Killer Appetizer Recipes

Killer Appetizer Recipes – We have collected our 20 best Christmas appetizer recipes! So whether you’re looking for simple appetizers for a Christmas party or just an appetizer to serve on Christmas Day, look no further!

Between trimming the tree, wrapping presents, helping Santa stuff the stockings, and drenching your house in as many lights as your poor little outdoor outlet can handle, you have to (somehow) eat! And it’s Christmas

Killer Appetizer Recipes

Killer Appetizer Recipes

Season! Which means you don’t just have to feed yourself – chances are you’ll have to put out some finger food for others too. And a store-bought tube-o-hummus won’t cut it at a Christmas party. Never. Christmas appetizers must be as dazzling as the reflection of vintage tinsel bubble candles on your Christmas tree! So put some Andy Williams on the record player and spend some – and we promise it’ll only be a little – time in the kitchen. We’ve collected our top 20 Christmas appetizer recipes here for your holiday enjoyment, so whether you’re looking for simple appetizers for a Christmas party or simply the very BEST Christmas appetizer to serve to your nearest and dearest on Christmas Day, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for after here. And P.S. Whenever one of these appetizers is a great recipe, we’ve noted it, just to make things extra easy. Without further ado, here are our favorite recipes for festive appetizers.

Easy Cheese Dip Recipe

It happens once a year, and still, like clockwork, on December 1st you find yourself asking the age-old question: what are some good finger foods for Christmas Day? Think no more, friends! We’ve got four great Christmas finger food recipes right here! Plus, they pair perfectly with almost any cocktail you can serve.

What is the best food for a Christmas party? Well, honestly, we prefer not to choose just one thing. But if we absolutely had to pick one category of best Christmas party food, we’d pick dips. They’re indulgent and snackable, they can be surprisingly filling—which is especially important at holiday cocktail parties—and many of them are vegetarian and gluten-free, so they work for people with all kinds of dietary needs. You can also often prepare them in advance – even hot dips can be considered “make-ahead” because the work on the recipe is done before you put them in the oven so there is no last-minute fuss.

At least that’s how we feel about it. Who doesn’t love cheese!? And if there’s ever a season to indulge, it’s Christmas

In many cultures, Christmas Eve is considered a day of fasting, and therefore it is a tradition to eat fish on Christmas Eve – perhaps the most famous is the delicious Italian tradition of the feast of the seven fishes. That’s a long way of saying that serving shrimp on Christmas Eve is a must! It’s festive, observant and it will make everyone feel a little extra luxurious. Here are our favorite dishes with shrimp:

Nugget Markets Appetizers Recipes

These hearty appetizers are the kind of yummy, filling finger foods you want to serve at a cocktail party. They’re the kind of thing people can actually fill up on, even if you’re not hosting a proper, sit-down meal, and they’ll help soak up all the Christmas punch you’ve poured. Air Fryer Zucchini Fries are perfect for snacks. Zucchini strips, coated with panko, are cooked perfectly tender on the inside and crispy on the outside

Dip them in an easy-to-make creamy aioli flavored with tarragon and lemon, or serve them with homemade ranch dressing, chipotle crema, remoulade sauce or cilantro lime crema.

This homemade smoked salmon dip with cream cheese is so refreshing, creamy and delicious! It’s made with 8 simple ingredients like fresh herbs, lemon, sour cream and rich smoked salmon for an irresistible dipping experience.

Killer Appetizer Recipes

The recipe has just enough tartness, smokiness and spice to pair with much more than crab cakes. It’s fantastic with

On Trend Appetizer Recipes

This Baked Goat Cheese Dip is a super simple, delicious appetizer recipe that is easy to throw together at the last minute with just 3 ingredients! Chevre is baked in marinara sauce until hot and bubbly. It is perfect to spread on crusty bread or crostini.

Prosciutto appetizers are always a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Everyone loves its buttery, salty taste. Here are 20+ amazingly delicious prosciutto appetizer recipes to try this holiday season.

