Is Bread Better Made With Milk Or Water

Is Bread Better Made With Milk Or Water – You love your grandma’s homemade sandwich bread recipe, but you wish it was just a little bit more tender and crunchy. You’ve found a recipe online for cinnamon rolls but you’re frustrated by how quickly they harden and become dry right out of the oven. Do you want to make your favorite yeast bread and rolls soft and tender? Tangzhong is the solution.

Originating in the yukone (or yudane) of Japan, tangzhong is a yeast bread recipe popularized throughout Asia by Taiwanese cookbook author Yvonne Chen. It involves cooking a portion of the flour and liquid in the trap into a thick slurry before adding the remaining ingredients,  resulting in soft, fluffy bread.

Is Bread Better Made With Milk Or Water

Is Bread Better Made With Milk Or Water

This pre-cooking achieves two positive things: it makes bread or rolls softer and more tender, and extends their shelf life.

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If you’ve tried our Japanese milk bread rolls or our soft cinnamon rolls, you know how delicious they are. And you may have thought about trying tangzhong with some of your own favorite yeast recipes. Softer, moister dinner rolls? There is nothing wrong with that.

Start by managing your expectations. Do you really want to pair tangzhong (soft, tender bread) with crusty baguettes or chewy bagels? That would be like making potato chips in a steamer: it goes against the nature of the beast.

It is important to choose a suitable recipe: yeast bread that is very soft, tender and light. Be it a white sandwich loaf or buttered dinner rolls, tangzhong will add texture to the bread, and keep it fresher for longer.

Once you have chosen a recipe, you must determine its hydration: the percentage of water (or other liquid) compared to flour, by weight. The hydration of dough determines how firm or soft it will be, and it also affects how strong it rises. Finished bread with low hydration is usually thick and dry; those with higher hydration, soft and moist.

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To take a simple example, a recipe containing 75g of water and 100g of flour has 75% hydration. Or here’s an example in American weights: a recipe uses 1 cup of water (8 ounces) and 3 cups of flour (12 3/4 ounces) with a hydration of 63% (8 divided by 12 3/4).

Don’t have a scale? I highly recommend you get one, because trying the tangzhong method without a scale requires a lot of extra effort to convert volume to weight.

And by the way, if you’re following an older recipe that’s likely to include ingredient weights, see our handy ingredient weight chart.

Is Bread Better Made With Milk Or Water

The standard sandwich bread or dinner roll recipe (like these Golden Pull-Apart Butter Buns) has a hydration level of about 60% to 65%.

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Why? Because when you use tangzhong, some of the liquid in the dough is “trapped” by the pre-cooked slurry (the tangzhong), so it doesn’t play any role in the texture of the dough; in terms of hydration, it’s as if that liquid is even there.

Let’s say your original recipe is 60% hydration. When you transfer some of its liquid to the tangzhong, the resulting dough behaves as if the hydration is significantly lower.

The dough will be hard and dry, which can prevent it from rising and produce heavy, heavy bread.

So in order to end up with a dough that is as soft and smooth as the original, you need to add more liquid first.

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But remember, to use tangzhong you want your hydration to be 75%: the liquid should equal 75% of the weight of the flour.

Do your math: 361g x .75 = 271g. So you want the amount of milk in the recipe to be 271g, not 227g. Result? You will add an extra 44g of milk to your recipe.

First I make the tangzhong slurry, the cooked mixture of flour and beer. A typical slurry uses between 5% and 10% of the flour in the recipe and is made up of one part flour to five parts liquid (by weight).

Is Bread Better Made With Milk Or Water

This soup was made in a saucepan, but it is also quickly and easily made in the microwave.

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I have now made this standard slurry often enough that this is what I use for any yeast recipe calling for between 3 and 4 cups of flour: 3 tablespoons (23g) of the flour in the recipe + 1/2 cup (113g) of the liquid.

Remember, you are using flour and beer from the recipe, not adding extra flour and beer! Take that into account when measuring the remaining flour and liquid for the dough.

For each test loaf using the slurry (B and C), I combine 23g of the recipe’s flour with 115g of the recipe’s milk. I cook the mixture over medium heat until it thickens, and put it in the mixing bowl to cool a little while I gather the other ingredients.

Next, I mix and knead the three doughs. (A), the control is soft and smooth; (B), with the slurry but without additional milk, stiff and gnarly; and (C), with the added slurry and milk, very similar to (A), perhaps a little softer.

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I let the doughs rise, then shape them into loaves and place each in an uncovered 9″ pain de mie pan (my favorite bread pan). I let the loaves rise, then bake them.

Look at the difference! (A), the original recipe, and (C), the extra milk/slurry recipe, (C), rise beautifully. (B), the recipe uses the slurry but without added milk, rising much less.

It is impossible to photograph the texture and moisture, but straight out of the oven (C) it is slightly moist and more tender than the original base (A). After a few days, (C), the loaf with the juice is still nice and fresh; while the original loaf definitely shows signs of staleness.

Is Bread Better Made With Milk Or Water

Bottom line: By making your favorite sandwich bread or dinner roll recipe 75% hydrated and then using tangzhong in the dough, you’ll make bread that’s softer, lighter, more tender, and full of life. shelf longer than the original.

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Once you feel comfortable with the basics of tangzhong, you can try to fine-tune your hydraulic mathematics. Although it is obvious that water is 100% water, there may be other ingredients in your dough that contribute to its hydration: for example, eggs or honey.

This seasoning may only be necessary in recipes that use a lot of butter and/or eggs, such as brioche; or recipes with a lot of liquid sweetener.

Actually, most of my colleagues here at King Arthur consider only the main liquid and flour when evaluating the hydration of a recipe. Because almost all the time, that level of simplicity is fine: If your recipe only has 2 tablespoons of butter, its minimal water content isn’t going to make or your break bread. But, once you have your calculator out, it’s fun to take this extra step toward accuracy.

If you want to drill down with hydration, here is a list of common yeast bread ingredients and their percentage of water:

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Use the information above to calculate how many grams of water are in any of these “cheat” ingredients in your recipe. Then add the total grams of the main liquid before calculating hydration.

A large variety of factors come into play when baking yeast bread, some of which affect hydration. Keep the following in mind while experimenting with tangzhong:

Mashed potatoes or other mashed fruits/vegetables (pumpkin, squash) can affect dough hydration. There is no way to judge their impact ahead of time; it is better to add them, then adjust the consistency of the dough with additional flour if necessary.

Is Bread Better Made With Milk Or Water

Hot/humid weather increases the moisture content of the flour; cold, dry weather makes the flower drier. You will usually use a little less beer in yeast recipes in the summer, a little more in the winter; see our blog post, Winter to Summer Yeast Baking.

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Sourdough starters can be thick and fluffy, very thin, or anything in between. As with mashed vegetables, adjust the consistency of the mixed dough as needed.

Have you tried baking yeast bread or rolls using the tangzhong method yet? If so, how did you like the results? Please add your thoughts in the comments, below.

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Is Bread Better Made With Milk Or Water

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