Indomie Noodle Recipes

Indomie Noodle Recipes – Looking for an easy snack that hits the spot every time? Learn how to make my favorite Indomie Yakisoba instant noodles. If you like instant noodles, you’ll love these noodles with a runny egg yolk.

My first memory of Indomie Mi Goreng instant noodles is at my nanny’s house. Aunt Zhou is Indonesian Chinese and started taking care of me before I was 1 year old so that my mother could work. Her husband, Uncle Lawrence, is a Malay-Chinese who worked as a chef.

Indomie Noodle Recipes

Indomie Noodle Recipes

As much as I love homemade authentic Asian dishes like the best laksa and bak kut teh I’ve ever had, one of the best experiences is eating rice fried instant noodles.

Indomie Recipes To Take Your Instant Noodles To The Next Level

Aunt Chow always has a few packets of Indomie mi goreng in her pantry. Considering how often Uncle Lawrence eats it, apart from kaya toast, rice fried instant noodles must be Uncle Lawrence’s favorite snack.

He always boils an egg to go with the noodles. He peeled the egg carefully and smashed the runny yolk on the noodles.

Today, I eat rice fried rice once or twice a week (5 times a week, to be honest). It’s been over 25 years since watching Uncle Lawrence prepare his rice fried rice, and I still make mine the same way. I’ll show you how in this recipe.

Indomie is a company and brand that produces instant noodles called Mi Goreng. Instant noodles Mi Goreng (aka mie goreng or mee goreng) is named after the popular Indonesian spicy fried noodles.

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Homemade rice fried rice is made with thin, curly yellow soy sauce and tomato vinaigrette. It is usually served with fried shallots, shrimp, eggs, chicken, beef and/or cabbage.

I buy Indomie Mi Goreng from my local Asian supermarket. You can find loose packs in the noodle aisle.

I also saw it sold at one of my local grocery stores – King Soopers owned by Kroger – but not all traditional American grocers carry it (my local Safeway doesn’t).

Indomie Noodle Recipes

Tip: The last time I bought rice fried rice, I got a box of 30 packets. It saves me a few cents per pack (67 cents a pack when buying in bulk vs. 59 cents each) and helps me stock up so I always have fried rice on hand.

Creator Of Indomie Mi Goreng Noodles Dies At 59

If you don’t have an Asian market near where you live, you can buy noodles from online stores.

My favorite rice fried rice is the original, white package. Indomie sells by-products in different flavours, including vegetable, chicken, curry chicken, spicy, roast chicken and rendang.

Feel free to try one of these in case you end up liking them better than the original.

One of my favorite ways to eat fried rice is with 2 soft boiled eggs with runny yolks. My second favorite way to eat the noodles is with 2 crispy fried eggs – side up – always with a runny yolk.

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Note: A packet of rice fried rice is enough for a snack, but not enough for a full meal. If you’re looking for big chunks of noodles for lunch or dinner, you can cook up 2 packets or consider these additions as a complete meal.

Tip: I usually don’t like to dilute the taste of rice chow mein by adding the mixture (other than the runny yolk). So I’d rather have noodles with a side dish. Check out these side dish ideas.

Even though the package directions recommend cooking the noodles for 3 minutes, the worst thing you can do is overcook these noodles.

Indomie Noodle Recipes

The noodles taste the best. Once you remove them from the boiling water, they continue to cook with the residual heat (unless you rinse them in cold water).

Different Ways To Cook Indomie

I recommend cooking the noodles in boiling water for 2 minutes. Remove as soon as the timer goes off.

TIP: Preventing overcooking is why I prep the seasoning and eggs while the noodles are cooking. If you’re concerned about multitasking, rinse the noodles in cold water immediately after removing them from the boiling water. Then you can slowly prepare the seasoning and eggs.

This rice fried instant noodle is easy to make and goes perfectly with hard boiled eggs. The sauce egg yolk adds extra rich flavor to your noodles. Enjoy it as a snack or add vegetables to make it a full meal.

