These Various Foods and Beverages Can Make Your Skin Look Dull, Reduce From Now On!, Jakarta Many people think that the appearance of dull skin can only be caused by unfavorable environmental conditions, the use of inappropriate makeup products, and excessive exposure to sunlight. In fact, the cause of this dull skin can also occur due to daily food and drink, you know. Yup, what you consume can actually affect the condition of your skin.

Therefore, choosing the right and healthy food should become a habit that is applied from now on. For example, by eating more fruits, vegetables, and drinking water. So, what foods can make your skin look dull? Here is the list.

Fried food

This one food is very popular and favored by many Indonesians. However, who would have thought that fried food is one of the foods that can make the skin duller. It is known that consuming too much fried food can trigger oily skin problems, prone to acne, so that the skin looks dull and full of black spots. So for those of you who are fans of fried food, it’s better to limit the amount consumed first.

Sweet Food

Sweet snacks that contain lots of sugar are also one of the reasons why the skin can be dull. It should be noted that consuming large amounts of sugar can trigger an increase in blood sugar levels. If left alone, over time these conditions can lead to inflammation in the body which then leads to the breakdown of collagen. This is what later develops into skin health problems, including the appearance of black spots on the surface of the skin.


Coffee is a daily drink for those who want to start their activities more enthusiastically. However, you should know that this drink can also cause dull and dry skin. Yup, this might be due to the effects produced by the caffeine in coffee. Therefore, reduce coffee consumption and drink more water so that your body and skin can be healthier.

Processed Meat

The next food that can make your skin look dull is processed meat. Some processed meats, such as sausages, corned beef, smoked beef, and others are actually able to make the skin drier, less fresh, and cause annoying black spots. This can happen because of the sodium content in some of these products, which can not only trigger swelling of the skin but can also cause dull skin.

Well, some of these foods can indeed cause skin to become dull. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat it at all. Just limit the amount eaten so that the skin can stay healthy and beautiful. Oh yes, if you want to brighten dull skin due to the various foods above, you can do that too, you know.

The trick is to diligently use an effective and reliable facial lightening cream. In using this product, first make sure the important ingredients and properties contained in it. The reason is, not all skin lightening cream products will be good and suitable to answer your skin’s needs.

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