Crab Appetizer Recipes

Crab Appetizer Recipes – A snack so elegant that no one will believe it’s homemade! Using only a handful of everyday ingredients, these crab puffs are sure to please everyone.

Holidays at my house always involve warm snacks while we play games. Some of our favorites were the Pepperoni Pizza Dip as well as the Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Crab Appetizer Recipes

Crab Appetizer Recipes

A puff pastry wrap filled with juicy crab meat, creamy mayo sauce and lots of spices is my idea of ​​a perfect finger food.

Crab Cake Stuffed Mushrooms

I’ve seen Crab Puffs served everywhere from fancy cocktail parties with black-tie waiters to casual board game nights with old friends.

Crab ottomans are well loved and so versatile. Even my friends who aren’t big fans of seafood love a well-done crab puff. They’re the perfect party food because you can keep it on hand while sipping a glass of apple cider sangria.

For this recipe, I used ready-made crescent dough and canned crab leg meat. It was easy, quick and the results did not disappoint!

They have the perfect ratio of crab to puffs with the added flavor of garlic and dijon mustard. I also liked that they weren’t swimming in grease because they were fried instead of fried.

Best Easy Crab Appetizers

Easy and affordable. You could always use filo cups (from the freezer section) as well as puff pastry!

I like to keep canned goods on hand because my fridge is always packed during the holidays. But imitation or real crab meat is equally delicious!

I used salt, pepper, garlic and paprika. Add some cajun seasoning for a spicy kick. You won’t regret it.

Crab Appetizer Recipes

If you’re not a fan, you can leave it out, substitute dry mustard, or use yellow mustard. Dijon just adds depth of flavor, not necessarily mustard flavor.

King Crab Appetizers Recipe

This recipe requires a miniature muffin pan and needs to be greased very well! Rub a thin layer of oil or cooking spray on every part of the tin, even the top!

Place the crab in a bowl and toss with the mayonnaise, dijon mustard, garlic, paprika, parsley, salt and pepper. Set aside.

Roll out the dough and cut it as evenly as possible into 24 equal square pieces. Press each piece into the bottom of a mini muffin tin.

Let cool in the pan for a couple of minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool until ready to eat.

Cajun Crab Dip Recipe

Definitely. Thawed puff pastry rolled and cut into 24 slices will work great and make for a super crispy puff pastry. Wonton wrappers would also be a great alternative to pastries.

YES! After baking and cooling, freeze them on a baking sheet for 1-2 hours until firm, then store in a freezer-safe ziploc bag for up to 2 months. When ready to serve, thaw in the refrigerator and reheat the crab cakes in the oven.

You probably don’t want to go through the trouble of making crabmeat from scratch. I used canned crab claw meat, but any kind of cooked ready-made crab meat will work in your homemade crab puffs. You can even use imitation crabmeat.

Crab Appetizer Recipes

A snack so elegant that no one will believe it’s homemade! Using only a handful of everyday ingredients, these crab puffs are sure to please everyone.

Cold Crab Dip To Make Ahead

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 58 Total Fat: 4g Saturated Fat: 1g Trans Fat: 0g Unsaturated Fat: 2g Cholesterol: 16mg Sodium: 129mg Carbohydrates: 4g Fiber: 0g Sugar: 1g Protein: 2g

*Nutrition facts are approximate and not guaranteed to be accurate. Please consult a registered dietitian for special dietary recommendations.

You don’t have to go to town or throw a party to share a plate of crab puffs with your loved ones. Make them for your family this holiday season and turn any night of the week into a celebration!

Affiliate Launch:** This post may contain affiliate links! I may receive a small compensation when you click on them or purchase recommended items. However, I only recommend products that I like! Thanks for supporting Shugary Sweets! See my disclosure policy for details**These crab salad appetizers are an easy low-carb appetizer for the holidays or any party! A simple crab salad on sliced ​​cucumbers is a very tasty bite!

Crab Salad Appetizers

Looking for more low carb snack ideas? Check out our Italian delights that will pair perfectly with this beautiful Christmas antipasto plate!

