High Protein Low Carb Vegan Recipes

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If you’re cutting back on carbs while living a vegan lifestyle and need some tasty low-carb vegan dinner ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

High Protein Low Carb Vegan Recipes

High Protein Low Carb Vegan Recipes

Full of vegetables, plant-based protein, and low-carb-friendly ingredients, these filling and healthy, low-carb vegan recipes are perfect for those busy weeknights when you need a quick meal to put on the table.

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Please note that these recipes are usually not suitable for the keto diet. Instead, these recipes show the variety of meals you can create when you reduce the amount of processed carbohydrates in your diet and choose lower-carb options that focus on healthy, plant-based, nutritious ingredients to create delicious meals.

Below you’ll find entrees, sides, desserts, snacks and fun little “extras” to make that are full of healthy, plant-based ingredients without the added carbs. Many of the recipes listed are Whole30 and Paleo friendly as well. And no, it’s not just cauliflower! Enjoy!!

Let’s start with some entrees to show you that just because you’re eating vegan and low-carb, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be hungry!

This quick and delicious vegan roast tastes like the inside of an egg roll without the wrapper – egg roll in a bowl! A tasty and healthy dinner on your table in 30 minutes or less!

Roasted Tofu, Cauliflower, And Broccoli 1 Pan Meal

Just a handful of ingredients in this delicious roast, with the tasty 3-ingredient stir-fry sauce! Serve alone or over palmini noodles for a low-carb dinner packed with nutrients.

Slices of roasted cabbage are topped with a vegan cheese for a tasty keto vegan dish. Healthy comfort food that can be enjoyed as a main or side dish.

This delicious and flavorful mushroom fried rice is packed with vegetables. This fried “rice” is ready in just under 30 minutes, and can be served alone or as a side dish.

High Protein Low Carb Vegan Recipes

These cauliflower steaks are rubbed with spices and grilled until the cauliflower is tender. Serve these steaks with a delicious spicy tahini sauce for even more flavor!

Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes That Are Easy & Tasty!

Vegan Thai Coconut Vegetable Curry is a delicious vegan curry where everyday vegetables are simmered in a Thai coconut curry sauce. This delicious vegan curry recipe is made for the Instant Pot or stove. Skip the chickpeas and serve this over cauliflower rice or heart of palm noodles for a complete low-carb vegan dinner.

These vegan broccoli meatballs take just over 10 minutes to make and are so versatile! Make them burgers or meatballs!

A healthy, delicious pasta alternative made with vegan “beef” and an out-of-this-world sauce.

A keto-friendly, vegan spin on a take-out classic. Packed with flavor and spice, pair it with some cauliflower rice for a hearty, warming meal.

High Protein Vegan Burritos

However, be aware that chickpeas have a high carb count, but they are added to this pot at the bottom and may still be OK to eat depending on your dietary requirements and portion size. Or simply skip the chickpea layer!

These avocados are filled with the tasty creamy vegan dressing tossed with chopped cucumber, tomato, red onion and diced avocado. A favorite low-carb lunch salad for summer or a starter for dinner parties.

Just a few simple ingredients and so much flavor! If you love bean sprouts, you’ll love this crunchy roast that cooks in less than 10 minutes.

High Protein Low Carb Vegan Recipes

A juicy oil-free tahini dressing with ginger, lemon and garlic! Pour it over a wonderful chopped salad and these amazing sautéed tofu strips!

Delicous Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes

This easy, cheesy vegan baked cauliflower side dish just might be the main dish for your next meal. Better than french fries! Seriously, kids and adults alike are gobbling up this healthy cruciferous vegetable like it’s some kind of wonder!

If you’re going to eat salad, make it a non-boring salad! This spiralized salad has lots of texture, flavor and crunch. Perfect pairing for any side dish!

So tasty and delicious, and a great way to use up the vegetables you have in the fridge. Skip the quinoa for an even more low-carb starter.

A classic southern French recipe from Provence, ratatouille is traditionally vegan and gluten-free. It uses the best of local seasonal produce to provide the most beautiful dish on any table.

Vegan High Protein Meal Prep

Marinated squash with mint (Zucchine alla Menta) will become your favorite summer dish! Pan-fried zucchini without breadcrumbs is topped with chopped garlic, fresh mint leaves and red wine vinegar. Enjoy this vegan, gluten-free and delicious family recipe from Naples.

Simple and delicious, this cauliflower soup uses cashews for an ultra-creamy base that pairs beautifully with sauteed onion, garlic, celery, and carrot, to create a juicy and healthy fusion of flavor! If you’re really watching your carbs, cut back on the cashews!

