Light Summer Appetizer Recipes

Light Summer Appetizer Recipes – Summer brings exciting opportunities and festivals. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right balance of delicious food for your groups while also keeping your recipes healthy. Balance is key, and I like to offer healthy meals so you can leave some room for something sweet.

Many of these healthy recipes can be tweaked for special dietary restrictions such as keto, vegan, or gluten-free. Hopefully these have given you a good start for planning your party menu this summer. And if there are no parties on the horizon, do what I do and make an appetizer board for dinner! My little one loves to eat “apps” for dinner.

Light Summer Appetizer Recipes

Light Summer Appetizer Recipes

Healthy eaters don’t have to miss out on taste. In fact, I find them more flavorful than the fried “go-to’s”. Let’s get right into them, shall we?

Award Winning Healthy Appetizer Recipes

First up are these watermelon feta skewers with mint! They are one of the most interesting summer foods that combine well with the heat of the season. Plus, I love this bright watermelon red color. You can also turn this healthy meal into more of a salad by threading skewers and spreading watermelon feta bites on a large plate. Delicious!

Next, delicious spinach artichoke stuffed with small peppers! Yes, these are good enough to double as dinner. They are very sweet. Plus, they use plain Greek yogurt and just a touch of full-fat cheese so they’re a “white” meal that doesn’t lose flavor!

What’s a favorite healthy snack that’s perfect for summer? These little BLTs! Use a small tomato (just cut the bottom to allow it to sit upright) and fill with a dollop of your favorite toppings (ranch, blue cheese, or just plain), arugula leaves, and a little bacon. These are also the easiest to prepare the morning of your party!

Swap fries and opt for these delicious parmesan zucchini from Rasa Malaysia! They are easy to make, and you won’t lose the calories from the potato fries.

Light Summer Appetizer Board • Unicorns In The Kitchen

Summer is all about salsa, right? Pineapple is already a summer favorite so add in the spices from the jalapeno and you are looking at a delicious (and healthy) summer dish (get the recipe for this Pineapple Jalapeno Salsa here). Serve it with your favorite vegetables or add it on top of mini tacos!

Cantaloupe is second (only to watermelon) for my favorite summer fruits! Play Nice With Butter (obsessed over on her blog) has the most amazing recipe for these prosciutto wraps, the perfect summer meal!

These summer accessories are so cute, aren’t they? I love the vibrant colors and all the healthy nutrients from the vegetables. Eat Spin Run Repeat this delicious recipe for these loaded veggie summer rolls with cashew tahini dip!

Light Summer Appetizer Recipes

One of my favorite bloggers, Michael of Inspired by Charm, has this amazing recipe for antipasto kabobs that are perfect for summer! It has some of my favorite recipes (and DIY, homemade ideas) around the web!

Finger Food Ideas For A Party

Can you do it?! These shrimp tapas and mango shooters are so good! They are so strong and fun which is perfect for summer! Eat Well 101 has an amazing recipe here!

Served cold, this caprese dip is absolutely amazing! No turning on the oven for this healthy meal this summer. Spicy cheese topped with diced tomatoes, mozzarella and loads of fresh basil!

If you want to impress your party guests, this shrimp recipe is really amazing. Served cold, it’s full of flavor and easy! Plus, it’s a healthy meal that you can enjoy all summer long.

If you want a variation of salsa that is full of fresh, summer vegetables then this recipe for redneck caviar with red wine vinegar sauce is your answer to your summer food search! DELICIOUS!

Cucumber Bites Appetizers

If you need inspiration to set up the perfect summer party, here are a few of my favorite summer party favors! Cool and refreshing, with plenty of seasonal goodness, these easy and delicious meals will be a quick hit at summer parties.

Swap cucumber for the traditional tomato and you’ve got a fun new take on caprese, a summer favorite.

Stuff a medium cherry tomato with this delicious Italian flavor and you’ve got an instant feast. Just make sure you don’t use grape tomatoes, which aren’t too filling. Recipe: Cherry Tomato Salsa Verde

Light Summer Appetizer Recipes

One of our favorite ways to use up leftover heirloom tomatoes from the garden (or farmers market)? Cut them up for this delicious snack.

