Main Course Recipes For Large Groups

Main Course Recipes For Large Groups – Quick: You have eight family members coming over this weekend, and pizza isn’t going to cut it. Don’t worry, friend. You can feed the whole crew with these delicious recipes for a crowd, from one-pan chicken dinners to big breakfast platters. Trust us: You can throw them together in no time, whether the occasion is a birthday party, a holiday gathering, or a regular old weeknight dinner.

In this huge gem, pork shoulder is simmered in the slow cooker for eight hours, yielding tender, fall-apart meat that’s fabulous in tacos, sandwiches and even with fried eggs.

Main Course Recipes For Large Groups

Main Course Recipes For Large Groups

This family favorite packs in a pound of sweet Italian sausage, plus plenty of ricotta, Parm and provolone. (Thank you, Coterie member, Heidi Larsen.)

Dinner Recipes That Will Feed A Crowd

A ten-ingredient, 30-minute recipe that keeps for up to a month in the freezer. (So ​​basically, it’s fabulous in every way.)

These amazing tacos come together in 35 minutes and are piled high with sriracha mayo and caramelized kimchi to boot.

The easiest way to cook for a crowd: Throw all the ingredients into your pressure cooker, then go live your life. In no time, you have a soul-warming dinner that’s ready to serve.

This classic takes a little patience to make (hey, homemade biscuits take time), but Coterie member Maria Lichty promises it’s worth it.

Baked Fennel With Potatoes And Onion

In less than an hour, you can have 48 of these delightful macaroni bites on the table, baked with two types of gooey cheddar cheese.

A decadent side dish that pairs fabulously with roast chicken and a green salad. (Or Thanksgiving turkey.)

With winter squash, pepitas, currants and macadamia nut cheese, it’s a salad that even salad haters can get on board with.

Main Course Recipes For Large Groups

Layered with ground beef, sharp cheddar, black beans and tons of tuna, this crowd pleaser will be gone in 10 minutes or less.

Copycat Longhorn Parmesan Crusted Chicken Recipe

This nutritious, protein-rich program is loaded with pine nuts, pesto, sweet peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro and feta cheese. (Jum.)

The secret to this picnic favorite (besides a pound of bacon, of course)? Dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar, to make it spicy and slightly sweet.

If you’re on a dinner date, listen up: This delicious summer pie can elevate any meal, from a picnic lunch in the park with a bottle of wine to Sunday dinner with the whole family on the back patio.

Let’s let you in on a little secret: This sweet and savory baked cheese looks great, but it couldn’t be easier to make. And with all those elegant toppings, it’s great for your holiday table.

Large Group Recipes

Food blogger Tieghan Gerard tells us that the key to a great flank steak is marinating in something delicious for a few hours. Done and done.

Forget lasagna noodles. In this dish, we layer ravioli (meat, cheese, mushroom—whatever you feel like) for the most epic baked pasta dish ever. This recipe

The whole family will approve of this decadent dinner. Even your kids won’t mind the veggies, thanks to all the crumbled bacon and melted Gruyère.

Main Course Recipes For Large Groups

We are fans of artichoke dipping. Add puff pastry, and we’re positively swooning. They have the same cheesy goodness as the retro dip, without the need for crackers or chips.

Best Easy Dinner Recipes

Monkey bread is delicious, but we’ve made it 2 billion times. Enter this remix that boasts all the fun of monkey bread and double the class. Make it for weekends, game days or dinner parties, but always serve warm.

Onion rings better watch out: These easy, elegant squash bites are sure to steal the show. Prepare a plate at your next cocktail party and watch them disappear in five minutes.

Two things everyone loves: pizza and snacks. In other words, this recipe is sure to be a hit. Use store-bought pizza dough and your guests will be none the wiser.

Now that it’s cool enough to turn on your oven, it’s time to embrace the sheet pan meal. This one is packed with hot Middle Eastern spices that will have your guests begging for the recipe.

Quick And Easy Recipes

Parmesan, pasta, beans, kale and juicy meatballs… all in one bite? Say no more: We are already going to your place.

You had us at gnocchi, and again at a one-pot dinner. Thanks to a few smart shortcuts (store-bought pasta, for one), this big dinner only takes 30 minutes to make.

