Chickpea Main Course Recipe

Chickpea Main Course Recipe – A set of 30 delicious vegan chickpea recipes. I hope this list will inspire you to prepare tasty and nutritious vegan main dishes, soups, stews, salads, bowls, and even a refreshing drink. In this roundup you will find many easy and quick recipes, all nutritious with vegetable protein and fiber from chickpeas.

Vegan chickpea recipes have been key to my plant life! Chickpeas were one of my favorite ingredients even before I started posting recipes on this blog. They are versatile, hearty, delicious, and easy to find in many grocery/grocery stores. I love cooking dried chickpeas from scratch (love getting mine from the Florist) and I’m sharing my cooking process below! I also rely on the convenience of canned chickpeas all the time. Chickpea flour is also an amazing ingredient! Here you will find several recipes that use it.

Chickpea Main Course Recipe

Chickpea Main Course Recipe

Among these vegan chickpea recipes, you’ll find: many main dishes, hearty salads, soups, stews, and even a drink that uses canned liquid. Possibilities and goodies are endless 🙂

Warm Chickpea Bowls With Lemony Yogurt Recipe

1. Chickpea salad with avocado. This savory salad is delicious stuffed with lettuce/radicchio leaves or between a few slices of bread. So hearty and flavorful with lots of herbs and citrus.

2. Napa and kale with crispy BBQ cauliflower, chickpeas and marinated Jalapeño Ranczo. This is the tastiest and most delicious salad that exists! The crunchy little bites of chickpeas are so good and the dressing itself is just a total, addictive taste experience 😉

3. Seven-spice chickpea stew with tomatoes and coconut. It’s such a pantry-friendly dinner that puts together in less than 30 minutes. This creamy coconut hit is so delicious with all the spices.

4. Green Goddess Bowls with Pepita lime sauce and chickpeas. I love a hearty cereal bowl with chickpeas in the mix, and this one definitely hits the spot. The cream sauce is so delicious with toasted pumpkin seeds, lime, spices and garlic.

Chickpea Salad [easy Vegetarian Recipe] — The Mom 100

5. Salad of grilled broccoli and Pepperoncini pasta with basil and chickpeas. It’s a filling and aromatic pasta salad with a bit of smoked broccoli, slightly spicy pepperoncini peppers, olives, basil and fresh lemon sauce with oregano.

6. Stuffed chickpea spaghetti with garlic and arugula cream. Love this meal which is conveniently stuffed with half a squash! Garlic arugula cream is so delicious in so many different meals. Pasta, cereal bowls, as a dip for crispy cauliflower, etc.

7. Twice Baked Potatoes With Chickpeas, Buffalo And Cauliflower. Only 10 ingredients needed for this mega aromatic vegan main course. Chickpeas and cauliflower are bathed in spicy buffalo sauce, then placed in a fluffy baked potato in a crust of salt.

Chickpea Main Course Recipe

8. Stewed Harisa Eggplant With Chickpeas. This spicy and aromatic stew contains velvety pieces of fried eggplant, chickpeas, tomatoes and herbs. It is also a very pantry-friendly recipe.

Indian Spiced Skillet Chickpeas & Kale With Raita

9. Vegetarian chickpea, cauliflower and old bay burgers. Fewer than 10 simple ingredients are required to make these satisfying veggie burgers.

10. Ragout with rosemary and chickpeas on toast. This is the best warm lunch when you crave comfort. Less than 10 ingredients and ready in 20 minutes.

11. Herb chickpea pancakes with spicy lemon tahini and roasted vegetables. These savory pancakes are directly inspired by poodle, a staple of Gujarati cuisine. They are easy to adapt, so delicious, and make such a filling quick lunch.

12. Cold spice mousse. This drink uses the liquid of canned, unsalted chickpeas, aka aqufaba! Combined with spices and coconut sugar, it makes a really fun “cold froth” for iced coffee.

Spiced Chickpea Main Course Salad

13. Creamy lemon orzo with chickpeas and broccoli. It’s a hearty and crowd-pleasing main course that’s ready in 40 minutes and comes with 10 ingredients. Such a flavorful meal winner! Even better with a bit of homemade vegan “Parmesan”.

14. Vegan “Butter” Chickpeas. It’s an all-vegetable take on butter chicken/murgh makhani, a spicy, rich tomato-based curry. We use cashews and lots of refined coconut oil to get that “buttery” quality and silky texture. This dinner recipe is ready in 40 minutes.

