Main Course Halloumi Recipes

Main Course Halloumi Recipes – Written by the professional and completely food obsessed team behind this website, our social channels and our monthly magazine.

Cypriots have been eating halloumi for 1,600 years. However, the UK’s appreciation for salty cheese has been more recent. We are fans of all things cheesy and halloumi is one of our all-time favourites. Find 19 ways with salty, sweet stuff…

Main Course Halloumi Recipes

Main Course Halloumi Recipes

The rise in popularity of halloumi has seen many cafes and restaurants featuring cheese in dishes for brunch, lunch and dinner – and we are all for eating cheese at any time of the day. According to Google, 40,000 people search for halloumi every month – that’s a lot of cheese lovers. If you are one of them, to make things easier we have found 19 of the best halloumi recipes from the internet. Sweet dreams are, after all, made of cheese…

Grilled Halloumi With Watercress Recipe

Halloumi is a salty, slightly rubbery white cheese made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk. It is essentially a Cypriot cheese, although it is also a major player in Turkish and Greek cuisine, too.

While eating halloumi raw will not harm you, we recommend cooking it using one of the methods below for best results. One of the best things about this squeaky, salty cheese is its crispy, golden exterior when fried, grilled or barbecued!

Frying… Place a frying pan or frying pan on medium-high heat until very hot, then lay thick slices (0.5-1cm) of halloumi on top. Leave for 2-3 minutes until deep golden and ultra crisp, then turn to fry the other side. Note: you don’t really need to use oil because halloumi has a very high oil content.

Grilled/barbecued… Cut a block of halloumi into 1cm thick slices, brush with a little olive oil then place under a hot grill/over hot eggs on a barbecue. Leave to crisp for approximately 5 minutes, then flip and repeat on the other side.

Crispy Potato And Halloumi Bake Recipe

Baked… This is an uncommon but just as delicious way to cook halloumi. Slice, set in a baking tray and drizzle with a little olive oil (this is the time to add extra seasoning, if you want, such as honey, roasted leaves or garlic). Then bake at 200 degrees for approximately 10-15 minutes, turning half way through.

1. Grilled ham and halloumi burger with chilli yoghurt If you love a good burger, we highly recommend you whip a smile around at one of these guys.

2. Herbed lentil and beetroot ‘couscous’ with halloumi There are a few ingredients to this halloumi salad, but they all come together to make something amazing. Earthy beetroot, spicy seeds, lots of herbs and of course, the reason we’re all here, fried halloumi.

Main Course Halloumi Recipes

3. 10-minute halloumi fries Coat chunky pieces of halloumi cheese in polenta and a little spice, and shallow fry until the outside is crisp and the inside is soft and oozy. That’s how you make the ultimate halloumi fries

Summer Israeli Couscous Salad With Crispy Halloumi

5. Whole baked halloumi with fig jam You don’t have halloumi at its best until it’s fully cooked, under a hot grill until browned and gnarly….

6. Lamb and halloumi salad with peas Serve this light steak and halloumi salad with pitta breads on warm summer evenings.

7. Greek salad with mint and fried halloumi The classic Greek salad always contains feta cheese, but rules are made to be broken – so here we are. Swap feta for halloumi in this Mediterranean recipe.

8. Crispy potatoes and halloumi bake This may be our most popular halloumi recipe of all time! A comforting combination of mashed potatoes, halloumi cheese and chilli-hot tomato sauce is baked until it’s crispy and oozy. There is a lot to love about this.

Best Halloumi Recipes

9. Halloumi and sweet potato burgers Halloumi burgers are well-loved for a reason; The almost meaty texture of this cheese stands up well to a variety of textures and flavors. Here, we’ve paired it with mashed sweet potatoes (a game changer if you haven’t tried it) with mashed avocado and red peppers.

10. Pancetta-wrapped halloumi fries Halloumi fries – but with a meaty twist. Try wrapping the halloumi sticks in a slice of pancetta before frying for an even crunchier flavor.

11. Turkish macaroni cheese (firin makarna) Mac and cheese is soul food at its best – chuck some halloumi in there and I’ll be smiling for days.

Main Course Halloumi Recipes

12. Chorizo, halloumi and tomato traybake Everyone loves a traybake, especially when it has thick slices of halloumi and salty chorizo.