Dip recipes are always an important part of any party! From slow cooker dips, cheesy dips, veggie dips and more! This comprehensive list of 50+ easy party dips will help you find a new favorite! Everyone will be asking for the recipe! Go ahead, become an overachiever in the kitchen with these easy starters! We love to see it, and we

Love it when it means having these beyond easy party appetizer recipes ready long before your guests arrive. Because why should you have to stress when it comes to a party? With these easy, ready-to-eat recipes for killer apps, you’ll be able to enjoy your company (and plenty of pub beer cheese and shrimp cocktail).

Appetizers Recipes Archives

One of our favorite foolproof appetizers to keep your crowd happy? Dips. We love them so much, and so are we

Feel free to have leftovers to keep on dipping, to spread on a sandwich or even stuff into chicken. Our favorites (like Hummus, Sour Cream & Onion Dip, and Crockpot Spinach & Artichoke Dip) are also perfect to keep until the party, in addition to being super easy to make in large batches, too. And if you have a sweet tooth, you have it

In our kitchens, we have a few secret tools that we like to bring out around the party: our slow cookers and air fryers. They make so many of our best appetizers a breeze to put together, often requiring just a few minutes of prep before we can sneak out of the kitchen to enjoy our company. These powerhouses are sure to earn their place on the counter when you make our recipes for Crockpot Grape Jelly Meatballs, Crispy Chili Chickpeas, and Slow Cooker Buffalo Ranch Wings. We promise pink.

Killer Appetizer Recipes

Part retro, part cult classic, it’s hard to go wrong with a cheese ball. This festive pumpkin version may not contain any actual pumpkin, but it’s packed with fresh herbs, ground jalapeño, and of course, lots of cheese. Make a cheese board with one for the easiest, low-key healthy everyday food that will still feel a little festive this holiday season.

Easy Party Appetizers

Here, it’s about a good reuben sandwich. Creamy dressing, corned beef, swiss cheese… what’s not to love? Combine all these delicious ingredients between pickle chips for the perfect appetizer (and they come together SO quickly).

When looking for a truly crowd-pleasing recipe, we always rely on beer cheese. We’ve made it in a skillet with pretzel dog beer cheese dip, over cheesy beer brats, on beer cheese sliders, and even folded it into beer cheese macaroni for the most genius comfort food ever. There’s one way we’d never done it: COLD. 😲

Allowing the onions to caramelize properly is key to the flavor of this dip. Going low and slow allows them to develop color while breaking down and becoming sweet and jammy. Stir them into this simple dip with some chives, and you’ve got a simple appetizer that’s insanely addictive. It keeps well in the fridge for a few days, so it’s great to make in advance.

Crunchy, flaky and cheesy. What’s not to love? These cheese sticks are topped with cheddar, scallions and sesame seeds for the most flavorful cheese sticks we’ve ever had. Using store-bought puff pastry makes them super easy to pull together for a party!

Potato Skins Recipe

Grape jelly meatballs might not sound like a perfect combination, but trust us, it is! The sweet jelly mixed with smoky BBQ sauce is a match made in heaven. We added some sriracha to give it a little kick.

Your air fryer is the perfect device for making perfectly crispy chickpeas, as it both removes moisture from the pulses without adding fat. Here they are seasoned with chili powder for a deeply flavorful, slightly spicy snack. The spices are super easy to mix up in future batches. Swap in za’atar and sprinkle the chickpeas over creamy hummus or try curry powder instead and serve the chickpeas over Greek yogurt with cilantro and pickled red onion.

We think crunchy, peppery red radishes are underrated, so we decided to give them the spotlight in this fresh crostini. How do you balance the strong pepper taste? Queue sweet, caramelized brown butter, whipped into a luscious cloud: the perfect foil for paper-thin radishes. While it may sound fancy, it all comes together in under 30 minutes for an app to impress.

Killer Appetizer Recipes

A cheese board is one of the best appetizers to serve at a holiday party because it’s easy to make, shareable, and completely customizable. What’s better than a beautiful wooden board with a variety of high-quality cheeses, charcuterie, silky spreads (like fig marmalade!), nuts, fruit and more?

Win Over Your Guests With These Super Bowl Appetizer & Wine Pairings

Give your classic deviled eggs a spicy kick with harissa (Tunisian chili pepper) and crispy fried shallots. Tip: As the spice level can vary notice

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