15. Vegan butternut squash galette with apples, shallots and black pepper chickpeas. Chickpea flour helps us get a super flaky and delicious vegan batter for this comforting main course. Its super spicy flavor is right here, along with Dijon mustard, rosemary and thyme.

Chickpea Main Course Recipe

16. Salad of cauliflower and roasted chickpeas with herbs, apples and avocado. This is an older recipe, but still very popular! This is a fun cauliflower rice salad with plenty of flavor from crunchy chickpeas, herbs and creamy avocado cubes.

Provençal Chickpea Salad With Olives, Anchovies And Celery

17. Orecchiette with Rabe broccoli and chives with smoked chickpeas. Plenty of flavor in this ten-ingredient pasta topped with roasted chickpeas with smoked paprika.

18. Chili from Buffalo Chickpeas with Mushrooms. This spicy and hearty chilli has 10 ingredients and is exceptionally good with a little cool vegan cashew “sour cream” on top.

19. Vegan Pasta Summer Garden with Cherry Tomatoes, Chickpeas and Chard. This simple pasta is perfect for all those hearty summer crops. Aromatic and easy to prepare with any type of pasta you prefer.

20. Loaded shawarma fries with lemon tahini and a crunchy vegetable and chickpea salad. This is the fries situation of my dreams. Creamy tahini sauce on perfectly seasoned quarters of potatoes, all topped with a crispy salad of vegetables and chickpeas.

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad {salada De Grao De Bico}

21. Sweet potato salad with date vinaigrette and chickpeas. I went with a lot of Moroccan inspired flavors in this sweet potato salad and the results are so flavorful. Warm spices, date vinaigrette, chopped pistachios and lots of chopped fresh mint and coriander.

22. Smoked chickpea, cabbage and lentil soup with kale. This soup is nutritious, warming and easy to prepare, with plenty of great smoked and garlic flavor.

23. Brussels sprouts and Caesar Slaw kale with sunflower seed dressing and smoked chickpeas. Such a cozy take on a Caesar salad! Brussels sprouts and kale are shredded and coated in a creamy Caesar dressing based on sunflower seeds. Smoked chickpeas give a slightly bacon vibe 😉

Chickpea Main Course Recipe

24. Harissa chickpea bowl with potatoes, lemon tahini and greens. The flavors of harisa paste make a simple chickpea stew and serve with baked potatoes, greens and a simple lemon tahini sauce.

Spinach And Chickpeas

25. Musky minestrone with sage, chickpeas and chard. This is the most perfect filling autumn soup! Soft pumpkin chunks, hearty chickpeas, tomato broth, cold herbs like sage, and lots of chopped chard make this soup so lovely with a bread crust.

26. Spring lemon pasta salad with chickpeas, vegetables and herbs. This cold pasta salad is so fresh with a lemon vinaigrette, blanched spring vegetables like asparagus, and a heavy hand of fresh herbs. Perfect for a picnic!

27. Pesto Orzo Salad with Roasted Vegetables and Chickpeas. This filling and flavorful salad is very popular! The peanut-free arugula and basil pesto goes well with boiled orzo, perfectly roasted vegetables and chickpeas. So tasty and 10 essential ingredients.

28. Lemon Chickpea Soup With Spinach And Potatoes. This soup is very easy to prepare and is based on 10 main ingredients – plenty of them from your pantry. Half of the chickpea and potato base is blended to make this naturally gluten-free soup extra creamy and satisfying.

Coconut Chickpea Curry

29. Chickpea farro pan with tomatoes, kale, cardamom and lime. This skillet is so flavorful, hearty, pantry-friendly, and cooks in 30 minutes. We complement this one-pot meal with a spicy vegan yogurt sauce that smells of lime zest and juice.

30. Simple chickpea soup with rosemary and garlic. This soup is a true celebration of the earthy and creamy goodness of chickpeas! We turn up the taste with smoke peppers, lots of fresh rosemary and garlic, and finally a bit of umami miso. I love to sprinkle it with a little chilli.

Chickpea stew in seven spices with tomatoes and coconut is an easy and healthy weekend meal that is naturally vegan and gluten-free. Plus many more vegan chickpea recipes!

Chickpea Main Course Recipe

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Chickpea Salad Recipe

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