Fattoush Salad With Grilled Halloumi

13. Sesame-crusted halloumi with Mediterranean vegetables Shortcut ingredients make this Mediterranean-inspired vegetarian dish an absolute cinch to make. Halloumi-crusted sesame on top is the star attraction.

14. Halloumi nut roast The grated halloumi in this veggie nut roast adds a wonderfully soft texture and well-seasoned kick. Serve it up as a wonderful vegetarian showstopper when next Christmas rolls around.

15. Cheese and honey rosemary kadaif (shredded pastry pie) Butter, cheese and pastry are the basic ingredients in this pie – which is good for the soul.

16. Mediterranean halloumi salad All this simple Mediterranean salad needs is plenty of fresh bread to soak up the juices.

On Annie’s Menu

18. Chickpea and halloumi non-meat balls We’ve made wonderful meatballs out of halloumi and quinoa in this veggie take on a classic. They are full of fresh herbs which is what gives this dish its wow factor.

19. Greek cheese and veg lattice tarts Halloumi and vegetables are stuffed inside a creamy pastry in these decadent lattice tarts. Serve, also warm, with a green salad. It is great to make ahead, can be made cold or hot, it is enough to stand alone as a meal or as a good side, and most importantly, it is combined with summer flavor that is good.

I love Israeli couscous. It has the best texture. Chewy and soft. Like pasta, it absorbs the flavors of whatever you add to it. In this case, we are flavoring it with a quick herby vinaigrette.

Main Course Halloumi Recipes

Basil, mint, garlic, red wine, Dijon, and olive oil. That’s it! Combine all in a food processor and season, to taste, with salt and pepper. Once the couscous is cooked and still warm, add it to the dressing so you can absorb all the right flavors to go.

Grilled Halloumi Spinach Salad With Dates

Into the bowl go some of my favorite summer ingredients: fresh corn cut off the cob, juicy cherry tomatoes, baby arugula, cucumber, and a little bit of red onion for some bite. Throw it all up and add some extra fresh herbs for good measure.

While this is perfectly delicious as it is, we’re taking it up a notch. A great celebrity.

If you don’t have halloumi, you must try it. It is a cheese that has a very unique character to it. It’s firm and chewy and can be grilled or pan-seared until crispy and golden on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. It’s very salty and a little goes a long way.

Dan and I are obsessed with crispy halloumi, and it’s always such a treat when I add it to our meals. Especially light and bright salads like this one. It adds the wow factor, for sure!

Peach, Cherry And Halloumi Salad

Now, you can definitely make this salad yourself by adding in any vegetables you like. Take it in a more Mediterranean direction and add feta and olives to the mix. Roasted zucchini or summer squash would also be fantastic additions. You did it!

This Summer Israeli Couscous Salad with Crispy Halloumi is quickly becoming a summer staple! Fresh herby dressing couscous and all the summer veggies to stir in. The best part is the crispy halloumi cheese on top. This dish is enough to stand on its own, but it will also make a wonderful side dish all summer long. So much fresh flavor!

Keywords: Israeli couscous salad, herby couscous, couscous with crispy halloumi, crispy halloumi cheese, herbed couscous, herbed Israeli couscous salad This Halloumi Salad is packed with veggies, healthy protein and fats, and makes a delicious vegetarian main dish or hearty side dish.

Main Course Halloumi Recipes

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to healthy eating salads are a go-to all season favorite. And I’m not talking about lifeless green salads made with iceberg lettuce – I mean a good, hearty salad with mixed greens, vegetables, or kale, tons of fresh vegetables, protein, cheese, and ALL the flavor. This

Grilled Halloumi For A Light Summer Meal

Is one of my favorite salads to make for lunch or dinner, and I just know you’ll love it as much as I do!

What is Halloumi Cheese? Halloumi cheese is a semi-hard cheese made in Cyprus (near Turkey and Greece), made from sheep and goat milk. It is popular in Mediterranean countries and throughout Europe. How to Grill Halloumi Cheese? Grilling Halloumi Cheese is so easy! Because of its high melting point it stays solid even when questioned. Add to your outdoor grill or indoor pan over medium-high heat and sear on all sides until dark golden brown.

I hope you love this healthy salad recipe as much as we do! Let me know in the comments below, what is your favorite healthy salad recipe? I would like to know!

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Pan Fried Halloumi Cheese With Olives & Hazelnuts

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