Kentucky Derby Appetizer Recipes

Kentucky Derby Appetizer Recipes – Need an excuse to throw a party? I know it’s not, but if ever there was a good excuse, it would be the Kentucky Derby! Dressing up to the nines in see-through, cocktail dresses and GORGEOUS hats? Yes please. Mint Juleps and Bourbon Cocktails? Definitely. This Derby Day Appetizer Tray is the perfect way to feed a crowd for the most exciting two minutes in sports, and the perfect excuse to invite a crowd.

These recipes are very straightforward. They are classics that never go out of style. Salted pecans are a staple in our house, beware, they are addictive! The recipe is from Southern Living and is a real winner. They are super easy to make in less than 15 minutes. Soak the walnuts in sugar water and toast them with a pinch of kosher salt. The combination of sweet and salty is to die for!

Kentucky Derby Appetizer Recipes

Kentucky Derby Appetizer Recipes

For the pimento cheese, I really like to roast my own red peppers rather than the traditional canned pimentos. Maybe I shouldn’t call it pimento cheese, but hey, I’m a Yank after all! Freshly roasted red peppers add a real sweetness to the cheese spread, while roasted red peppers give it a flavor that can’t be compared to the canned variety.

Easy Apple Appetizers With Cheese & Turkey (quick & Light Recipe)

Use your imagination when it comes to putting together a fun tray. Heaven is the limit that goes well with pickled pecans and pimento cheese.

This is a definite bucket list item for many people when it comes to going to the Kentucky Derby (I know it was BRILLIANT when we went!),   this Derby day includes a snack tray, a good bourbon cocktail like the Minty Bourbon Mule, and some good friends. just interesting.

This Southern-inspired appetizer platter is the perfect way to get your Kentucky Derby party started. The pimento cheese and pickled pecans are the stars, serve them with your favorite garden veggies and chips or crackers. And of course, no Dreby Day appetizer tray is complete without a few slices of ham.

To create a Derby Day Appetizer Platter, serve pimento cheese with spring vegetables, crackers, chips, and whatever else you’re loving right now. A few slices of country ham are a great compliment, as are pretzels and apples. Be creative, use your imagination!

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Kelly Liken is one of Colorado’s most promising and influential young chefs, born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her mother was an accomplished cook, always researching new recipes and foraging for fresh produce at the local farmer’s market, which led Kelly to develop her love of cooking in high school. Read More Celebrate the Kentucky Derby in style with this amazing fall board. Spread out worthy of the crown and your crowd will go crazy during your derby watch!

Break out your hats and place your bets because we’re off to the races! It’s time for the Kentucky Derby, and what better way to spend time with friends before and after the race than by getting down on the celebratory board with five of the tastiest Southern-inspired brews?

From the classic pimento cheese to the creative mint julep fruit salsa, the flavor and display is definitely crown worthy.

Kentucky Derby Appetizer Recipes

It’s an easy way to serve a variety of snacks to a crowd cheering on their favorite horse. Each liquid is very different, but very tasty.

How To Throw The Ultimate Kentucky Derby Party This Spring

The mint julep fruit salsa is refreshing and delicious. Bourbon with a squeeze of lime and fresh cracked mint to tie it all together, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a mint julep!

The Hot Brown Dip tastes like the famous Kentucky Hot Brown Open Sandwich. One taste and no turning back. It’s delicious out of this world.

And last, but certainly not least, the bourbon pecan pie. It’s like pecan pie with a bourbon kick. Sweet, sweet, crunchy, amazing. And it’s easy as pie to make. Actually much easier! No tissue required.

To really bring out the Kentucky Derby theme, I placed Chessmen shortbread cookies with names and a number candle in each dipping bowl. Now these dippers are really ready to win the race. So cute and festive!

The Best Kentucky Derby Food To Make At Home

I know your crowd is going crazy at your Kentucky Derby party. From savory to sweet and back again, there’s something to excite and tempt everyone.

