Plum Cake Recipes

Plum Cake Recipes – Let’s see how to make Plum Cake Plum Recipe. Christmas is always special for me because it is the month of Celebrations, holidays and moreover the month of shopping!!!!! . I celebrate the whole month starting from the 1st day – collecting the Christmas tree until the end of the month / end of the year. There is so much fun to be had throughout the month from decorating the house to cooking/dessert/dinner and more. The month is full of joy, full of light and incomplete without “Cake”. I make cookies often but the only time I make a fruit cake is at Christmas time.

I never thought Christmas cakes were so easy to make until I baked my first cake. Every year my dad buys 50+ cookies to give out to his friends and family and that’s the only time we buy a cookie for our house. My sister and I enjoy the cake and finish it very quickly, even before my mother takes her first bite. But the only thing I hate about store bought cake is how many dates they add to the cake which I don’t like but thank God now I can make my cake delicious by ignoring the dates.

Plum Cake Recipes

Plum Cake Recipes

This cake is basically made by reducing 1 month of dry fruits and nuts in Rum, but I won’t use alcohol instead, I will use grape juice. that’s why I’m sharing this “rumless pumpkin cake recipe” today.

Christmas Cake/ Rich Fruit And Nut Cake/plum Cake

Soak the grapes, cherries, tutti and walnuts in the grape juice until the fruit and walnuts are fully absorbed. 2 cups of milk is enough, if you are using rum then add 2 cups of rum.

Cover your head and let it soak for at least 1 day to a month. I soaked everything for 2 days.

This is how it looks after 2 days, the grapes are well drained and most of the juice is absorbed from the dried fruit. If you want to make the cake immediately, then boil the dry fruits and nuts with the juice for 3-4 minutes and let it cool completely and then put it in the cake pan.

After two days of washing, let’s start making the cake by caramelizing the sugar. We need to caramelize the sugar to get a nice brown color or you can add brown sugar instead.

Upside Down Plum Cake

Heat 1/2 cup of sugar with 1/4 cup of water and dissolve until it turns brown and brown (amber color). Once brown in color, add 1/2 cup of boiling water and mix well, after mixing switch off the flame and keep aside. Let it cool completely.

Yes, we need to add some spices to the piloqu cake recipe. In a blender, add cinnamon, cloves, cloves and some sugar and grind and blend. You can also use powdered spices if available.

In a large bowl, add eggs, melted butter, sugar and powdered sugar+spice and mix well. The oil should be at room temperature. If the heat is increased the egg will cook so add the oil once it has cooled completely.

Plum Cake Recipes

Then add All purpose flour / Maida to wet ingredients and add baking powder, baking soda, salt and mix well. I put everything in the same bowl, you can mix the dry ingredients separately in a bowl and then add to the egg mixture.

Plum Upside Down Cake

After mixing add caramelized sugar and vanilla extract. Make sure the sugar syrup is at room temperature, if it is warm then it will react with the baking soda. So be sure to cool the syrup completely before adding it.

Finally add the dried fruits and nuts along with the milk. Do not drain the water completely, we need to leave some juice in the dough to get the good taste. I added most of the juice leaving only 1/4 cup of juice left.

After mixing all the ingredients, transfer it to a pan. I used a 10 inch pan and greased the sides with butter and lined it with parchment paper. If you don’t have a 10 inch pan, use 2 medium pans and bake for 40-50 minutes.

Check the cup by inserting a toothpick. if it comes out clean, then our cake is completely cooked.

Plum Walnut Skillet Cake Recipe

Plum Cake is a wonderful fruit cake that is popular during Christmas. Homemade fruitcake tastes better and I made this rum-free onion cake

Soak dried fruit and nuts in grape juice for at least 1 day, make sugar caramel powder, mix all spices with wet ingredients, add dry ingredients and bake soaked fruit at 350 F or 180 C for 70-80 minutes.

I am an avid food blogger with a great passion for food. I am always willing to try new recipes and modify recipes and experiment with them. I have two cooking channels on Youtube CLASSIC MASALA HUT (for English recipes) and MADRAS SAMAYAL (for Tamil recipes).

Plum Cake Recipes

Follow via Facebook Follow via Twitter Follow via Google Follow via Pinterest Follow via Youtube Follow via RSS ‘Tis the season of joy, love and of course, lots of sweets! It’s my favorite time of the year when life is all about whipping up some fancy desserts in the kitchen and sipping on cups of hot chocolate sitting next to a beautiful Christmas tree. This year, I want to share all my happiness with you and so, I have planned some lovely recipes for you to try.

Famous Ny Times Plum Cake (torte) Recipe

This holiday season is different than others because we will be staying home and celebrating with our family and close friends. So why not make it a little more special by baking with and for your loved ones? And you know what! Nothing says Christmas better than a good Plum Cake! So let’s make an eggless onion cake made with the hottest spices, rich and absolutely delicious!

Plum Cake refers to a variety of cakes made with dried fruit (such as plums, raisins or dried) or fresh fruit. There are a wide variety of popular plum cakes and puddings. In India, plum cake is served during the Christmas holiday season, and may add other ingredients such as rum or brandy.

In the last two centuries since it first came out of England, plum cake has reached every corner of the world. Every country, region and family has a different version of the recipe. Some are made with nuts soaked in rum, some are marinated in sherry or brandy for weeks after being cooked, and some contain no alcohol.

Traditionally, dried fruits are soaked in rum/brandy for months or even years before they are used to bake a Christmas Plum Cake. But let’s be honest, not everyone remembers to do this and if this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. For this eggless granny smith cake, I don’t use alcohol and use a very quick, cheat method of making my own dried fruit with orange juice, lemon juice and some water. What this does is that dried fruit makes for an incredibly delicious cake. I use tutti frutti, raisins, dried beets, dried cranberries and prunes for this cake. But you can use any dried fruit you have in the kitchen!

Sunken Plum Cake Recipe

Alternatively, I make this pilox cake without eggs and use yogurt to make a moist and fluffy cake. I recommend using Yogurt as a substitute for eggs. A crust is very similar to a cake and makes it fluffy and light. I also use brown sugar in the cake batter to give it a better depth and deep, beautiful color.

Interested in more egg substitutes? I have written a whole blog post dedicated to it and I know it will make a whole lot better sense for you!

The best part of winter baking is the sweet aroma and warmth of winter spices like cinnamon, cloves, cloves and more! For this eggless pie, I use ground cinnamon, cloves and ginger. Freshly ground almonds work perfectly for this recipe and I wouldn’t recommend using whole spices as they will spoil the lovely mouthfeel of the dessert and all you’ll be able to taste are the spices! What we want is the subtle flavor of these spices that permeates throughout the cake.

Plum Cake Recipes

Since I haven’t soaked my fruit in juice before this year, I’m showing you a quick cheat version of soaking my dried fruit! What I do is, I simply take orange juice, lemon juice and water along with my dried fruit and cook on low heat until the fruit absorbs the liquid and becomes nice and fluffy. This literally takes a few minutes and makes your dried fruit just as good as pre-moistened!

Late Summer Plum Cake With Crème Anglaise Recipe

The main process in making this onion cake is when this cake spends in the oven. We cook this cake slowly at a lower temperature to make it

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