Brunch should always be this easy. You basically drop all the ingredients into the Crockpot and go about your business until it’s ready.

Main Course Recipes For Large Groups

Eggs are easy to cook for one, but they are difficult to make for a crowd. Consider this recipe your secret weapon. It’s delicious with toast and a mimosa—and even more so on a bagel sandwich.

Potluck Side Dishes To Feed A Crowd

A whole batch of French toast made in a single dish? Yes, we are definitely making this gem on Christmas morning.

Quiche is a classic breakfast. But quiche with a potato crust? Expect the crowd to go wild. Serve it with crusty bread and a fruit salad.

Streets are the elegant casseroles of the brunch world. This one has a lot of gooey cheese, and it happens to be a great way to use up any leftover veggies you have in the fridge.

What makes this dish so amazing, you ask? It could be the fact that it’s easy to prepare… or it could be the copious amounts of avocado on top. We can’t decide.

Meals For Large Groups {easy & Inexpensive Ideas!}

Not only is the flaky salmon bursting with smoky chipotle and cumin, but it’s also topped with grilled pineapple salsa and cashew-lime cream. (May we also recommend a bunch of pickled red onions?)

Italian sausage has a lot of built-in flavor, so this pasta hardly needs any extra zhuzhing—though a sprinkling of grated Parma never hurts.

Name a better way to use leftover pumpkin pie, we’ll wait. It tastes just as festive on Halloween morning as it does on Black Friday.

Main Course Recipes For Large Groups

Store-bought basil pesto does most of the heavy lifting in the flavor department. It will also pair wonderfully with additional summer vegetables, such as squash or corn.

Make Ahead Thanksgiving Potluck Side Dish Ideas

The beauty of stone fruit season. Be patient while the chicken marinates – the buttermilk is the key to tender meat, crispy skin and extra flavor.

How did we pull off this iconic Spanish staple in an hour, you ask? We reduced the shellfish to shrimp and cockles for quick cooking. We’ll bring the sangria.

This comforting recipe is a far cry from your grandmother’s split pea soup. Chalk it up to the homemade croutons, sherry vinegar, smoky bacon and a whole can of pale lager.

Nothing wows a crowd like a golden brown whole chicken. Pro tip: Place the chicken so its legs point toward one of the back corners of the oven, where it runs hotter than the center of the oven. This will prevent the breast meat from drying out.

The Only Frittata Recipe You’ll Ever Need

When in doubt, a massive charcuterie spread of meat and cheese always satisfies. And this one has a few extra appetizers, like heirloom pan with tomato and pan tomatoes bravado with saffron aioli.

This is: the definition of comfortable. Not only does it only require 15 minutes of active preparation, but you can also freeze the leftovers for up to three months.

It sure beats frying a million chicken wings on game day. We canceled the roast pork so the sammies were low, but feel free to add it to make them more authentic and filling.

Main Course Recipes For Large Groups

Tell chicken to sit this one out—crispy slabs of breadcrumb-topped eggplant will be just as delicious. Pass the garlic bread.

Meatless Main Courses Packed With Protein And Fiber

Pile it on rolls, add it to salads, use it to fill burritos or spread it on a quesadilla. The options are endless.

BRB, swimming in a sea of ​​pancetta and wine-kissed cheese sauce. You could serve the risotto as a side, but we think it’s decadent enough to stand on its own.

FYI, most of the cooking time is hands-free, so you can sit back and enjoy the glow of that drooling caramel sauce.

Thanks to five juicy, in-season apricots, you don’t even need to freeze this beauty. It is naturally gorgeous as is.

Middle Eastern Main Course Recipes Ft Yotam Ottolenghi

Remember those incredible cupcakes your family ordered every year on your birthday? Well, now it can be your birthday every damn day of the year.

A beautiful cheesecake is great for any occasion. And honestly, a group setting is best for this easy-to-make dessert, because leftovers are dangerous.

Taryn Pireis’ assistant food editor. A former bartender and bartender, she has been writing about all things delicious since 2016, developing recipes, reviewing restaurants and researching food at Food52, New Jersey Family Magazine and Taste Talks. When she’s not testing out the latest viral TikTok recipe, she’s eating popcorn for dinner and posting about it on Instagram @cookingwithpire.

Main Course Recipes For Large Groups

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