Main Course Recipes For Kitty Party

Main Course Recipes For Kitty Party – Suralichi Vadi also known as khandvi is a tasty and healthy, flavored steamed snack popular in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat in India. It’s gluten-free and consists of bite-sized, tightly rolled pieces made of gram flour and yogurt with savory seasonings and garnishes. Khandvi is lightly spiced, with a sweet and sour taste and a soft, silky, melt-in-the-mouth texture. The traditional method is laborious and one has to be skilled and very precise about the amount of liquid added and the cooking time, but with this pressure cooker method, making khandvi at home is hassle-free and no longer seems like rocket science. Serve hot or cold as a starter or tea time snack. It is an ideal choice and is often a favorite at kitty parties and potlucks.

The theme for the 174th #FoodieMondayBlogHop is #Potluck recipes, suggested by Preethi di. A potluck is a shared meal where separate dishes are cooked and brought by individual members. Potluck parties allow friends and family to get together and enjoy food and quality time, without putting the stress and expense on the host family. Festivals and the holiday season are perfect occasions to hold potluck parties. Khandvi is the perfect potluck snack because it can be made in large quantities, requires no reheating, and the bite-sized pieces are easy to serve without getting messy.

Main Course Recipes For Kitty Party

Main Course Recipes For Kitty Party

Before we move on to the recipe, I would like to share some tips, keep in mind while making khandvi. First you can use yogurt or buttermilk to make khandvi. The ratio of chickpea flour to liquid is 1:2. I have made it using curd. So, I used 1 cup of curd, 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of flour. If you use buttermilk, take 2 cups of buttermilk and 1 cup of chickpea flour. Stick to the exact measurements as more yogurt or water will make the khandvi batter sticky and difficult to spread. We need to spread the cooked dough quickly and as thinly as possible on the greased area because the dough tends to cool quickly and you may have a hard time spreading it as a thin sheet. Grease a large tray or plate with oil before opening the pressure cooker. You can also place a sheet of aluminum on the table and lubricate it so that it spreads easily. So let’s get started.

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2. Take a pressure cooker. Add 2 cups of water to it. Place the container with the khandvi mixture in it. Place the lid and pressure cook for 3 whistles on medium-low heat. While the mixture is cooking, grease a tray, plate or aluminum sheet with oil. Keep all ingredients for fertilizing ready. After 3 whistles, turn off the flame. Allow the pressure to release naturally.

3. Beat the cooked mixture using a wire whisk and immediately take a small amount of the mixture and spread it on a greased surface. Flatten into thin sheets, using a greased spatula. Be as quick as you can at this stage as the mixture becomes unmanageable while cooling. Spread all the batter on a greased plate and tray in the same way.

4. Sprinkle chopped coriander and grated coconut on top of the khandvi sheet. Now with a pizza cutter, cut the sheet into vertical lines. Carefully roll each sheet into a tight roll and place on a serving plate.

5. Now, prepare the seasoning by heating the oil in a small pan. add mustard seeds. After sprinkling, add cumin seeds followed by sesame and chili pieces. Allow the seasoning to soak into the oil for a few seconds.

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6. Put out the fire. using a spoon, pour the dressing over the khnadvi rolls and serve the delicious khandvi or suralichi vadi either plain or with a little dip or sauce of your choice. we love it with fried and salty green chilies.Kitty Party Snacks: Having a kitty party at home and don’t know what to cook for snacks? We’re here with a list of delicious cat party recipes to make it easy for you!

Kitty Party Recipe: Throwing a kitty party at home might sound like a fun idea at first, but when you get down to business, it’s a lot of chaos. From planning the theme, thinking of interesting games, choosing gifts and most importantly, preparing , everything together seems to be a big task, which requires a lot of time and energy. Kitty parties have, for a long time, been a popular way for women to socialize and mingle with each other during their free time. It involves fun games and contests for members with the real goal of saving money along the way.

Most cat parties are held once or twice a month with each member taking turns hosting them at her home. Although in some groups, cat party members decide to have a potluck, some take turns hosting the entire party. Of course, the most important part of any party and a cat party is no different. It is not only an addition to the event to get rid of hunger, but also a conversation starter for the women to bond with each other while eating. Since, cat parties are usually held in the late afternoon after lunch; it usually consists of only tasty snacks along with drinks.

Main Course Recipes For Kitty Party

So, if you’re hosting a cat party at home and don’t know what cat party snacks to prepare, don’t worry. We have a list of delicious starter recipes that you can easily prepare at home and delight the taste buds of all the ladies in your kitty group.

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This is a healthy yet delicious Indian snack – tikki. Packed with the goodness of quinoa, beetroot, spinach and couscous, along with oats, this cat party snack recipe is quick and easy to prepare at home and can be served with your choice of meal. With flavors of ginger and garlic and the deep pink color of beetroot, this vegetable appetizer will be a delight on the table.

Kitty Party Ideas With Recipes: This healthy tikki is made with the healthiest ingredients like quinoa, beets, couscous and spinach with oats.

A very popular snack – paneer tikka – is made with soft and tender chunks of paneer, coated with various spices and cooked on a pan to perfection. It’s the ideal cat party snack recipe because it’s light, delicious, easy and melts in the mouth!

The perfect finger snack to serve at a cat party! Cheese straws are coated with oats and baked with a mixture of chili powder, mustard powder, kasoori methi, butter, flour and lots of cheese, which makes it a delicious snack to enjoy at cat parties.

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Chicken starter is always a treat for non-vegetarians! The true blue chicken dish – chicken satay – is a hearty Indonesian snack where the chicken is smothered in spices and sauces, and grilled to perfection. This one here has an added fiery peri peri sauce that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Kitty Party Recipe: This chicken satay recipe has a spicy twist with the addition of fiery peri peri sauce.

Who doesn’t love crunchy popcorn? And when it’s made of chicken, it’s even better! Small bite-sized pieces of chicken are mixed with spicy seasonings of black pepper, ginger-garlic paste and paprika, and deep-fried for hot, crispy, and crunchy chicken popcorn! Serve it with spicy sauce.

Main Course Recipes For Kitty Party

India’s favorite street food, made super healthy, so you can enjoy it throughout your kitty party. Low-calorie bhel puri has the goodness of bean sprouts mixed with flavorful tamarind pulp, mint chutney, chaat masala and chili along with a garnish of sev and coriander leaves.

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One snack that can whet anyone’s appetite just at the mention of it is – chaat. Be it fruit chaat, potato chaat or corn chaat, the addition of flavorful spices and sour lime can give them all a boost. Here’s a healthy and guilt-free chaat recipe full of the goodness of sprouts, corn and tomatoes along with coriander chutney, cumin powder and a handful of pomegranate sprinkled on top.

Kitty Party Recipe: Loaded with protein, Vitamin K, dietary fiber, Vitamin C and Folate, this recipe is a nutrient powerhouse.

This is a rather long recipe that involves a lot of ingredients and takes more time, but the end result is worth it all! These sushi rolls are a unique snack and will definitely stand out on the table. With avocado and fish stuffing along with sesame seeds, spicy Japanese mayo and teriyaki sauce, valentine sushi rolls are perfect for an incredible starter.

A classic Italian dish, bruschetta has long been one of the most favorite snacks to pair with tea or serve as an appetizer. It is decorated with various toppings and tastes very delicious; no wonder it is loved across the ages. Here is a bruschetta recipe topped with wonderful vegetables like artichokes,

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