Main Course Egg Recipes Uk

Main Course Egg Recipes Uk – Are you in a hurry or constantly short on time? This diverse collection of quick and easy egg recipes is perfect for when you need to cook something quickly with as little effort as possible.

From simple egg recipes, like omelettes and scrambled eggs, to fancier dishes like Mexican micro pot or strawberry ricotta rolls, these easy egg recipes prove that with the right ingredients and recipe, you can get a lot in a short time.

Main Course Egg Recipes Uk

Main Course Egg Recipes Uk

Simple in practice but deliciously impressive in results, all of these egg recipes can be created in 15 minutes or less and in some cases as little as five minutes for those really against the clock! Why not try one of our many quick and easy recipes including egg in a cup, Spanish omelette or veggie breakfast scramble? Pack your stopwatch and start cooking to see how easy it is to prepare amazing tasty meals.

Scotch Eggs Recipe

Eggs are the ideal ingredient to have on hand if you’re often short on time. Despite the perception that quick recipes have to be very simple, plain or boring, our range of deliciously easy egg recipes proves otherwise. For colorful and easy dinner ideas, check out our Rainbow Egg Roll, Avocado and Ham Crispy Frittata, or Poached Egg with Tomato and Feta. Quick and easy recipes can also offer a healthier twist to your favorite “fast food” style dishes, like our Easy Egg Pizza or Avocado Egg Quesadilla with Salmon. Fiona (aka Fee) is our digital editor, doing the delicious. her website, social channels and newsletters and she boasts over 10 years of editorial experience. She’s a trained pastry chef and she loves to cook for others in her spare time… which means birthday cakes at delicious HQ are always guaranteed.

If the cupboards are bare and your energy to hit the shops seems lacking, you can always count on having a carton of eggs in the fridge. For the inevitable “eggs for dinner” evenings, try one of our easy recipes, which use only a handful of common ingredients and are the perfect way to consume eggs…

And if you’re really low on supplies, check out our 14 easy recipes using a can of tomatoes.

This quick take on the classic egg fried rice still tastes just as good with all your favorite Chinese dishes, but we’ve used pre-cooked rice in this recipe to save time.

Shakshuka (middle Eastern Baked Eggs)

Make our own recipe for fragrant curry sauce or just use a jar of curry sauce for this simple egg, spinach and potato vegetarian curry. It’s also dairy and gluten free, so everyone can enjoy it!

Start your day (or end it) right with this easy avocado, bacon, and fried egg breakfast recipe. If you don’t have avocado in the fridge, you can do without it. And bacon could always be traded for cold meat if supplies are low.

A simple French toast recipe; sliced ​​white bread is dipped in a vanilla egg mix and then deep-fried, before dipping it in sugar. A devilish recipe for breakfast or brunch. Omit the sugar and vanilla if you prefer salty and add a pinch of salt. Optional ketchup!

Main Course Egg Recipes Uk

You may have noticed this popular brunch dish popping up all over the store as of late. We think this easy shakshuka, a classic Middle Eastern lunch recipe, is great served anytime, topped with good bread. Basically, all you need is a tin of diced tomatoes, some eggs, peppers and chilies and it’s all yours…

Bacon And Egg Pie

Adding a touch of harissa to this easy chickpea recipe turns this simple meal into a satisfying and flavorful midweek dinner. If you don’t have harissa, a few chilies and a dash of extra seasoning will bring this dish to life!

Only five ingredients (plus a pat of butter) stand between you and this easy omelet recipe. It’s the ultimate savior when you’re really out of ideas.

An easy fried egg recipe, with a premium twist, that’s good for both dinner and breakfast. Serve these eggs in a skillet with whatever you have inside; bread, pittas or even beans!

Try making this healthy omelet recipe for breakfast or dinner—it’s packed with protein to help you feel full longer. We used chopped tomatoes and parsley but when it comes to omelettes, the choice of toppings is entirely up to you; use what you have in your fridge!

Veggie Hash With Fried Eggs

If you thought pancakes were just for Shrove Tuesday, you were so wrong. Try our easy pancake recipe for a great pantry meal. Sprinkle an abundance of sweet toppings on them if you’re craving dessert, or go savory with cheeses, meats, and herbs. Click here for our guide to making the perfect pancakes or browse all of our pancake recipes.

For anyone with a little more time on their hands, having a carton of eggs is the perfect excuse to whip up a quiche. Our classic quiche lorraine recipe goes great with a side salad for dinner or makes a great lunch on its own.

This bowl of goodness is based on the Greek avgolemono, basically a soup with chicken, orzo noodles and a poached egg, spiced up with parsley. The dish is lemony-fresh, comforting and invigorating, like spring in a bowl.

Main Course Egg Recipes Uk

We have over 200 egg recipes, which means you’ll never run out of ideas. Click here for all our egg recipes.

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