So of course you don’t have to wait until Christmas to make these crab salad appetizers, but they are definitely holiday-friendly!

Easy, make-ahead appetizer recipes are always good to have on hand for Christmas, New Years, or any time you need a quick recipe that still looks so amazing.

Crab Appetizer Recipes

I have to say, these crab appetizers are so good that we make them year round. For a quick low-carb snack or lunch or watching the Super Bowl. It really doesn’t matter what the event is or is not.

Baked Mini Crab Cakes Recipe

These crab salad appetizers are simply delicious. And the fact that they look so damn festive makes them perfect for the holidays!

Chunk crab meat will never be turned down in my house, but you really don’t need to spend the extra money on this crab salad recipe. First, you’ll break up a lot of the crab when you toss the salad. Yes, you can fold the ingredients together easily, but some of the pieces of crabmeat will inevitably fall apart.

The other reason I didn’t use lump crabmeat in this recipe is because the claw meat actually stays better on the cucumber slice! We actually tried using chunked crabmeat when we first made this appetizer recipe and the “chunks” didn’t stay so well on the cucumber slices.

SO if there’s ever a reason to save money on a snack recipe, now is the time!

Cold Crab Dip With Cream Cheese

We first found them at one of our local grocery stores on their antipasto bar, but now we see them everywhere. These peppers are most commonly called Sweety Drops, so grab a bunch if you can find them.

Sweety Drop peppers aren’t spicy, but they do have a little kick. They’re more on the sweet side, but with a sharp kick from the brine they’re in. Honestly, these peppers are great for so many things, we just love them!

You can, although I would recommend assembling them just before serving. So slice the cucumbers, make the crab salad and let them sit in the fridge until you’re ready.

Crab Appetizer Recipes

Add a heaping tablespoon of crab salad to each slice of cucumber and sprinkle with pepper and a piece of fresh dill.

Crostini With Lump Crab Salad And Extra Virgin Olive Oil Recipe

Keywords: Crab Salad, Crab Snacks, Low Carb Recipes, Low Carb Snacks, Low Carb Snacks, Holiday Recipes, Party Food, New Years Appetizer Idea, Christmas Party Appetizer. I’m almost more excited about this swim than Summer 2019 Rose.

This dip doesn’t look like much, but I can’t even tell you how buttery and rich it is. It is SO decadent. It’s almost like eating your favorite buttery lobster roll as a dip. But with a lump crab.

A few weeks ago when I made these Crab Salad Toasts (you have to try them too!), we ended up with a bunch of leftover crab meat. Lot of! Enough that I wanted to think of another (super ridiculously delicious) way to use it, and hopefully one that I could share.

Lacy is the one who discovered this amazing dish and we were convinced we had to try it. Several times. It just sounded AMAZING.

Creamy Cheesy Crab Dip

From what I’ve discovered, devil crab means a whole range of dishes depending on where you live. And this exact dish might not even be “dipping,” but we sure turned it into one.

This was my first time using endive and let’s just say I can’t get enough now. It’s almost tasteless, but it’s very crunchy and also very durable! It holds up so well when dipped, maybe even better than those thin, cantina-style tortilla chips.

I’ve seen people use them for guac, and we tried it with guac after this dip. I shockingly LOVED it. There was something so crisp and refreshing about it.

Crab Appetizer Recipes

And honestly, it *almost* tasted like a crunchy chip to me! Of course, this is not a permanent replacement. But it was much closer than I expected.

Delicious Crab And Lobster Recipes To Make At Home

It also makes this dip super easy! I mean, it’s basically like ordering fries and a salad. Or eating dark chocolate and drinking red wine. It’s all about balance here.

I’m not even sure I can fully describe how incredible it is. Paired with endive and a glass of chilled rosé or white wine, it’s the ultimate summer snack or, heck, even dinner. Sitting while the sun goes down and enjoying this plate is my summer 2019 dream.

This dish reminds me of when my mom ordered lobster romano at a restaurant when I was a kid and she brought home the leftovers and let me

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