Irish Appetizer Recipes

Irish Appetizer Recipes – Are you wondering what kinds of Irish appetizers are delicious to make at home? Enjoy these 29 crowd-pleasing Irish appetizer recipes at any of your parties throughout the year!

You don’t have to visit Ireland for delicious, traditional St. Patrick’s Day appetizers, you can enjoy them at home!

Irish Appetizer Recipes

Irish Appetizer Recipes

Trust me; These Irish finger foods will make you wish it was St. Patrick’s Day all year long.

Pesto Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms Recipe

Mini-classic soda bread muffins, scrumptious Guinness-glazed meatballs, fun and delicious Irish cheese toasties, potato-rich boxy and more.

Some of these Irish party snacks are naturally green foods, so they’re perfect for your Irish holiday party!

Boxy Potato Pancakes are a delicious appetizer that combines mashed potatoes, raw grated potatoes, flour, buttermilk, salt and pepper.

They are cooked in a pan until golden brown on both sides and then served as an appetizer or sometimes as a side to main dishes like delicious chicken wings and chicken tenders.

Irish Nachos (irish Pub Potato Nachos)

Combine all the ingredients, form the mixture into balls, roll each ball in cinnamon, bake until golden, and you’re good to go!

The recipe has a rich, smooth consistency, a satisfying beer flavor, and it’s loaded with Irish cheddar—it’s sure to impress!

Cheese dip is great when paired with pita chips, small pieces of bread, crackers or apple slices.

Irish Appetizer Recipes

This fun twist on potato bites includes the basic ingredients: 1/4 cup cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup corned beef, and butter.

Best Irish Recipes (a Tasty Assortment Of Traditional Irish Food To Eat!)

Cut each potato in half, then scoop out half of the inside of each potato, saving the potato insides in a bowl.

Once the potato halves are out, take the bowl of reserved potato cores and fill them with ingredients, then place the smaller pieces in the oven.

Kid-friendly and super-delicious, these Irish Soda Bread Muffins are the perfect appetizer for your upcoming Irish breakfast of Corned Beef and Cabbage.

These warm cheese scones are bursting with delicious flavors from buttermilk, fresh scallions, and cheddar cheese. More, please!

Easy Irish Food Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day Go Go Go Gourmet

But before you start making them, it’s a great idea to have cookie cutters handy so you can cut the scones.

Irish-themed party food can stand on its own, but you can pair them with a bowl of Irish soup for dinner, or how about ham and turkey for brunch?

Next time you’re throwing an Irish themed party, don’t forget to put these Irish Nachos on your appetizer menu!

Irish Appetizer Recipes

This isn’t your typical nacho recipe – this great appetizer idea combines crispy fries, flavorful Thousand Island dressing, and a tasty Reuben topping.

Healthy Irish Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day

Pro tip: Spreading the potatoes in a single layer on the baking sheet and not overlapping each other is the key to getting them toasty, crispy, and golden brown.

Serve this ooey-gooey, cheesy dip with rye crackers and bagel chips at your next St. Patrick’s Day party and witness how this great recipe can disappear like leprechaun magic!

These sliders are perfect for feeding a crowd—whether it’s an Irish-themed party, backyard summer gatherings, or a game day party.

The secret to having a fork-tender and juicy corned beef is to cook the meat in a pressure cooker for over an hour.

Guinness® Beer Cheese Dip Recipe

The secret to a nice, thick sauce is to incorporate ketchup, honey, Dijon mustard, and cornstarch.

The highlight of this recipe is the corned beef filling made from corned beef, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing.

The filling is then placed inside crispy wonton cups along with Swiss cheese, then they pop in the oven until golden. Done!

Irish Appetizer Recipes

What I love about this recipe is that the addition of crumbled bacon on top gives the finished dish a noticeable smoky bite. Oh, my!

Irish Nachos Recipe

This recipe allows you to play with flavors and not just ingredients found in your home.

Instead, it’s a mini-casserole made with ground meat and vegetables (a popular item in shepherd’s pie), smothered in a rich brown gravy, and then mashed potatoes—but in miniature!

To assemble, cut crescent roll dough into circles, press a circle into each side of the muffin pan, fill with meat and vegetables, and top with a scoop of mashed potatoes.

