Question: What Problem Did The Narrator Face During The Night Of January 2 1977?

How did narrator hurt himself?

The narrator hurt himself when a tremendous explosion shook the deck and he smashed his head into the wheel when a huge wave broke over the ship.

He was flung overboard and found himself sinking below the waves.

He thought death was approaching him and he lost consciousness..

What message does we’re not afraid to die if we can all be together give?

Answer. The tile of the story “We are not afraid to die…if we can all be together.” is about the positive attitude and endurance shown by the courageous family of the author in the face of the storm that had endangered their survival.

Why did the narrator feel that it was the most beautiful island?

The author referred the island of Amsterdam as “’the most beautiful island in the world’. It was because after all the ordeals they had to face in the sea, the island came as a hope for them. It was a small piece of volcanic rock with scanty vegetation. They anchored their ship there and refurbished it.

Why does the narrator come back without claiming her belongings?

The narrator wanted to wipe out her past. She realised that the things are not associated with memories, but memories remain with you irrespective of what you have. She had no use of the silver and the antique things that once belonged to her family.

What happened on 2nd January What did the narrator do to face the strong and high waves?

What did the narrator do to face the strong or high waves? Answer: Early morning on January 2nd, the waves were huge and sea was extremely rough. Their ship was hit by strong mighty waves. They slowed down the speed of the boat and double lashed everything.

How did the dawn of January 2 change the fate of the Wavewalker?

Wavewalker had been professionally built and tested in the roughest weather. However, the gigantic waves that started thrashing Wavewalker from January 2, proved disastrous. The boat was capsizing. The narrator accepted his approaching death.

What did the narrator do to face the strong and high waves?

The narrator himself was the captain of the boat. He took all precautions to encounter the gigantic waves. To slow down the boat, the storm jib was drawn. Oilskins and life jackets were put on.

What happened on January 5 in Chapter We are not afraid to die?

On 5th January, the situation was desperate. When the captain went to his children to comfort them, the small boy asked him innocently if they all were going to die but added that he did not mind dying as long as all were the family members were together.

How badly was the narrator hurt when the waves hit Wavewalker?

Answer: The narrator hurt himself very badly on January 2 when a tremendously high wave hit their boat and he was initially thrown overboard before being tossed back by the wave to hit the boom of the boat. Subsequent waves tossed him around the deck like a rag doll, cracking his left ribs and breaking his teeth.

Who is the narrator of We Are Not Afraid to Die?

“We’re Not Afraid to Die… if We Can All Be Together”- Introduction of the Lesson. Written by Gordan Cook and Alan East, the story is about a 37 year old businessman who is the narrator of the story. He has a wife named Mary and two children, Jonathan, aged 6 and Suzanne, aged 7.

What happened on January 2 we are not afraid to die?

It was a small ship and so they tried to manage its speed in the face of those catastrophic waves. The huge waves tossed and crashed on the deck of the ship. The waves rose to great height, vertically. The narrator lost his stability and was knocked down.

How did the narrator hurt himself on January 2nd?

On January 2nd the narrator hurt himself because of a great explosion on the deck. Explanation: His head was smashed into a wheel when the ship was broken by a huge wave.

What precautions did the narrator make to face the stormy sea on January 2?

As the narrator realised that disaster awaited further ahead, he took precautions by slowing the boat down. They dropped the storm jib and lashed a heavy mooring rope in a loop across the stern.

What happened to Suzanne when the boat was hit by the wave?

When the ship was caught in the stormy sea, and the waves struck the ship, Sue was being tossed from one side to another due to the powerful force of the waves. Sue was badly injured. She was hardly hit on her head and even she had pain in her eyes.

What is the moral of the story we are not afraid to die?

The various lessons that can be learnt from the story are the spirit of never giving up, courage, ambition and unity. The story we are not afraid to die is the story of Gordon cook who sets out to sail with his wife and two kids. … Such experiences explain the potential of bravery, tolerance, ambiton and perseverance.

What was bothering the narrator once they left Cape Town?

The narrator knew well that the Southern Indian Ocean, towards the east of Cape Town, Was very rough and dangerous. So he hired two crewmen to help him. Yes, his fears came true as they started facing strong gales as they left Cape Town. They continued fighting gigantic waves and winds for more than a week.

What problems in plenty did the narrator face during the night of January 2?

Answer. ✏On the evening of the 2nd of January, a giant wave, that first looked like a dark cloud, crashed into the boat, badly damaging it. The giant waves threw the narrator into the water and back into the boat, which resulted in him fracturing his ribs and breaking his teeth.

How did the narrator react to the problems what does it reveal?

The narrator react very calmely to the problems and he was not at all afraid to die and want to protect/safe his family from all the hazardous situation. This shows that narrator is very clearminded ,strong and dedicated person.

Is we are not afraid to die a real story?

The story “We are not afraid to die” is connected to reality. In which a truly adventurous journey and description of true events occurred during that historic journey. … All his story is narration of a real journey. In the story “The Adventure”, the character of this story does not go on a real journey.

What was the situation on the morning of January 3?

By morning on January 3, the situation showed a little improvement. Pumps had been working round the clock. The water level was sufficiently under control. The crewmen could take two hours’ rest in rotation.

What efforts did the narrator make to?

After both hand pump and electric pump stopped working, he found another electric pump and used it to drive away water. His continuous efforts saved the ship and the lives of those traveling in it. The narrator tried pumping out the water with the pumps, appointing the crew membera to pump out water.