Dessert Recipes Jelly

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When we read this article about sweetened condensed milk and Jell-O, featuring Jello Mold Mistress Brooklyn, we were captivated! We asked Victoria, Jello mold Mistress herself, if she would contribute a recipe for Dessert Sunday, and she kindly obliged. Here is a fresh return to the old dessert: mold Jell-O!

Dessert Recipes Jelly

Dessert Recipes Jelly

Once celebrated as “America’s Most Dessert”, Jell-O has fallen from favor since its heyday in the 1950’s. This oft-misunderstood treat was the medium of creative postwar housewives to make inventive meals and desserts, but it has since been relegated to the ranks of hospital meals and fraternity party Jell-O shots. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Super Easy Jelly Slice Recipe

Jell-O’s color, taste and malleability are often ignored. Jell-O is fun, nostalgic, and the creative culinary possibilities are almost endless. Show up at a backyard BBQ in a sea of ​​potato salad and bean dip and a multi-layered, sunflower-shaped Jell-O mold infused with peach schnapps and peach slices and you’re bound to stand out from the crowd. And once fellow partygoers try the layers of creamy sweetened condensed milk and peach gelatin with the zing of schnapps, their minds will change about the boringness of Jell-O.

During my stint with unemployment I needed a new hobby to fill the time between looking for a job and cycling. I started experimenting with gelatin molding. Cooking has never been my thing but I needed an inexpensive creative outlet that would give me some much needed flair. The molds start simply, usually with alcohol, and a single flavor that will be brought to parties and BBQs. Desserts that are well received by friends and family, to their surprise, realize that this is not their grandmother’s gelatin dessert. Inspired to do more and wanting to change the perception that gelatin is boring, I continued to make molded creations, coming up with more complex and unexpected recipes involving layers of fruit, cream, and exotic gelatin flavors. People were so excited by my new venture, they started finding vintage molds in thrift stores to give me and suggestions for gelatin concoctions they wanted me to make. Inspired, I strove to make not only tasty desserts but also visually interesting creations. I began to think of each molded gelatin as a little sculpture.

Not only are Jell-O molds delicious and beautiful, they are also easy, fun, and inexpensive to make. You don’t have to be a pastry chef to mold gelatin and you don’t have to shop at fancy gourmet markets to find ingredients.

• Firstly choose an appropriate mold. Use traditional decorative metal or plastic mold. (Glass and ceramic molds are heavy and make gelatin unmolding more difficult). Also choose a mold that has the same volume as your recipe, in this case a 7 or 8 cup mold, will make unmolding easier.

How To Make Gelatin

• Prepare gelatin for molding using 25% cold water less than the package calls for. For example, for a package of 3 oz of gelatin, prepare with 1 cup of boiling water, but only 3/4 cup of cold water instead of 1 cup as the package calls for. (This adjustment has been made for this recipe.) Lowering the water makes the gelatin firmer so it is less fragile and easier to unmold.

• To suspend or organize fruits in gelatin, refrigerate first until it thickens to the consistency of raw eggs. If you draw a spoon through it, it should leave a definite impression. If the gelatin is too thin, the fruit may sink to the bottom or float to the top. Arrange the fruit in a pattern at the bottom of the mold and spoon the thickened gelatin over it. Or stir the fruit into the thickened gelatin and put it along with the spoon mixture into the mold.

• To create a layer in your mold it works best to alternate clear and opaque layers as this makes the layer different and certain. If you create all clear layers of different colors, the layers may be difficult to distinguish when light shines through the mold. An opaque layer can be made by substituting ice cream, yogurt, sweetened condensed milk (my favorite), whipped topping, or cream cheese for some of the water in the preparation. Refrigerate each layer until the gelatin is set but not firm before adding the next layer. The gelatin should be relatively firm but stick to your fingers when touched. If the bottom layer is too firm, the layers will not adhere to each other and can slip when unmolded. Each layer mixture must be cooled and slightly thickened before pouring into the mold. A warm mixture can soften the layers below and cause the layers to stick together.

Dessert Recipes Jelly

With these basic rules and a little creativity one can make almost any kind of mold they imagine. The possibilities are endless! This colorful rainbow jelly has become my summer go-to when I have guests over. So easy to create, so much fun to enjoy!

Keto Jello Slice Recipe

It’s impressive but so simple to make! Make some jelly in different colors and flavors. Pour colorful jelly into a stem glass, in layers, and at the end of the day, you will have a refreshing sophisticated dessert. You can make it in a large glass bowl or in individual stemmed glasses.

Ingredients Continue scrolling down to the recipe card for the FULL ingredient list and directions. Jelly – I use red, yellow and green ager because I find it the most interesting combination. For the red one, I use strawberry or raspberry flavor, for the yellow one, I use pineapple or lemon flavor and for the green one, I always use greengage. Water – Both boiling and ice cold. Evaporated milk – A large 380gr can that has been chilled overnight in the fridge. Fresh fruit – Any fruit that is in season

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Cathedral Window Gelatin (broken Glass Jello)

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Any cookies that are not specifically necessary for the website to function and are used specifically to collect user personal data through analytics, advertising, other posted content are called non-necessary cookies. It is necessary to obtain the user’s permission before running these cookies on your website. This jelly dessert is a sweet jelly dessert made with jelly powder, condensed milk, evaporated milk, sugar, whole corn kernels, and pineapple tidbits. This Filipino-style jelly is sweet and mouth-watering and will tickle your taste buds. So try this jelly dessert this weekend to treat your family and relatives.

Dessert Recipes Jelly

For some, jelly sweets are only commonly seen in celebrations and parties. In our house, we treat jellies as a staple, almost like bread. Every time I do my weekly grocery shopping, I always make sure to include gulaman powder in my shopping list.

Custard Jelly Tart Recipe By Archana’s Kitchen

If you think about it, jelly powder only costs about 12-15 pesos and can make as much as two tubs of jellies. But unlike what you might think, I don’t make a big big jelly that’s good for the week. Jellies undergo syneresis or liquid exits the jelly. This is why I prepare jellies that are only good for 2 days. I usually do 6 boxes, one for each family member.

Jellies are our palate cleansers. It may sound unique but it’s almost automatic that after every meal, especially if we don’t have another dessert in hand, we grab our jelly container and eat some. The most interesting thing about having a separate container for each member is that we can customize our jellies. One can simply eat the jelly as it is, or pour some condensed milk over it, or cut it into pieces

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