Chef Jenny Alumni of MasterChef Indonesia Season 8, Shares Tips on Processing and Storing Cheese Properly, Jakarta Even though cheese is not a native Indonesian food, cheese is a food ingredient that is familiar to Indonesian people. This is because cheese is consumed with daily food, for example in addition to omelet, martabak, jasuke and many other food menus.

Besides tasting good, cheese is also nutritious and can be consumed as a substitute for milk. Chef Jenny the alumni of MasterChef Indonesia season 8. who made it to the top 6 round, also said that cheese for Caucasians is not far from Indonesian cuisine. One way is to prepare dishes that are adapted to the Indonesian tongue, for example, geprek chicken.

“For example, geprek chicken with melted cheese topping will add its own flavor. Mixing the right types of cheese with suitable food will add to its delicacy,” said the owner’s real name Jenny Hendrawati at the MEG Cheese Day 2023 Celebration of Cheese Day & 10 Years of MEG Cheese in Indonesia.

The owner of the Manna Healthy Bakery and Cafe business in Bandung, also said that cheese can be combined with bread and cake creations because it will be more special if it is filled with cheese. Chef Jenny For example, for example, old school cheese cakes are combined with cheddar cheese, sweet bread with melted cheese topping will taste better, donuts and martabak will be even tastier if grated cheese is added.

“The most important food is using cheese, of course the bread will be very interesting with added cheese and the same sponge cake. Then snacks such as martabak and macaroni schotel toppings, cover pastels and cold desserts are also delicious if you use cheese,” he added.

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