Best Grilled Appetizer Recipes For A Party

Guac is a staple of summer, and this is our favorite topping to date. Feel free to double or double the recipe to serve a crowd.

Take the cheese plate game to the next level by embellishing the soft cheese legs with flowers and leaves. It’s pure nostalgia, but it’s a show-stopper party.

Lettuce replaces the tortilla in these island-inspired tacos that work well as light appetizers, or when eaten in pairs or trios, as a main course.

Deviled eggs are a stalwart party appetizer for a reason. Add a Spanish twist in the form of crumbled chorizo​​​​​​, and you’ve got a new tradition instantly.

The Best Recipes For Summer Appetizers

Ceviche is made fresh for summer. Serve on tostadita shells or thick tortilla chips for a delicious appetizer.

The corn dog, a staple of the plain, gets a nice upgrade in this smaller version. Serve with bubbly for an unexpected combination of the above.

Eggplant fans rejoice! It’s very tasty chopped and mixed with two kinds of onions, garlic, and chipotle to make a summer tostada.

Light Summer Appetizer Recipes

Move over, shrimp cocktail. Set a plate of seafood with this deliciously sweet, lemony dipping sauce and watch it quickly disappear.

Hot And Cold Appetizer Recipes

These spring kits are pretty cool and a lot less difficult to put together than you might think. Serve with dipping sauce for a winning combination. You can also prepare them to eat-and-go in a snap!

For a delicious taste on fresh corn, make these cakes small for an appetizer (or full size for a main vegetarian course) They are no stranger to a nice house party, special meal, or dinner party, and although summer is change Combine some things (food outside, grill everything we can…), some rules are fixed. One of our most important guidelines for entertainment? If you are hosting guests, there MUST be snacks. Heck, even if you’re not – you and your family deserve a little indulgence-bouche sometimes too. You

Just take out the store bought chips and dip, but trust us, homemade really is better. Check out our list of 55 summer recipes – they’ll keep your guests happy from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we wait as long as summer for summer produce every year we do

Cold Appetizers For Your Next Get Together

We can enjoy it in every part of every meal, from appetizers to desserts. This means using tons of fresh fruits and vegetables in the obvious applications, of course, like salsa and crudité, but also getting creative and using them in unexpected dips, crunchy bites, and things shareable snacks. Having a low key BBQ or joint? Take out some pulled pork or cheeseburger nachos, stuffed zucchini skins (like loaded potato skins, but more summery), tomato gnocchi kebabs or melon prosciutto skewers, or pigs in a pretzel. Throwing a dinner or want to celebrate something special with food (we’re thinking summer birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)? Applications are the perfect concern when you finish preparations in the kitchen (last minute decorating the bread, putting on the beautiful plates…) Start the meal with something like crab artichoke stuffed with mushrooms, duchess potatoes , oyster meat “calamari”, black pea bruschetta, or our tomato tart. Both are simple to put together, but will make your meal look amazing.

Even when it comes to basic snacks like chips and dip, you can make something better than store-bought. We will admit to wanting to enjoy a glass of salsa (yes, you can take it mild, medium, or hot without considering the spices yourself), but one thing you can’t find at the store and it is not good. fruity, cheesy, or creamy that your guests will love. Check out our baba ghanoush, Greek feta dip, pork cheeseburger dip, blueberry salsa, ssamjang (sweet and spicy Korean dip), or our grilled corn salsa for ideas. We like to bring out a variety of local options so there is something for everyone.

Want more summer inspiration? Check out our favorite summer foods, summer cocktails, healthy summer recipes, and dessert recipes too.

Light Summer Appetizer Recipes

We are happy to report that esquites, the irresistible and non-greasy version of everyone’s favorite cotija-covered snack, elote, are the perfect inspiration for these bite-sized fritters. Paired with lemon and garlic-spiked sour cream, these crispy dumplings are guaranteed to disappear into the crowd within minutes.

Simple Summer Snack Board

Put those summer tomatoes to good use in this delicious tomato and feta tart. It requires a few simple things (and almost no effort). A store-bought cookie gives you a crisp, soft crust without the hassle of making your own crust.

Prepare a smorgasbord of all the crunchy veggies and crackers you can get your hands on, because we know

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