Lebanese Vegan Recipes

Lebanese Vegan Recipes – Casseroles are so warm and comforting, aren’t they? They are also easy to cook in one pot. Affordable, portable and useful, I rely on them as a source of healthy protein and nutrients. Their good heating is also a plus.

Tired of cold salads, but still want to eat more vegetables? Do you love the warm, bright, healthy flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine? Stay with me. I will show you a recipe that will make you happy. I will reveal the secrets of my Lebanese grandmother.

Lebanese Vegan Recipes

Lebanese Vegan Recipes

As my Lebanese grandmother taught me, adding a little cinnamon and dried mint to Arabic food is the key to true flavor. Have you ever wondered what makes Lebanese cuisine taste so good? Each dish has subtle spices and a pinch of dried herbs. The cinnamon is comforting and the mint is fresh. My grandmother puts them in everything from grape leaf stuffing to stews like this. Your kitchen will smell divine while you cook. Trust me, mint and cinnamon work in this casserole. Every time I bring one of these vegetable dishes to my neighbor or co-workers, they ask for the recipe.

Simple Lebanese Slaw

Regular baked potatoes are added to give the casserole some body and substance. The starch in the potatoes helps thicken the sauce, giving a rich and hearty stew without the added fat.

I love Pomi Tomato products for their uniquely clean, garden-grown taste. They come in a box instead of a box. If you can’t find them, good quality tomato puree is also good.

The dish starts in the oven and is baked in the oven so it cooks evenly and has a delicious, homemade flavor.

Wine adds another layer of flavor to this dish. I often don’t want to open a bottle to use in a recipe, so I keep a bottle of dry or extra dry vermouth in the fridge. I use vermouth instead of white wine in most of my savory dishes. You can also leave out wine or vermouth with good results.

Best Lebanese Vegetarian Stew Recipe

Finish with a drizzle of good olive oil, a dollop of Greek yogurt and/or freshly chopped parsley. If you’re serving a crowd, some olives, feta, and pita bread complete the meal. This hearty red bean and tomato stew is full of flavors from the Middle East. Perfectly served on a bed of chewy bulgur wheat for a traditional finish.

Is there anything more homely and hearty than a warm bowl of bean stew? There are almost endless variations of this humble yet rich dish. We want to offer a super tasty and delicious Middle Eastern bean stew recipe called Lebanese fasolia stew.

Fasolia (or fasulia, فاسوليا) is a delicious red bean stew cooked in tomato sauce. The classic recipe can also contain beef or lamb, but we show you a 100% plant-based version.

Lebanese Vegan Recipes

What sets Lebanese beans apart from other bean stews is the blend of herbs and spices. There are three magical spices in the game:

Vegetarian Lebanese Recipes: Mudadara

If you’ve never tasted sumac, you’re in for a treat. It is a beautiful dark red spice with lemony and fruity flavors. If you can’t find it, don’t worry. See the tips section below for replacement advice.

Fasolia is so delicious that you can make it on its own. However, most traditional recipes accompany it with flat bread, rice or other grain. We feed it to a bed of bulgur wheat. Feel like pairing it with something else? Check out our service offerings here.

Overall, our Lebanese beans are a balanced meal with lots of vegetables, plant-based proteins and slow-digesting carbohydrates. A generous serving will give you 60% of the RDI for fiber, 36% of the RDI for protein, 10% of the RDI for fat, and 352 calories. And it’s ready in just 25 minutes! Just beautiful. Let’s do it!

If you’re looking for more Lebanese-style dishes for this hearty stew, we also have a delicious potato salad, baba ghanoush and hummus recipe.

Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini

For a gluten-free option for bread and bulgur wheat, you can serve the beans with brown rice or quinoa.

Consuming legumes with a portion of grains such as rice or wheat is a great way to balance your meal with plant-based complete proteins. Quinoa, instead, is a pseudocereal that already contains all nine essential amino acids that make up “complete proteins.” So combining quinoa with beans gives you an even higher protein boost.

Finally, if you want to keep your carb intake low, try replacing bulgur with cauliflower rice by following our easy recipe here.