Easy to put together and only have seven ingredients, these Irish deviled eggs are even more delightful when garnished with carrots and parsley.

Irish Corned Beef Nacho Bites

Make these Irish Hors D’oeuvres Deviled Eggs a day before the big day! Mix the egg yolks and store in an airtight container.

Loaded with pastrami, white cheddar cheese, Irish cheese, wasabi peas, cucumber, sweet potato crackers and almonds, it’s just the green appetizer you need for the big day.

My vote? Add the positively dreamy, high-fat Kerrygold butter next to cut rye or pumpernickel, typical of the US. Let your guests know the pure difference in taste from butter. Heavenly!

Irish Appetizer Recipes

For your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration, why not try some truly traditional Irish appetizers like these Irish Pub Pasties!

Guinness Cheddar Dip

This homemade recipe is slightly different from the traditional pub version, which is usually dipped in batter.

Instead, the appetizer uses ready-made rolled pie crusts, which are cut into quarters and filled with a vegetable mixture.

This egg salad sandwich is probably one of the must-try Irish hors d’oeuvres you’ll find on the web.

All you have to do is mix all the filling ingredients, take two slices of plain bread and butter each side.

Slow Cooker Guinness Beer Cheese Dip

Granted, these Corned Beef and Cabbage Egg Rolls take a bit of work to prepare, but you’ll be amazed at the end product.

Prepare the dressing by combining green ingredients such as avocado and cilantro with sour cream, garlic, lemon juice, water and salt.

The appetizer is garnished with scallions and served with an Irish whiskey-based gravy on top or as a broth on the side.

Irish Appetizer Recipes

This combination of cheese, small pieces of French baguette, cracked pepper, thyme and Dijon mustard will make your appetite disappear from the table in a few seconds because these bites are so addictive.

Corned Beef Appetizer: Corned Beef Bruschetta

What’s more, this soup freezes well, so make a big batch and freeze it for a special day.

Season with onion, pepper, salt, and garlic, then combine the meat with the bacon to bring a smoky flavor profile to the dish.

With a harmonious blend of carrots, red cabbage, cilantro, rice vinegar, herbs and spices, this is sure to take you back for seconds!

Whether you’re looking for an appetizer for your party or want to enjoy a nice snack on game day, this Irish spice bag is a great way to attract people for some fun!

Best Appetizers + Snacks

It includes crispy fries, vegetables, and spicy fried chicken thighs—all tossed with a generous amount of spice mix.

Corned beef and cabbage are a staple in Irish recipes, so if you’re throwing a St. Patrick’s Day-inspired party, give these quesadillas a try!

All you need are five simple ingredients: flour tortillas, Swiss cheese, corned beef, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing.

Irish Appetizer Recipes

The recipe features roasted cabbage with melted Dubliner cheese, savory corned beef and topped with fresh scallions. This is an absolute crowd pleaser!

St.patricks Day Irish Potato Bites

To make the slaw, all you need is shredded purple cabbage, white onion, jalapeno peppers, mayo, apple cider vinegar, and spicy brown mustard.

Now that you know some delicious and easy Irish appetizer recipes, you have no excuse not to have a fun and memorable St. Patrick’s Day gathering!

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This Irish smoked salmon recipe brings the taste of Ireland into your home wherever you are. Irish fish is recommended for this smoked salmon appetizer because Irish smoked salmon has a unique flavor.

Awesome Irish Nachos Recipe

Smoked salmon is readily available throughout Ireland and is cheaper than in American grocery stores. It has a delicious smoky flavor and frequently appears on Irish restaurant menus, especially as part of a savory Irish appetizer.

Wild Irish salmon is harvested off the Irish coast. Fish smoking is an ancient skill passed down through generations in Ireland.

The salmon is cured using a special salting process. Kills bacteria in fish, adds flavor and extends shelf life of fish.

Irish Appetizer Recipes

Salting salmon pieces can take up to five hours, and dry sea salt does all the work. After drying, the salt is completely washed off the fish. The final smoked salmon has a low sodium count, so it maintains its nutritional profile.

What Luck! 29 Crowd Pleasing Irish Appetizers For St. Patrick’s Day And Beyond!

The salmon fillets are then dried in a kiln before becoming salmon

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