Leftover Cake Recipes

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Did you make cake for guests and now you have too much? Wondering what to do with leftover cake? Well, I can help! A few weeks ago I got hooked on Pinterest and drooled over a collection of dessert recipes. I came across a fantastic lemon cake recipe that I just had to make. Then, 3 days later, the family went on vacation and left the precious cake in the fridge for days. Now I’m looking for ways to use leftover cake because the thought of throwing away that delicious cake makes me want to cry! One of my favorite uses for leftover cake is to make it into a trifle. I include a delicious recipe for a lemon and raspberry trifle at the end of the post if you want to try it. Don’t feel like making a leftover cake trifle? Here are some other ways to use up your uneaten cake!

Leftover Cake Recipes

Leftover Cake Recipes

To make toasted cake crumbs, preheat to 250F. Crumble the cake and place it on a lined baking tray. Put it in the oven and let it roast for about an hour or until the crumbs are dry. Let them cool and then process in a food processor or a blender. It makes a great topping for ice cream or a delicious layer for your next parfait. You can also use in place of graham cracker crumbs in a pie crust.

Leftover Chocolate Cake & Chocolate Pudding Cups

Find an easy bread pudding recipe. Now, instead of cubes of bread,  use cubes of cake. Add any ‘extras’ you think suit your cake flavour. Maybe raisins. Maybe nuts. The variations are endless!

These things seem to be all the rage these days. Personally, it seems like a lot of work, but I will tell you that everyone, kids and adults alike, seems to love them. Check out the wide variety of cake pop recipes on Pinterest for inspiration. A cake pop maker will make the process much easier.

Similar to the shortbread pudding, leftover French toast is easy to make. If you’re looking for ways to use leftover cake, wouldn’t your kids love waking up to cake for breakfast? (hmmmm….I think there’s a joke in there somewhere.) Just use your favorite French toast recipe and substitute cake for bread. Be a little gentle with it because cake is more fragile than bread.

Trifles are my absolute favorite ways to use up leftover cake. A trifle is really just layers of dessert-type things in a pretty glass serving dish. Leftover cake is one layer. I also like pudding, whipped cream, fruit, pieces of candy or whatever else you’re inspired to throw in there. Find flavors that compliment your leftover cake. I’m including my recipe for a lemon-raspberry trifle below, but honestly, there are so many variations that this is just a guideline! Invest in a trifle bowl and you’ll be making leftover cake trifle regularly from now on!

Easy Candy Bar Cake

A trifle is a classic English dessert that is incredibly easy to make. Layering a trifle takes some skill though, so you’ll need a steady hand! If you are patient, you will end up with a work of art, as well as a delicious dessert! There are tons of variations for homemade trifles. Use leftover cake as I did, as well as whipped cream, fruit and jam. You can sprinkle the cake with a little alcohol (like rum for example a chocolate rum trifle). If you’re creative, there are so many possibilities you can come up with for a leftover cake trifle!

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And while we agree that finishing an entire dessert is always tempting, sometimes there really is too much cake to eat at once. If you’ve recently had a party or the holidays, or you’ve just been on a baking spree, you may have more cake than you can eat before it goes bad.

Leftover Cake Recipes

The good news is that we have solutions! There are many things you can do with cake to transform it into something new. You can mix it into ice cream concoctions, make cake balls and even throw it on the grill! These ideas for using cake will appeal to a variety of tastes, and one will definitely be the perfect fit for you.

Great Way To Use Leftover Cake Cut Offs/scraps

These recipes are also perfect if you don’t have a whole cake to use up. Give leftover cookies a second chance, or save a broken cake using these recipes.

Plus, if you’re just looking for a way to preserve your cake before it goes bad, we’ve found some of the best tips on the internet for freezing your leftover cake. Sometimes you know you’ll want the cake in a few weeks, but you just don’t have time to eat it right now. Freezing leftover cake for later is the perfect solution. And it’s easier than you might think!

We’re pretty sure the world is a better place because of cake shakes. Who can resist this magical combination of desserts? Chocolate lovers will be especially happy about this recipe, as we’re sharing this Portillo’s Chocolate Cake Shake recipe from our friends at AllFreeCopyCatRecipes.com. This cake shake is a delicious solution for leftover chocolate cake. You will love the ultra-chocolate flavor and creamy texture of this dessert.

Cake shaker is a great idea for what to do with dry chocolate cake. No one will notice that the cake has gone a little stale in the fridge once it’s mixed into a delicious ice cream treat.

The Very Best Crumb Cake

Do you like this? Check out this list of the 25 best uses for cake mix! Note: This project is from Cooking Club. Non-members can access 3 free recipes each month. Subscribe to the Cooking Club for unlimited access to their entire recipe archive, with hundreds of exclusive recipes!

What better way to use up leftover cake than to mix it with frosting and cover it with chocolate? You can use any recipe for cake balls (or cake truffles) that you like, but we especially like this one from our test kitchen. Instead of baking a fresh cake, as the recipe suggests, simply use the leftover cake you have on hand. If you only have a few slices of cake left over, rather than a whole cake, be sure to adjust the amount of frosting down. Also adjust it a bit if your cake already has a bit of frosting on it!

We also like to make cake balls from crushed cake. This delicious dessert will cover up the most epic cake fail (and we won’t tell).

Leftover Cake Recipes

Bread pudding is a great way to use up leftover bread. Why not also use leftover cake with this method? Leftover cake bread pudding works best with less delicate cakes. Think pound cake, fruit cake or richer carrot cakes. You don’t want your cake to completely disintegrate when you add the milk, sugar and eggs.

Best Leftover Halloween Candy Cake Recipe How To Make Leftover Halloween Candy Cake Delish.com

Rich, chocolatey dessert drinks are popular for a reason. They are basically like a slice of cake in a glass! So it only makes sense to decorate drinks like this with a little cake. Try crumbling up your leftover cake, spread a thin layer of frosting around the rim of your glass and then dip the glass in the cake crumbs. You’ll get a little “bite” of cake in every sip of your drink! It works great for recipes like this chocolate martini, but it’s also a fun way to serve hot chocolate.

This is one of our favorite ways to use up leftover chocolate cake! Dirty Pie will take you on a trip back in time, but we’re here to tell you that it is

Taste as good as you remember it. Crumbled chocolate cake can easily take the place of Oreo cookie crumbs in this recipe, resulting in a pillowy chocolatey dessert that everyone will swoon over.

This delicious chocolate peanut butter cake is perfect for Father’s Day or any day!”#1 Dad!” Chocolate Father’s Day Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

Ways To Use Leftover Cake And Lemon Raspberry Trifle Recipe

This idea is almost too cute to eat (but not quite)! Ice cream cupcakes are a bit of an optical illusion. They usually are

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