Lebanese Vegan Recipes

With dried ones, you need to pre-soak them and cook them for at least 30 minutes. Canned beans, instead, are a quick and simple option because you’re short on time.

Easy Lebanese Recipes By Zaatar And Zaytoun

Lebanese cuisine is famous for its variety of legumes, and many stews are often made with a combination of them. Instead of red beans, you can try:

This Lebanese-style stew is a healthy and balanced meal because it’s made with only legumes, vegetables and a little olive oil.

Beans, including red beans, are rich in fiber, which helps slow the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, thus promoting a controlled release of energy.

Since there is no fat or meat in this recipe, it is very low in fat. Using extra virgin olive oil ensures you’re getting a good serving of heart-healthy, unsaturated fats.

Vegetarian Lebanese Recipes

We paired this delicious casserole with bulgur wheat, a whole grain rich in fiber and vitamins. Bulgur wheat also contains essential amino acids along with those from beans, ensuring you have a complete plant-based protein source.

With only 350 calories, a generous bowl of these beans makes a delicious, nutritious and balanced meal that will keep you full and satisfied for hours.

Then bring to a boil, cover and cook for 15 minutes. Make sure the water is absorbed and the wheat grains are soft.

Lebanese Vegan Recipes

Add enough water to cover the stew ingredients by one centimeter (1/2 inch), cover, and let simmer for 12 minutes.

Mutabbal Vegan Middle Eastern Eggplant Dip Recipe

If you want to use frozen spinach, see the tips section below for tips on how to do so.

Divide the bulgur wheat into bowls, top with the bean stew and garnish with freshly chopped parsley. We have so many effortlessly delicious plant-based recipes that you can easily survive and be happy on a vegan Lebanese diet.

Here at Zaatar and Zaytoun, we have over 30 vegan recipes, but we’ve selected some of our most popular recipes for you, from beginner to advanced.

Falafel is the ultimate vegan recipe to get right because it’s a food group in itself. You can even make a big batch and freeze the rest to make later.

Lebanese Spinach & Chickpeas With Preserved Lemon & Maftoul / Riverford

Batata harra is our favorite potato-based recipe for you vegans. Did I mention this is my signature recipe so you should try it.

I use more cialntro (fresh cilantro) than most recipes, so mine is the best, but I also make sure I choose the right potatoes and never burn the garlic.

Using filth from a jar is fine, the secret to the best filth cuts is getting the texture right (not too dry or wet).

Lebanese Vegan Recipes

Loubia b’zeit (green bean stew) is a great vegan recipe to make your arm. You can make it with either frozen or fresh green beans and even canned tomatoes out of season.

Lebanese Tempeh And Bell Pepper Rice Bowl

I like to add half a pepper to give it a nice non-traditional kick, but hey it tastes better.

There is a very similar version with okra (bamia b’zeit), practically the same, only replaced with green beans.

Coarse bulgur wheat is added to a slightly spicy tomato sauce with pumpkin (or kusa as we call it in Arabic).

The best buttery sweets are made using very thin flatbreads. You can find these at your local Middle Eastern store.

Oil Free Lebanese Bean Salad

My favorite food of all time since I was very young and even now is vegan stuffed grape leaves.

You can’t beat a bowl full of grape leaves, especially if you turn it over and have golden potatoes on the bottom.

Our recipe is the best, we have no qualms about claiming it, and we’ll challenge anyone who thinks otherwise!

Lebanese Vegan Recipes

The classic Lebanese Mujadara is a humble dish using lentils and rice with lots of caramelized onions.

Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini

This is a great store cupboard recipe that you can whip up when you don’t have a lot of fresh ingredients in the fridge and don’t mind going out.

Baba ganoush, or (moutabal) as it is sometimes known in Lebanon, uses eggplant (aubergine) to make the creamiest soup.

But it’s not just a dip, you can put it on your sandwiches, eat it as a light dinner with very good extra virgin olive oil and fresh vegetables and herbs.

We make it the traditional way by burning it in the fire and peeling it. Yes, it’s messy, but it’s worth it.

Lebanese Stuffed Eggplant

To finish off the most amazing list of vegan Lebanese recipes, we have the most amazing vegan hub

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