Pulses Main Course Recipe

Pulses Main Course Recipe – If you had asked me a year ago what a pulse was, I would have raised an eyebrow at you and then told you that it was proof that you were alive,

. But there is actually another meaning for the word that applies to food. It’s simply another way to describe beans, lentils, chickpeas and dry beans!

Pulses Main Course Recipe

Pulses Main Course Recipe

Apart from the occasional can of baked beans, I didn’t eat many pulses before I became a vegetarian. Then when I started researching different plant proteins, I discovered that not only are they a great source, but they also offer a plethora of health benefits.

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In honor of the United Nations declaring 2016 the International Year of Pulses, I’ve teamed up with USA Pulses and Pulse Canada this month to help spread awareness about this little powerful superfood. Below you’ll find a collection of my favorite legume recipes, all approved by vegetarian and omnivore readers alike.

To learn more about the benefits of pulses and to take the Pulse Pledge (a commitment to eat pulses at least once a week for 10 weeks), visit www.PulsePledge.com!

“I had saved this recipe of yours a while ago and finally made it wisely for dinner tonight…I loved it and so did my husband! I didn’t have the roasted red peppers on hand, so I’m going out tonight to pick up so I can make the sauce to go with the leftovers. Thank you for creating this great recipe! It was simple to make and super delicious!”

“I made these and they were wonderful!!! I just have one question, does the nutritional info include the pasta and sauce or is it just for the meatballs? Honestly, they were so good I wanted to eat them all!”

Vegan Recipes From Pantry & Freezer Ingredients

“My husband doesn’t like veggie burgers – but eating plant-based, he can tolerate them. However, he loved these. That is unbelievable! I’ve tried all kinds of store-bought brands, all kinds of made-from-scratch recipes, and this is the first time he’s said, “These are good!”. Goal! I was startled. I loved them, but I love all veggie burgers! I used leftover cooked sweet potatoes and they came out perfect!”

“I loved the stuffed spaghetti squash burrito bowls. They were amazing. I even did this for a few co-workers. They couldn’t believe how good they were. Not to mention how much they loved not having to return dishes.”

“This is one of my 10 favorite recipes; it’s flavorful, full of authentic flavor, healthy and delicious! I usually pair it with whole wheat naan, or add fried tofu-SO GOOD. Thanks for the great recipes!”

Pulses Main Course Recipe

“Hi! Just wondering if the nutrition info was for 1 taco or two? And PS made these tonight. HUGE success. My husband hates black beans and you are the first person to get him to eat them!”

Top 20 Dishes Made With Pulses

“WOW!!! SOOOO amazing!!! I made this recipe for my vegetarian family for Easter dinner and it’s so wonderful. I’ve made several different lentil bread recipes before and this one is way better! Love the glaze and the minimal bread/crumb content. Thanks , I will enjoy making and eating this recipe for years to come!

“Made this last night and it was just what our bodies needed! So delicious ~~~ and I enjoyed making it. Thank you, Sarah.”

“I was looking for ‘fall themed casseroles’ for brunch last Sunday and came across your site and this recipe. I made this for my whole family and everyone RAVED (including me!!). I wasn’t sure how I would like the squash in a Mexican dish, but it added a delicious sweetness that was to die for.”

“I’ve made your lentil and lemon soup 3-4 times in the last two weeks (so good!) and I decided to keep going. So I had this tonight which did not disappoint. It was delicious. It feels so good to eat this kind of food after indulging during the holidays. What I like the most is that I halve the recipes and then have food ready for a few days (it’s just me eating it.) and the taste is even better. I love having vegetables in soups and it’s something new for me. I’m also going to try your other soup recipes, as they all look really good too. Eating well makes such a difference to how I feel. Thank you once again. I totally recommend this recipe.”

Favorite Recipes Featuring Pulses {beans, Lentils, Chickpeas, Dry Peas}

“I substituted 2 flax eggs for the eggs to make it vegan and they turned out so good! Thanks, this is my new favorite meal!!! :)”

“I recently made a lentil chili and loved it, so when I was looking for more Meatless Monday ideas I came across this recipe. Wow, I loved it! The smoke flavor is so strong (in a good way!). It was easy to make and tasted delicious with a side of organic tortilla chips. The only thing I did differently was cook the lentils for 20 minutes, then add the sweet potatoes for another 20 minutes, so I think I cut 10 minutes out of the recipe. Everything was cooked and came out great. Hubs enjoyed it too!”

“It was AWESOME! So delicious…and I would even make a mushroom/lentil marinara on its own. Absolutely delicious! THANKS!”

Pulses Main Course Recipe

“I just made this for my family because my second child recently decided to go vegetarian and we try to be supportive, even if we don’t change our eating habits completely, and I can’t believe how really satisfying and delicious it is.” are!!!”

White Fish With Tomato Basil Beans

This post was created in partnership with USA Pulses and Pulses Canada. All text and opinions are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make it possible for me to bring you quality content! This Mexican Bean and Potato Bake is a delicious one pot dinner with lots of fresh veggies!

If you asked me what my ideal meal would be, it would be something hearty and cheesy, but still with lots of fresh vegetables. Basically – this Mexican Bean and Potato Bake. That’s exactly the kind of thing I love.

I absolutely love a good potato pie, but I generally see it as a side dish rather than a main course.

Think something like potato dauphinoise – deliciously delicious, but not exactly packed with nutrition. You definitely need to serve something else on the side, preferably something high in protein, to make a full meal (assuming someone else is watching… if you’re alone I say go for it…).

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This Mexican Bean and Potato Bake, on the other hand, is without a doubt a meal in itself. It has carbs, protein and plenty of fresh vegetables all cooked in one big pan – easy, fuss free and delicious!

This Bean and Potato Bake starts with one of my favorite things in the world – Roasted Potatoes! Many potato pies have a layer of thin potatoes, but this version is much more substantial, with large chunks of roasted potatoes instead.

Next, the vegetables! You could add all sorts of veggies at this stage – I went for peppers, mushrooms and zucchini (zucchini!), plus a can of tomatoes to make everything nice and sweet, and some of my favorite Mexican spices.

Pulses Main Course Recipe

As we’ve learned many times before, roasted vegetables are the best kind of vegetables, so pop them back in the oven for immediate cooking.

Super Tasty Lentils

And don’t forget to add a can of beans too – I used kidney beans. The beans are what elevate a simple potato pie to a full, balanced meal!

And finally, what potato pie would be complete without plenty of gooey cheese? When the vegetables are nice and fried, you just sprinkle grated cheese on top and put the dish back in the oven until everything is hot and melted.

As I said, this bean and potato casserole is designed to be a full meal on its own – you really don’t need to serve anything with it.

But a little variety is always good, so if you want to offer something different on the side, go for it! Here are some ideas:

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I simply served a salad on the side and it was an amazing meal – so hearty and comforting, but pretty healthy too!

I’ve been on a bit of a roll with one pot dinners lately – I think the more pregnant I get, the more patience I have for cooking. So anything quick and simple to prepare is really calling my name.

Although there are several steps to this recipe, it actually requires very little effort – the oven does most of the hard work for you. Just dig up your favorite big casserole and roast!

Pulses Main Course Recipe

Serving Size: 1 Serving – Calories: 449 kcal – Carbohydrates: 67.2 g – Protein: 17.5 g – Fat: 14.3 g – Saturated Fat: 5 g – Cholesterol: 20 mg – Sodium: 271 mg – Potassium: 1899 mg – Fiber: 13.8 g – Sugar: 6.6 g – Calcium: 170

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