Can I Make Desserts At Home And Sell It

Can I Make Desserts At Home And Sell It – As a novice baker, several summers ago, I decided to take my baked goods on the road. I often bake for family and friends and was excited to find out that Virginia allows local bakers to sell their baked goods at the Farmer’s Market. WhooHoooo!

At first I signed up for a $30 a day local farmer’s market. Luckily, I met some awesome people who had an extra spot at a local farmer’s market that was $50 this time of year. Hey, that sounded good to me, and the atmosphere was more friendly, just what I was looking for. I decided on a menu of six different flavors, bought an acrylic display case to keep my clothes fresh and critter-free, found a cool sign made online, and I was good to go!

Can I Make Desserts At Home And Sell It

Can I Make Desserts At Home And Sell It

I tested the waters and met some wonderful people. Please support your local Farmer’s Market. If you have a specialty, give it one season. I can’t wait until May….

Easy Mini Dessert Recipes

It is very important to create a good environment when selling at the farmer’s market. Along with an eye-catching logo, you should have a colorful, multi-level presentation. Chalkboard icons are all the rage, and they’re simple, reusable icons. I ordered my custom sign online from BuildAsign.

Be sure to label everything! Throw in a few baskets and some pretty flowers, and you’re on your way to a place no one will miss!

Coming up with the right, affordable packaging wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. While searching on Pinterest, I found the wrong option. I bought a clear plastic 9 oz. tumbler cups and clear cellophane bags. The cups fit perfectly inside the bags and only need a ribbon to close. After stacking hundreds of cupcakes this way, I have to admit it’s annoying because you have to drop the cup once to sit straight in the cup. But once you get the hang of it, it’s not that bad. The cost justifies the minor frustration. I really like this packaging method even though there are a few crooked cakes.

Q: We sell baked goods at farmers markets in California. We just started and business has been great. I’m worried about how to keep our stuff from melting come summer. Any suggestions? We sell everything from cookies to coffee cakes, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes and artisan breads.

Best Potluck Dessert Recipes

Answer: It is very difficult when it is really hot. Here’s what I’ve done in the past. The acrylic side helps a lot. I usually refrigerate the cakes before putting them inside. Be sure to keep the string out of direct sunlight. Another option is to display a few and store the rest in a large cooler with dry ice for hot days.

Answer: It really depends. You may want to ask other marketers what the weekly result is and go from there.

Answer: I believe I have a 22×22 case. I can fit about 6-7 cup cakes in a case.

Can I Make Desserts At Home And Sell It

Answer: I stored my cakes next to the sun. On really hot days you can have your baked goods in the cooler and just show off a few samples. Rake in the dough with these no-fail baked goods recipes that get straight A’s. Whether it’s for school, church or scouts, these fun things will make you look like a hero. (Just remember to add the ingredient tag for those with allergies!)

Of The Best Dessert Recipes Of All Time

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies Here’s proof that peanut butter and chocolate go together. These peanut butter flower cookies are an easy family favorite and never fail to make my kids smile. —Tammie Merrill, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Behr Track Cookie Bars The holidays are the perfect time to indulge in these ooey-gooey, salty-sweet peanut butter treats. Most people note that pretzels at birth are amazing. Be sure to cut the cookie bars small – they are very thick. —Megan Behr, Marion, Iowa

Homemade Butterfinger Bites Bent on using up the leftover candy corn stash, I decided to give it a try. It turns out, if you melt it, mix it with peanut butter and coat the balls with chocolate, you get a softer, denser version of the Butterfinger bite. Who knew? They are delicious! —Melissa Hansen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes I created this recipe based on our family’s love of chocolate ice cream cones. Red heart sprinkles make them fun for Valentine’s Day. Change the color according to the event. —Jennifer Gilbert, Brighton, Michigan

Best Christmas Desserts

Peanut Butter Paper Cake I got this recipe from the minister’s wife, and my family loves it. —Brenda Jackson, Garden City, Kansas

Beary Cute Cookies These cheery and cute cookies will delight children of all ages! I like to make good food but I don’t mind spending a lot of time arguing. So the idea of ​​using candy for the bears was perfect for me. —Susan Schuller, Brainerd, Minnesota

Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting I begged my aunt for this recipe when I was 16, and it’s still my favorite. Silly monster eyes give devil cakes Halloween fun! They are always on my husband’s short list for special desserts. —Dawn Koestner, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Can I Make Desserts At Home And Sell It

Confetti Cake Batter Cookies Mom and I took to decorating the cake. Funfetti was our favorite cookie, so we used this mix to make cookie cutters. Plain or embellished, they’re a party favorite. —Danielle DeMarco, Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Mexican Dessert Recipes

Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies These treats place a sweet, savory filling between two chewy oatmeal cookies. The classic flavor is great at home—it’s always perfect for holiday trays. —Jan Woodall, Indianapolis, Indiana

Peach Crumb Bars I had some really nice peaches and wanted to bake them. I started with my blueberry crumb bar recipe, and after trying a few, I was very happy with the results. My fellow taste testers were, too! —Amy Burns, Newman, Illinois

Coke Cake I get a great response every time I serve this cake, and it seems like I’ve been sharing the recipe forever! People are always curious about the ingredients, and when I tell them the cake has cola in it, they are really shocked. The unusual combination of ingredients makes it moist and delicious. —Anna Baker, Blaine, Washington

Easy Confetti PieSugar cone crust makes a pie that tastes like a birthday cake when you add a dreamy, creamy no-bake confetti filling. —Tasting of the Home Test Kitchen

Sweet Dessert Quotes For Any Occasion

Chocolate Chiffon Cake If you want to give family and friends a great dessert, this is the cake to make. A beautiful tall, rich sponge cake topped with a creamy chocolate glaze. —Erma Fox, Memphis, Missouri

Toffee Squares Here’s an easy way to make turtle candies for a large batch. These bars are very thick, so a small square will do. —Glenna Tooman, Boise, Idaho

Winning Apricot Bars This recipe is low-home baking at its best, and it represents all regions of the country. It has won green ribbons at town fairs and cookie contests in many countries! Easy to make, it’s great for potlucks, bake sales, lunch boxes or just a simple snack.—Jill Moritz, Irvine, California

Can I Make Desserts At Home And Sell It

Peach Blueberry Pie”What a taste!” That’s what I hear every time guests taste this blueberry pie. I invented it one day when I was short on peaches. —Sue Thumma, Shepherd, Michigan

Breakfast Pastry Recipes To Pair With Coffee

Spiced Cappuccino Kiss Cookies This recipe combines two of my favorite flavors: coffee and cinnamon. You can always find them in my holiday treat trays. —Cynthia Messenger, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Peanut Butter Cookie Cups I’m a teacher and a busy pastor’s wife and I couldn’t wish to show my face at a church dinner or bake sale without some of these tempting peanut butter treats. They are quick and easy to make and always a hit. – Kristi Tackett, Banner, Kentucky

Spiced Applesauce Cake This picnic-perfect cake goes well with slices. With chocolate chips, walnuts and raisins, it’s a real crowd pleaser. —Marian Platt, Sequim, Washington

Pistachio Cake with Walnuts It didn’t take long for this cake from the 1970s to become my husband, Joe’s, go-to birthday cake. —Patty LaNoue Stearns, Traverse City, Michigan

No Bake Recipes For Kids

Kentucky Butter Cake I found this Kentucky butter cake recipe in an old cookbook I bought at a garage sale and I can’t wait to try it. I knew it was someone’s favorite because of the well-worn page. —Joan Gertz, Palmetto, Florida

Loaded-Up Pretzel Cookies Coconut, M&M’s and salty, crunchy pretzels make these loaded cookies unlike any you’ve ever tasted—or resisted. —Jackie Ruckwardt, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Berry-Apple-Rhubarb Pie I make this family favorite every year at my sister’s get-together, where the recipe is known as “Uncle Mike’s pie.” I use only fresh strawberries, apples and rhubarb that I grow myself. —Michael Powers, New Baltimore, Virginia

Can I Make Desserts At Home And Sell It

Cherry No-Bake Cookies I’ve always loved my no-bake cookie recipe, but I just couldn’t put it together. So I mixed in some maraschino cherries, added almond extract and voila! In 2010 I won a blue ribbon.—Denise Wheeler, Newaygo, Michigan

Dessert Bar Recipes To Satisfy Your Cravings

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars My secret to these rich no-bake bites? Pretzels in a crust. They add a salty crunch to the classic peanut butter and chocolate pairing.

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