Garlic and Chili Courgette is the perfect vegan side dish for any meal. It’s light and fresh, and makes great use of a spiralizer

High Protein Low Carb Vegan Recipes

If you need a super easy low carb side dish that won’t weigh you down, make some asparagus in the air fryer!

Easy Vegetarian Keto Recipes

This Padron peppers recipe is an easy to make classic Spanish tapas recipe with only 3 ingredients. We’re sharing two different Padron pepper recipes, including a stovetop version and an Air Fryer version.

Cauliflower rice is made into a vegan risotto and flavored with lemon and basil for a delicious summer dish. Nutritional yeast is used as a substitute for parmesan for a creamy cheese taste.

This is the EASIEST, lightest, most refreshing salad you will ever make! Only 3 ingredients, 5 minutes of your time and extremely low carbohydrates.

These lightly fried mushrooms are flavored with balsamic and soy and then fried to perfection! An easy, low-carb vegan side dish that’s sure to complement any meal!

Vegan Keto Recipes

Instant Pot Whole roasted cauliflower served in a thick creamy Indian Masala sauce. A lovely, show-stopping recipe that can be served as a side or main course.

Healthy and packed with veggies, this vegan chipotle taco salad is a quick and easy dinner side that we taco fans LOVE!

A healthy vegan low-carb coleslaw is rich in minerals and antioxidants and provides creaminess and crunchiness with only fresh whole ingredients.

High Protein Low Carb Vegan Recipes

These Pizza Flavored Cauliflower Wings are easy to make in the air fryer and healthy too! The BEST kid-friendly side dish!

Kid Friendly Low Carb Recipes

This deliciously rich cauliflower creamed spinach is a plant-based take on the steak house! This recipe is for everyone: low-carb and free of gluten, soy, nuts and oil.

You have to try these marinated roasted peppers! They are sautéed in olive oil with garlic for a delicious taste. Enjoy this authentic Italian recipe!

This delicious vegetable dish is full of flavor and filled with colorful vegetables that are combined with a sweet ginger vinegar sauce. side dish? Main course? You decide! Eat this on its own, or over zoodles or palmini low-carb noodles.

This recipe is perfect for a main course OR a side dish because it is quite filling thanks to the coconut. If you love coconut, you will LOVE this green bean side dish.

High Protein Vegan Meal Prep

Although summer is the time most people make this delicious veggie salad, I’m not convinced it really should be. Since cucumbers are usually available year-round, anytime should be a great time for this easy salad!

This Spicy Cauliflower Mushroom Soup is low-carb, gluten-free, easy-to-make vegan, and contains only 60 calories per cup!

This list wouldn’t be complete without some amazing desserts!! I’m only mentioning a few different low carb vegan dessert options, simply because there are so many out there, that it might have to be its own dedicated blog post! (By the way, DM me on Instagram (@the) and let me know if you want to see a list of vegan low carb desserts! I’ll make it happen!

High Protein Low Carb Vegan Recipes

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this quick and easy paleo keto chocolate fudge. It’s rich, creamy, extra chocolatey, makes enough for a crowd, and can be made in just 15 minutes!

High Protein Vegan Meals

These keto macaroons are super chewy on the inside and incredibly crunchy on the outside! They are much easier and delicious than egg-based macaroons, and they are also vegan.

Revive your morning or enjoy a healthy dessert with this plant-based protein and fiber-packed Wild Blueberry Peanutty Protein Smoothie!

Try making this vegan low-carb hummus! It’s so delicious you’d never guess the chickpeas were replaced with roasted cauliflower.

So easy to make and full of protein, this tofu scramble is great for breakfast or to add to fried cauliflower rice or your favorite salad as a topping!

High Protein Low Carb Vegetarian Foods (protein Charts) + 31 Recipes

This vegan jerky is right up there with the bacon bits. So tasty and so much cheaper than the store! It does contain some carbs, but depending on your dietary needs, a bite or two may be just what you need!

The perfect snack when you want something crunchy but don’t want to reach for crisps. This recipe shows you the tricks to making CRISPY kale chips without burning them.

Crunchy and healthy Zucchini Chips made easy in a dehydrator with proven perfect tasty results at all times.

High Protein Low Carb Vegan Recipes

This vegan, paleo, and dairy-free almond milk ricotta is easy to make, creamy, and tastes just like store-bought ricotta!

Lazy Vegan Recipes

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