Ukrainian Cake Recipes

Ukrainian Cake Recipes – Ukrainians (as well as many in Europe) use honey in cooking, baking, and home remedies to treat just about anything. My father would always try some home remedies using honey, but then again, one of his hobbies was beekeeping.

I love honey cake, but especially around the holidays. There is something very relaxing about hot herbal tea with a slice of honey cake, on a cold winter day, perfect around Christmas.

Ukrainian Cake Recipes

Ukrainian Cake Recipes

Here is my favorite recipe for honey cake, which I call “Never Fail”, as it has never failed me.

Lemon Poppy Seed Torte (ukrainian Cake) Food Meanderings

You can use a little creativity, and turn the plain honeycomb sheet cake into three different tortes.

A third of the honey cake is added with chocolate ganache and walnuts, the second part will be plain, and the third part is also added with chocolate ganache.

One layer is coated with two layers of white frosting flavored with Bailey’s Irish Caramel Cream liqueur, topped with chocolate ganache.

You can turn this honey cake into a torte, by cutting it in half evenly, or in more layers, and cover it with your favorite butter sauce. You can also frost the sides, but it will be better to leave them plain, and pour the chocolate or vanilla glaze on top and let it drip down the sides. When the three parts are separated, the normal one is sprinkled with powdered sugar before serving.

Chocolate Spartak Cake

One layer is coated with two layers of white frosting flavored with Bailey’s Irish Caramel Cream liqueur, topped with chocolate ganache.

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During the festive season, Ukrainians love to exchange cake recipes. In most traditional families, simple cakes, called pliatsok, are baked every Sunday. Friends or relatives will be invited to spend hours talking and helping themselves to delicious food.

Ukrainian Cake Recipes

During the holidays, it’s common to bake a few cookies, bring one each to your friends, and get some. You would also expect to be presented with a doggy bag of sweet treats as a guest.

Markiza Cake (marquise Cake)

If you want a taste of authentic Ukrainian sweets, check out this list of the top 20. As simple as some of these may seem, each one is sure to give you a sweet treat.

The most famous Ukrainian cake comes from the capital city – Kyiv. This famous nut-and-meringue dessert was invented almost 100 years ago and is now associated with former president Poroshenko, owner of the famous Roshen confectionery factory.

You will need a lot of patience and skill if you decide to kill Kyivskyi yourself, but the end result makes it worth it. You can get as creative as you want with this recipe as all kinds of nuts taste good in this one. I would recommend cashews or hazelnuts as they are the two most traditional types.

You should expect cherries to go with everything in Ukraine – they know how to serve great dishes and desserts alike. The beautiful three-dimensional cake really looks like a small divine house (Monastyrska izba). It consists of many tubes filled with cherries and topped with sour cream.

Daring Bakers: Ukrainian Easter Paska

You can only imagine how much time it takes to bake about 20 tubes of dough and pour cherries (boiled with their juice). But well, love at first bite is a promise.

Made with chocolate ganache, layers of sponge, and chopped cherries, this wine-infused cake will serve you wine while you eat it. Although you can choose practically any spirit to soak the cherries with, the most traditional recipe calls for horil (Ukrainian Vodka) which adds a delicious flavor.

You will need more than 24 hours to make piana vyshnia as you are supposed to let the cherries sit on the counter for as long as possible before you transfer them to the dough and let them do their work.

Ukrainian Cake Recipes

I swear that no other nation can use poppyseed like Ukrainians. They believe you can’t mess up any dish with poppy seeds, and I agree. Although the name murashnyk may sound unappealing to you, the cake shines when sliced.

Best Ukrainian Desserts

The baking process is fascinating as well: you need to put your chilled little dough in a meat grinder to make long strips that look like worms and bake them. Then, you cover with butter and cream of boiled milk, generously sprinkled with poppyseeds, and let the magic do the rest.

A beautiful little option, as a daily tea companion, this makivnyk (with another filling of walnuts and raisins) is the best. Ukrainians love yeast bread, and they know how to work with poppyseeds. What you get from this recipe is a pinch of bitterness that doesn’t hit your tongue. Yum!

This makovo-vyshnevyi cake has it all. Her two layers of poppyseed sponge sandwich the other two layers – condensed milk sauce and cherry jelly. The unique combination of sweet and sour, along with a mild bitterness, gives you plenty of flavor without being too heavy.

You can argue Spartak is from ancient Sparta, but any Ukrainian will try to prove you wrong. A taste of childhood, this cake has eight layers of cocoa dipped in sour cream to melt in your mouth like a cloud. I bet it will be your favorite.

Kyiv Cake (ukrainian Classic)

You might think that this recipe comes from France, but every Ukrainian will swear by it as the national cake. Moist, flavorful, coated in custard,

If you decide to make your own, you should work out how often your mug needs to absorb the frosting. Once you’ve found this point – bingo! Have fun and invite others to join you in this party.

Yet another multilayer cake, this medovyk is similar to spartak but has honey-drenched instead of cocoa cookies. Well, Ukrainians have a huge passion for cakes that take a lot of time to make and you will need to put in a lot of time to bake this one.

Ukrainian Cake Recipes

This honey cake reaches the peak of its flavor the next day, so you also need some patience and don’t eat it right away.

Ukrainian Honey Cake (medivnyk)

This option comes in handy when you want a cake but aren’t particularly in the mood to bake one. Making waffles won’t take you more than 30 minutes and you only need three ingredients. Just pick up a packet of ready-made cereal (available at supermarkets), a can of milk, and some butter.

Mix together the butter and condensed milk and spread in a thick layer over the soup, stirring as you go.

Byte sklo looks like a large rectangular milk cloud studded with colorful jelly cubes and crushed cookies, hence the name. You just mix the ingredients and let them cool in the fridge. Refreshing and sweet, this dessert is perfect for summer parties.

Who doesn’t love a good old cheesecake? The Ukrainian version, syrnyk, is very different from the American one.

Russian Prague Cake, Chocolate Cake

All around Eastern Europe, they would actually use cottage cheese instead of cream cheese for basically every cake. It adds a bit of texture and character to the flavor. Ukrainians also like to use cherries or blackberries inside to spoil.

Apple pie is like a bachelor: handsome, not too young, nobody really owns him. While Ukraine does not have exclusive rights to apple pie for sure, the recipe used for yabluchnyk is distinguishable because of the streusel sauce with a touch of cinnamon. This really makes a difference.

As with any sponge cake recipe, the trick to a perfect smetannyk is in the perfect sponge cake. Once you’ve mastered it, you just need some vanilla whipped cream spread generously on the dark and light sponge. Easy to make and consisting of simple ingredients, this cake can easily compete with any fancy dessert, guaranteed.

Ukrainian Cake Recipes

Crunchy and filling, this cake is a great addition to a winter tea time. The almonds in the dough perfectly complement the fried sauce, while the lemons top off the flavor with just the right amount of sourness.

Ukrainian Dulce De Leche Waffle Cake

Along with cake, Ukrainians love homemade cookies and cakes. So, we decided to give you an overview of the top 5.

These delicious cookies look like angel wings (they are sometimes called by this name) and are easy to make. Unlike other Ukrainian cookies, they don’t call for much kneading, cooling, or additional preparation. Light weight, dusted with powdered sugar, and featuring a drop of bourbon inside, khrustyky is deep fried and tastes absolutely delicious.

These envelope-shaped cookies are another option that doesn’t take much time. Filled with pitted cherries (although apricots or apricots can be used), they are very addictive. You might drop a dozen before you even notice, so be careful.

You will need a

West Ukrainian Cheese Cake

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