Shrimp Appetizer Recipes

Shrimp Appetizer Recipes – The tender shrimp are pan-fried in a spicy Cajun seasoning, then served on top of creamy guacamole and sweet potato fries. Whet your appetite with these easy Cajun Shrimp Sweet Potato Bites!

Every year we throw a Super Bowl party, and I look forward to it every year. It’s not just because it’s the Super Bowl and I love football, or the funny commercials, or the amazing halftime shows… it’s about the food, baby. And since I’m a food blogger, people come to the party with expectations, whether they say it or not. No pressure!

Shrimp Appetizer Recipes

Shrimp Appetizer Recipes

Let me just say, these Cajun Shrimp Bites did not disappoint. I am glad to hear my husband encouraging me to serve them. Everyone raved about them, and I knew I exceeded their expectations. Point! I know they were a huge hit so I will have to serve them next year.

Avocado Cucumber Shrimp Appetizers

These seafood starters are basically a combination of crispy sweet potato fries, shrimp cocktail and guacamole. The guacamole has a few surprising ingredients that make the avocado look like a baby born with a chimichurri sauce. It goes well with spicy shrimp and sweet sweet potatoes. Just like me, try not to eat all the parts before harvesting!

One of the things I love about these Cajun Shrimp Bites is that they are only 70 calories a pop. Shrimp is full of vitamins, minerals and calcium, while guacamole is full of fiber and potassium.

With all the comfort food available on Super Bowl Sunday, it’s great to have a super healthy option that’s just as satisfying. Plus, this recipe works with gluten-free, paleo, and Whole30 diets!

You can eat these Cajun Shrimp Bites as fast as you can! And it couldn’t be easier.

Best Hot Shrimp Appetizers Recipes

Line baking paper and add oil: Cover the bottom of the baking tray with tin foil. Use a brush to spread 1 tablespoon of olive oil over the pan so that it is completely covered.

Add the remaining oil and salt: Pour the remaining tablespoon of olive oil into a small bowl and brush the top of the potato slices with oil. Season them with salt.

Flip and continue baking: Remove the baking sheet from the oven and gently flip the potatoes using the tongs. Put the baking pan back in the oven and bake for another 5-7 minutes.

Shrimp Appetizer Recipes

Make the Guacamole: Add the avocado, cilantro, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, red pepper flakes, and salt to a food processor or blender. Stir until the mixture is smooth. Set the guacamole aside.

Tropical Coconut Shrimp Bites

Season Shrimp: Add shrimp, smoked paprika, ground cumin, sea salt, and chipotle chili powder to a small bowl. Toss the shrimp to coat in the spices.

Cooking: Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the olive oil to the pan, then place on the shrimp. Cook them for 2-3 minutes on each side.

Don’t settle for shrimp bites that don’t smell good. Remember these simple tips and tricks to be perfect!

There are many ways to put a spin on this recipe to make it your own. Here are some fun ideas!

Garlic Shrimp Crostini With Avocado Recipe

If you think you might have leftovers, don’t put all the Cajun shrimp bites together – you should store the ingredients separately.

Hi, I’m the recipe developer and food photographer behind all these easy healthy recipes! I love food, Jesus, morning lattes, and I’m obsessed with fantasy football!

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Shrimp Appetizer Recipes

Wow! It’s party time! Don’t you just love all the parties during the Christmas season? Any crafty variation of the recipe can defy the table set with plates. Plus, delicious food is available in abundance! I’m sure these Garlic Shrimp and Butter Party Bites will be a big hit at our next party.

Southwest Marinated Shrimp Appetizer Recipe

Our Spanish Style Garlic Shrimp and Butter Party Bites… flavors of garlic, red pepper flakes and Spanish smoked paprika.

This is a Spanish tapas-style dish with big, spicy, garlicky shrimp and fried butternut cubes. These great recipes will be eaten in minutes!

