Food52 Appetizer Recipes

Food52 Appetizer Recipes – Thanksgiving is like the Super Bowl of food. No matter how many times you’ve heard it, it’s true. Taking a championship Turkey Day spread requires a game plan, from sourcing all the ingredients for your menu to remembering to defrost the turkey.

But while you’ve probably already prepared your dishes and desserts, is your appetizer spread out in tip-top shape?

Food52 Appetizer Recipes

Food52 Appetizer Recipes

If not, here are our 50 best Thanksgiving appetizer recipes (because options are essential!). Filled with countless ideas for croutons, toothpick-ready bites, vegetarian dishes, and more, this team has everything you need for a killer Thanksgiving kickoff.

Best Bratwurst Appetizer Recipe

Creamy ricotta and a punchy kale pesto meet for a no-fuss crostini that brings some green to the table.

Butternut squash is a fall favorite—and this chef-approved, toast-friendly rendition makes a perfect addition to any seasonal spread.

You will be hard-pressed to find a more satisfying and simple combination than ricotta, jammed figs, salty ham and a pinch of honey.

Suitable for almost any meal, from breakfast to dinner, this five-ingredient crostini calls for basic ingredients (such as grapes and yogurt) and techniques (tower) to achieve maximum flavor with little effort.

Grandma’s Mushroom Puffs Recipe

The natural sweetness of roasted carrots balances the hot peppers and crème fraîche in this harissa riff, which would also make a great side dish for grilled meats and fish.

Hot butter and a large pan (make sure it’s not overcrowded!) are all you need to coax deep, earthy notes from these garlic mushrooms.

If you haven’t eaten all of the eggplant miso-tahini straight from the bowl, it’s excellent piled on a thick slice of your favorite bread or croutons.

Food52 Appetizer Recipes

Butternut squash makes its second entry (of many) in this maple syrup crouton — and to be honest, we’re not crazy about it.

Super Bowl Appetizers, Snacks & Dips

If burrata is your jam (how could it not be?), then this umami olive tapenade crostini—with a thick slice of burrata—is a must for your Thanksgiving appetizer.

. Some roasted seaweed snacks add a salty and earthy element to the dish, taking it to the next level.

What would happen if you reduced your favorite breakfast into a tiny but powerful snack that you could eat a dozen of? You would have all these bagel cheese puffs.

Like a crispy chicken nugget, except for one with a hot, bacon-y kimchi ranch. You can customize the coating on these to make them spicy or sweet, your choice.

Crispy Garlic Dip Recipe

Sweet and delicate seared shrimp skewers go perfectly with a bright shaved fennel salad. This aperitif proves that simple and clean flavors are best.

These juicy meatballs have gochujang, or Korean fermented chili paste, both in the meatball mix and in a zippy glaze that goes on top. One community member said: “These were fantastic. A huge hit at the party I made them for.” 139 other reviews sing similar praise.

Bring some Italian flair to your appetizer spread with these golden fried rice balls filled with risotto, prosciutto and cheese.

Food52 Appetizer Recipes

“Just sweet and bite-sized, these hazelnut and cheese shortbread cookies have a lot of flavor and a nice kick of umami,” says pastry chef Alice Medrich.

Vegan Snack Recipes For A Party

These “disarmingly delicious” fried goat cheese, sprinkled in honey, are not as complicated to make as they seem – all you have to do is prepare the dough and fry.

These tender Swedish meatballs took home first prize for our “The recipe you wish you’d brought to every gathering” contest, so naturally it earned a spot on this list.

This herb and root goat cheese galette offers a rainbow of fall flavors and colors in a perfectly rustic, flaky crust package.

The author of this dip once wrote: “I had someone almost killed for this recipe at New Year’s.” While that might be a little overwhelming, this dip is something you definitely want in your arsenal this holiday season.

How To Make Bruschetta

While autumn tomatoes may not be as juicy and flavorful as their summer counterparts, when you fill them with a green tangle of vegetables and herbs and roast them until they’re soft, they’re like a dream.

Refreshing and bright, this golden beet and farro salad is just how you want to start a food-filled holiday like Thanksgiving.

It can be easy for Brussels sprouts to get lost in the fray this time of year, but the addition of caramelized pears, pistachios, and a bright squeeze of lemon ensure they take center stage.

Food52 Appetizer Recipes

Exactly what is so wonderful about these “wonderful” fries? If we have to hazard a guess, we should say miso mayonnaise and a smattering of sharp green onions.

