Recommended Morning Breakfast Menus That Are Not Only Delicious But Also Healthy, What Are They?, Jakarta Breakfast is one of the activities in the morning that cannot be missed. By eating healthy food in the morning, the nutrients your body needs will be fulfilled and you will also have more energy. Not only that, breakfast can also make you more excited to start the day and improve your mood for the better.

Well, there are many choices of breakfast menus that can be consumed. However, still consider the proper nutritional content so that you can get the maximum benefit. If you are confused about looking for a delicious and healthy breakfast, try reading the following recommendations first. There anything?

Chicken porridge

Chicken porridge can be considered to complement breakfast in the morning. This food itself is generally made from rice that is cooked until it has a soft texture and then various complementary toppings are added, such as peanuts, shredded chicken, cakue, fried onions, and spring onions. In it there is also a broth that is fresh and tastes delicious. Not only delicious, but this one breakfast menu also has good nutritional content so it’s perfect to start your day.

Vegetable Lontong

The next menu that can be enjoyed at breakfast time is vegetable rice cakes. This food is indeed often used as a meal in the morning, because it has a fairly light and very delicious taste. Generally, lontong sayur contains pieces of lontong, boiled eggs or boiled eggs, tempeh and bacem tofu, as well as small pieces of various healthy and nutritious vegetables.

Fruit salad

Fruit salad can also be chosen as a delicious and healthy breakfast menu. Apart from being high in nutrition, the fruits that have been processed into this salad are also able to fill the stomach until the next scheduled meal. Not only that, fruit salad is also very suitable for those of you who are on a diet program. Because the calories contained in it are relatively low so that you won’t gain weight easily.


If you want a practical, tasty and healthy breakfast, then eating with oatmeal can really be the best solution. Oatmeal itself contains high fiber so it is good for digestive health. In addition, these foods are also low in sugar and are able to make your stomach full for a long time. To make it taste even more delicious, you can also add various toppings that you like, for example, honey, pieces of fresh fruit, or even seeds.

Well, those were some breakfast menu recommendations to choose from. Whatever the breakfast menu you eat, still pay attention to the intake of minerals that enter the body. Look for mineral water that contains essential minerals so that the benefits can be felt to the fullest. That way, the body can be healthier and fitter.

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