Thick and Savory Soto Kuah Koya Recipe, Jakarta Soto Koya is a typical food from Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. This soto has a distinctive taste and is different from other sotos in general because it uses the main ingredient in the form of “koya” or “koya crackers” as one of the most important parts in terms of taste and presentation.

Koya are crackers that have been mashed into a fine powder, usually made from shrimp crackers or fish crackers, which are ground into powder. Usually this koya will be sprinkled on the sauce soupuntil it has a thickened texture and a savory taste to the soup.

Koya provides a savory and crunchy sensation that enhances the taste of the soto and makes it different from other soto. Have you ever made soto koya? Make soup Koya itself is actually not difficult, you know, here’s how to make Soto Koya at home that you can try:

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