That’s the question… But are they different and nobody cares? i am not! All I know for sure is that I love them both. They are delicious and taste the same to me. I know that prawns live in fresh water and shrimp live in salt water. Generally, prawns are bigger than shrimp, however, I have seen some shrimp as big as prawns.

In my opinion, fresh is always the best choice, but they are not easy to come by. Shrimps are very perishable and require immediate attention by cooling when caught. Most shrimp are marketed frozen.

Margarita Shrimp Bites

Our shrimp are also de-necked, peeled and deveined. This is a huge time saver and another key point in the preparation of Garlic Shrimp and Butter Party Bites.

We use large shrimp in our Garlic Shrimp and Butter Party Bites. The fishmonger assured me there were twenty-four shrimp to a pound, and I bought a pound of these tasty morsels.

The most important thing to remember when preparing shrimp or prawns is not to overcook them. Properly cooked shrimp or prawns should be cooked either by grilling, boiling or broiling until they are a consistent pink color and their shape is still open. By this I mean that the space between the headless area and the tail should look like a capital letter “C”. If they close like an “O” they are cooked.

Shrimp Appetizer Recipes

These recipes are so easy to put together and so worth it! I sauteed the shrimp in olive oil, butter and a lot of garlic. In addition, red pepper flakes were added to give a little kick. Spanish paprika adds a little smoky flavor.

Baked Stuffed Shrimp Recipe

After filtering, the butter squash is cut into the same cubes. Olive oil is poured on the cubes, then they are fried in a hot oven. Grill until charred on the bottom and slightly tender.

Meanwhile, I grilled the shrimp while the squash was roasting. Both squash and shrimp stick together when cooled to room temperature. Easy peasy! Each party bite is decorated with oregano leaves and arranged on a dinner plate. I like to use these bamboo knot picks but there are other options like:

This is an easy and wonderful recipe to add to the party value. It can also be a good addition to a tapas meal with various small Spanish dishes.

There will be some oily fruits that are not suitable for the project, keep them for soup or other use.

Dynamite Shrimp Tempura (w/ Sriracha Aioli)

My creator!!! Pat, this is my all time favorite, so glad you did! I love watching you make cheese and broccoli soup, chicken alfredo lasagna. Thank you so much for this recipe.

Thanks Kesha! This is one of my favorites. I promise, I will add cheese and broccoli soup to our list of “to do envelopes” and give you a heads up. We have Creamy Chicken Lasagna with Einkorn Noodles that you will love. Einkorn noodles can easily be substituted with regular lasagna noodles. Thanks again for your comments.

P.S. I love your blog…you have a lot of great information for us bakers and bakers, thanks!

Shrimp Appetizer Recipes

This is very timely as we are having a party this weekend. I would love to serve this as one of the recipes. It looks very sweet and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. You are an angel.

Best Shrimp Appetizers

Hi Sheila, I’m so excited to share this with you…have a great party and we’d love to hear how the app worked for you πŸ™‚

This looks like a great and perfect dish to remind you how amazingly delicious healthy home cooking can taste. It has everything I love and is so healthy and delicious! Looking for the best shrimp recipes for parties using just a few ingredients? Try these delicious shrimp recipes. From classic shrimp recipes to cheesy and creamy shrimp dips to cold shrimp appetizer recipes, here are some great shrimp recipes!πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ˜‹

For those delicious cold shrimp appetizers that are the only reason to go to a party for our quick shrimp dip to die for!

Actually, that’s what I love about shrimp. It is a perfect appetizer on its own and tastes more than sweet in any form. 😍😍

Party Shrimp Recipe: How To Make It

Be it Tiger Prawns or Bite size Shrimps, you can make a lot of amazing bite size shrimp appetizers using just a few ingredients.

Fajitas aren’t just for dinner. In fact, you’ll love these Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas with my Homemade Fajita Seasoning.

I love all things honey bourbon. In fact, Honey Bourbon Chicken is the most popular recipe on the blog.

Shrimp Appetizer Recipes

Bonefish Grill’s Copycat Recipe;

Best Baked Shrimp Appetizers Recipes

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