yogurt.

The 10 Best Keto Yogurts

While all varieties of plain Greek yogurt have an acceptable amount of carbs, plain yogurt has way too much sugar to be part of the keto-friendly yogurt category.

Keep in mind that there are so many

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