Calories: 517kcal|Carbohydrates: 56g|Protein: 22g|Fat: 23g|Saturated Fat: 10g|Trans Fat: 1g|Cholesterol: 372mg|Sodium: 1875mg|Potassium: 323mg| Fiber: 2g|Sugar: 2g|Vitamin A: 670 IU|Vitamin C: 3mg|Calcium: 89mg|Iron: 5mg

Indomie Prison Ramen Burrito

Not really. You can cook it ahead of time, but it won’t taste as good as leftovers. The noodles got soggy and lost their chewiness.

I recommend that you cook the noodles as soon as you are ready to eat them. This means that if you plan to prepare a side dish to go with the noodles, make the side dish first.

NOTE: Since I do not recommend making instant noodles ahead of time, I have no advice on how to store leftovers, reheat or freeze them. It’s not something I do because instant ramen noodles are designed for instant eating!

Indomie Noodle Recipes

This refreshing Garlic Cucumber Salad is an ideal side dish to balance a heavy main course with its crisp texture and addictive vinaigrette. If you can’t source exotic ingredients, you’ll love the original Chinese sauce or a variation.

Mi Goreng Noodles Served With Pan Seared Linguica And Boiled Eggs

This easy sautéed garlic cloves is packed with flavor. If you’ve never tried it before, this is a great introduction to garlic petals. Shallots add sweetness to balance out the bacon and garlic.

The star of this recipe is the creamy and delicious peanut butter sauce. It can be served with five-spice tofu. Or you can use it to dip carrot sticks. Or slather salad dressing on blanched broccoli.

This easy vegan recipe uses rice noodle rolls and is a quick appetizer to make. You’ll love the silky texture. Enjoy it as a snack, or add vegetables and protein to make it a full meal.

This technique for making ramen stir fry is easily customizable to use your favorite veggies and proteins. The key to great chow mein is to avoid overcooking the noodles before adding them to the stir-fry. Serve with side dishes and chilli sauce (if you like it spicy).

Indomie Noodles Recipe

This technique turns instant noodles into a delicious full meal with luxurious toppings. Take this recipe to camp because it makes a delicious hot meal and is portable thanks to the concentrated broth. Add your favorite veggies and protein to customize the noodle soup to your taste buds.

Hi! I’m Ana, a food writer documenting kitchen experiments with the help of my physicist and taste-testing husband Alex. I have an insatiable appetite for noodles 🍜 and believe in “cooking on the fly”.

Get tips on how to make time to cook dinner every night, even when you’re super busy and tired. Master the classic Mie Goreng recipe! Mie Goreng is a classic noodle dish from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The noodles are a delicious noodle dish cooked with prawns, chicken and vegetables, and topped with a sunny fried egg! This is a pushy recipe dear reader!

Indomie Noodle Recipes

Mie Goreng is an Indonesian Chinese dish said to have been created by Chinese immigrants to Indonesia. It is a close cousin of Chinese chow mein.

Indomie Noodles In Nigeria And Steps To Cook It

In Chinese culture, noodles are considered lucky, as the length of the noodles signifies longevity. I love making these around Chinese New Year because they’re simple and easy to store, perfect for picnics and al fresco meals (I even like these cold!). This year it’s February 12th, so it’s almost noodle time!

1 – Mie Goreng, like a lot of noodles, requires frying the ingredients before taking them out of the wok before cooking the rest. This is to keep the pan hot so the ingredients cook quickly and sear on top so everything isn’t simmering in its juices. If you put the items in the bowl, you can put them back in the original bowl.

2 – Don’t panic, the amount of prawns and meat is small for the amount of noodles, and usually the mie goreng doesn’t get piled high with additions. The star is the deliciously seasoned clumps of noodles.

3 – You can make chow mein with fresh noodles of course, but one of my favorite chow mein is at Ho Jiak restaurant in Malaysia, they use Indomie instant noodles, so I followed suit. I don’t usually eat instant noodles, but at Mie Goreng, they are perfect, and I use them for another reason…  

Indomie Beef & Lime Flavour Soup Noodles

4 – I also like using an Indomie because you end up using seasoning bags in the sauce and they add such a wonderful flavor to your sauce. This is what makes them really tastier (I ate three servings when I made this!).

5 – I usually don’t like instant noodles because I don’t like noodles that are too soft (I like the chewiness

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