How to Make Useful Orange Juice for Pregnant Women

Besides being beneficial for pregnant women and their fetuses, oranges are also very beneficial for the health of the human body in general. Here are some other health benefits of oranges:

1. Helps maintain blood pressure

According to research from ARYA atherosclerosis, orange juice has the benefit of lowering blood pressure. This was proven through a study of 25 patients with blocked arteries.

The patients are reported to have tried to treat high blood pressure with drugs. However, the results are still unsatisfactory. Finally, the participants were asked to drink orange juice with added vitamin C.

As a result, blood pressure decreases even if only slightly. The blood pressure decreased when their drink was replaced with a more bland taste. That is why, vitamin C in citrus fruit efficacious for people with hypertension.

2. Maintain healthy hair and skin

It’s no secret that vitamin C is rich in antioxidants and provides benefits for skin and hair. Antioxidants can be found in citrus fruits which in fact help protect the skin from the dangers of free radicals due to exposure to UV rays.

In fact, the benefits of other citrus fruits are that they help maintain the balance of collagen in the dermis. Collagen is a type of protein that is important in human skin and hair, especially hair growth and reducing the signs of premature aging.

3. Meet the needs of fluids and help the digestive process

One small orange contains 87 grams of water and the daily human water requirement is 2.5 – 3.5 liters (kilograms) of water. That is, oranges help the body meet the fluid needs of about 3-4 percent.

Not only that, about two-thirds of 3 grams of oranges contain a type of soluble fiber that helps the intestines absorb liquids. This absorption occurs because soluble fiber produces a thick gel, so it can delay the transit time of leftovers in the intestine.

In doing so, this gel of fiber gives the intestine time to absorb important nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Without the benefits of this orange, it is likely that these nutrients cannot be absorbed optimally.

4. Reducing the risk of diabetes

Citrus fruits are a source of fiber that you can use to reduce the risk of diabetes. These findings are proven directly through research from the Diabetes and Metabolic Journal.

The study showed that consumption of 4 grams of dietary fiber supplements per day can improve insulin sensitivity. If the body lacks insulin sensitivity, the risk of type 2 diabetes increases.

Meanwhile, maintaining body weight is also important in preventing diabetes. The reason is, people with obesity (overweight) are more at risk of type 2 diabetes. This is because the body digests fiber more slowly than other nutrients.

That’s why, consumption of fiber, especially in oranges, helps the body feel full longer. This certainly helps you maintain your weight because your appetite is under control.

5. Prevent anemia

Anemia is a health problem characterized by low levels of red blood cells (hemoglobin). As a result, the body’s ability to carry oxygen also decreases. The main cause of anemia is iron deficiency.

Oranges are not a source of iron, but this orange fruit is high in ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and citric acid. These two types of acids in oranges have the benefit of increasing the absorption of iron in the digestive tract. That way, the risk of developing anemia also decreases along with increasing iron intake.

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