Meighan is the author of the best-selling Beautiful Boards and its sequel, Spectacular Spreads. She started blogging in 2012 and has over 700 original recipes on The BakerMama. She truly enjoys sharing her easy, family-friendly recipes, creative meal ideas, food board creations, and fun spreads that encourage others to get into the kitchen and make something memorable for their loved ones to enjoy together. Read More No Kentucky Derby party is complete without a full menu of the best recipes. From appetizers, drinks, and desserts, these Kentucky Derby party food recipes will make your gathering a success!

If you’re hosting a Kentucky Derby party this year, you’ll want to check out these delicious recipes. Decorations, invitations, and the perfect hat are all important aspects of a great Derby party, but everyone remembers the food!

Kentucky Derby Appetizer Recipes

If you find yourself heading to the track, my insider tips on attending the Kentucky Derby might come in handy!

Our Best Kentucky Derby Recipes

It gets a little more complicated because the Derby’s official food isn’t exactly food… It’s a Mint Julep!

Mint Julep Made with bourbon, simple syrup and fresh mint. Bourbon is, of course, the official “food” of Kentucky… Okay, okay. It’s truly a Kentucky Hot Brown – an open-faced sammy with turkey and bacon covered in Mornay sauce.

Just kidding, you might want to take a bite out of one of these bad boys. They are strong, so pace yourself. Derby Day is a marathon, not a sprint!

You can come across all of these dishes, but it all adds a twist to the style offered.

Mouth Watering Kentucky Derby At Home

During Kentucky Derby season, parties and events around town begin after Thunder Over Louisville and don’t end until the Run for the Roses! Meaning, there are lots of parties and events at friends’ houses and special events around town, all of which have different setups.

Some guests choose to have a traditional buffet style, tapas style or full sit down dinner. For us, we’ve found snacks and little finger foods work well for us and our crowd. We’re simple people, so we have the flexibility to eat when we’re hungry and socialize a lot.

There are so many things you’ll need for your next Kentucky Derby party, so I’ve rounded up a few recipes you’ll need to make your menu this year. Need to host a Kentucky Derby party for family and friends? Or maybe just a few people? A collection of delicious Kentucky Derby party recipes: appetizers, desserts, and drinks, all with a special Derby flavor—bourbon or whiskey!

Kentucky Derby Appetizer Recipes

I’ve teamed up with some other amazing and fun food bloggers to bring you the perfect selection of bourbon recipes for your Derby party! I know you will enjoy them!

Kentucky Derby Inspired Tea Sandwiches & Ideas

If you like recipes with bourbon, these are some of our favorites: Maple Whiskey Sour, Peppermint Julep, Bourbon Vanilla Caramel Sauce, Bourbon Vanilla Extract, and Honey Bourbon Chicken!

From our cooperating host! A light but impressive snack! Made with bourbon, bacon and caramelized onions, it’s the perfect party appetizer. Serve with crackers, apple or pear slices.

Sugared Pecans are amazing and these Unrefined Sugar Maple Bourbon Pecans are even better! Sweet maple syrup, smoky bourbon, rich cinnamon, and a little spicy heat make these pecans super addictive! A delicious sweet-salty mix.

Not your typical mint julep recipe! This quinoa salad has the flavors of a classic mint julep for a healthy derby snack or side dish recipe.

Delicious Kentucky Derby Food Ideas

Hot and sweet and all with a Kentucky bourbon flavor that brings the South to your mouth! No frying required, these chicken wings are definitely on the list for crowd-pleasing.

These Slow Cooker Whiskey Meatballs take just 5 minutes to make the perfect derby appetizer. Everyone asks for seconds (and the recipe), so you’ll definitely want to make a double batch!

This bourbon brown sugar marinade is simple, quick, and easy. Perfect for steak, chicken or barbecue. Serve them as a main course or as an appetizer!

Kentucky Derby Appetizer Recipes

This delicious, refreshing, ice-cold Mint Julep cocktail recipe is perfect for any holiday or Derby party. Fresh mint, a little sugar, a dose of bourbon and a sprinkle of soda or two.

Mint Julep (classic Kentucky Derby Cocktail)

For a delicious twist on a classic bourbon cocktail, you’ll love this Brown Sugar-Peach Mint Julep. Homemade dark brown sugar simple syrup and freshly blended

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