Best Swiss Chard Galette Recipe

Normally sweet rugelach takes a savory turn in this pumpkin-sage recipe, which one reviewer called “the perfect layer of flavor.”

If you have some stale bread to make the stuffing, put it to good use in this winter panzanella with arugula, purple beets, and puckery oranges.

It doesn’t get much better than a piece of gooey burrata with gratin and sweet grapes nestled on the side – just don’t forget the drizzle of herb oil on top.

Roasted beets give this brightly colored hummus its deep purple-pink hue, while walnuts, tahini, lemon juice, cumin and garlic lend depth and a hint of acidity.

Best Super Bowl Snack Recipes From Chex Mix To Chicken Wings

There’s more than one good way to serve this Eastern Mediterranean-inspired dip—chef Sara Jenkins recommends that it’s “lovely on bread, smeared on a plate under warm beets, or with raw vegetables for dipping.”

As if this basic hummus recipe was not perfect enough, while most recipes from scratch involve simmering the chickpeas for up to two hours, this one needs 20 to 40 minutes.

This endless sour cream sauce is just like the one you know and love, but with a flourish of Korean flavors that make it creamier and richer in umami than any other. It’s one of the few dips we’ve come across that actually makes us want to eat our vegetables.

Food52 Appetizer Recipes

If you are vegetarian or vegan this holiday, make sure that this meat-free smoked puree is on your table alongside crudités, crackers or pita chips.

Mushroom Tart Recipe

If you’re looking for a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, look no further than this extra-easy, extra-cheesy pan with Monterey Jack, cheddar cheese, mozzarella and a little spicy honey for a little kick.

As creamy as it is lively, we love this red pepper sauce next to a plate of colorful crudités as much as we do under a crispy roast chicken – or turkey.

While we love every dip on this list, we’re not ashamed to say that this crispy garlic number (which requires few ingredients) has stolen our hearts.

This crowd-friendly hummus has a secret superpower: It freezes well, so you can make it before the big day.

Thanksgiving Made Simple: Appetizer Recipes That Require 5 Ingredients Or Less

This spicy sweet snack mix isn’t just “craggy and tempting,” it makes a great portion that’s well-equipped to feed hungry Thanksgiving guests as they walk through the door.

This focaccia snacking bread hits all the right notes: soft and buttery on the inside, crunchy on the edges and super-savory on top.

This fiery wasabi pea snack mix is ​​just what you want to wake up your taste buds before you dig into a full Turkey Day feast.

Food52 Appetizer Recipes

The reaction to this party-ready concoction is always the same: wonder at how delicious it is; Not going back for seconds is not an option.

Cucumber And Salmon Appetizers With Avocado Recipe

Leave out a bowl of these garlic-herb-citrus marinated olives and watch every other snack on the table be ignored.

These crunchy salty sesame sticks are what you’ll want to reach for while sipping a cocktail or glass of wine as the Thanksgiving festivities begin.

These little round cakes may look like they belong on the dessert table, but they’re actually filled with spiced vegetables. Bonus: It tastes just as good hot out of the oven as it does at room temperature, so why not make it ahead of time?

Ready to eat in less than 20 minutes (Last minute friendly? Check.), This popcorn makes a great plus-one to the bar area, since it is glazed with Angostura bitters.

Crostini With Mussels Escabeche And Sunchoke Puree Recipe

If you’re the type to make your own homemade crackers for holiday parties, meet your new favorite recipe: thin and crispy rosemary-thyme pita chips.

Erin Alexander is the Managing Editor of Brand Partnerships at , covering pop culture, travel, internet food, and all things #sponsored. Formerly at Men’s Journal, Men’s Fitness, Us Weekly and Hearst, he currently lives in New York City. Imagine you’re having a dinner party tonight—one you’ve been planning for weeks. You bought all the groceries in advance and prepared the meals like a champion. The guest list is confirmed (and not one person canceled at the last minute!); the main showstopping is in the oven; the wine is cold; a soothing indie folk playlist gently sets a mood in the background. Everything is low stress, under control, dare we say… perfect?

Until you send the table that you have set with love, and realize that you have forgotten something: an important appetizer to start the night, to satisfy your guests until the time to sit down for dinner. I open the fridge and pantry in a panic, finding only a box of crackers (somehow unopened!), some nubbins of cheese, and half a bottle of white wine.

Food52 Appetizer Recipes

Great news for you: These ingredients can become a good start to your meal – a very Genius, in fact – and they will put you back almost without time and effort.

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