Umaine Course Requirements

Umaine Course Requirements – The curriculum for undergraduate arts provides comprehensive instruction in the sources of its language and literature The program is centered on a liberal education and fundamental preparation for undergraduate liberal arts and professional programs. Curriculum for Critical and Original Thinking and Communication Education The knowledge gained in the major provides excellent preparation for a variety of careers that rely on critical and creative thinking and the ability to communicate clearly and convincingly.

The literature course is designed to provide students with a broad-based foundation in American literature as well as in-depth exploration of focused areas of literary study. Within this course, students are encouraged to read creatively and discover what others have not seen. Students are asked to present these findings in writing in a persuasive way that allows others to see their importance. The literature program is enhanced and supported by links with the National Poetry Foundation, an internationally recognized institution for the study of modern poetry.

Umaine Course Requirements

Umaine Course Requirements

All students must choose a writing concentration in Creative Writing, Analytical Writing (Literary/Critical Writing), or Technical and Professional Writing. Each provides students with both introductory and advanced instruction and prepares students for further education or work in a wide range of professional fields.

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Majors outside of ENG 101 take a minimum of 36 credits At least 18 of these credits must be University of Maine By the time of graduation, a student must also complete an additional field requirement, which may be satisfied in three ways: a minor, a second major, or intermediate proficiency in another language (to the 204 level in college courses, or equivalent by examination).

Majors are required to complete a minimum of three writing courses (9 credits) above the ENG 101 level. Those two courses must be at the 300 or 400 level

These three courses can be chosen from Analytical Writing, Creative Writing, and/or the Professional and Technical Writing options listed under “Writing Concentration Options” below. The concentration is strongly encouraged but not required for graduation

300- and 400-level writing courses include: ENG 301 ENG 307 ENG 308 ENG 309 ENG 315 ENG 317 ENG 395 ENG 402 ENG 407 ENG 408 ENG 415 ENG 416

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The requirements listed on this page are specific to the major Students are also responsible for meeting any graduation requirements set forth by the college Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) should be sure to review those requirements as outlined on the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences page.

For more information about our undergraduate and graduate programs, program learning outcomes, internships, special resources and programs, and career opportunities, see our website at https://

The writing concentration offers students a structured progression through the areas of creative writing, analytical writing, or technical/professional writing. Each concentration provides both introductory and advanced instruction and prepares students for further education or work in a number of careers Each writing concentration requires a sequence of courses beginning at the 200 or 300 level and culminating in advanced courses or pre-professional experience in the senior year.

Umaine Course Requirements

This concentration allows students to explore their worlds with carefully constructed language and to make the writing of imaginative literature a way of life. Coursework typically includes:

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This concentration is for students whose primary interests lie in literature, literary theory and essays, literary criticism, and academic papers. It provides excellent preparation for law school or for graduate study in languages ​​and literature It is also useful for students planning to teach at the secondary or college level Coursework includes:

This 12-credit concentration is useful for students planning careers in a variety of fields such as law, public relations, management, arts administration, technical writing, and journalism. Coursework typically includes:

Senior capstone requirements apply to all majors and all concentrations It can be satisfied in a number of ways appropriate to the student’s interests and plans, and is usually a natural culmination to previous choices within the major. Most captone alternatives meet other key requirements as well Any one of the following courses or experiences may be used:

Any ENG 400-level literature course in which the student writes a significant research paper; ENG 490 is optimized for the capstone experience but all 400-level literature courses can satisfy the requirement by arrangement with the instructor.

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Students may minor in Professional Writing, or Creative Writing 18 credits of work are required for each minor

Eighteen course credits are required, excluding ENG 101 and ENG 100/106, and twelve of these credits must be from the University of Maine.

Students from all fields of study can add a professional certification to a career that will be important to their career Coursework in the minor enables students to analyze audiences and writing situations and to write critically in professional contexts. Students learn to develop newsletters, write reports and proposals, and prepare other paper and electronic texts in corporate and nonprofit settings. Students may also learn to prepare operating manuals, instructions, specifications and other technical documents.

Umaine Course Requirements

The Creative Writing minor is designed for students interested in learning how to write or improving their original creative work. A minor’s focus is the workshop The continuing requirement trains minors in a progressive manner: from the basic skills of writing creatively, through the theoretical and aesthetic questions of stories and poems, and finally, in the skills of completing a polished manuscript. The minor offers students the opportunity to study both poetry and prose, as well as some literature, creative nonfiction, and a specialty in creative writing such as translation, playwriting, or literary collage.

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The minor can be declared upon completion of ENG 205: Introduction to Creative Writing with a grade of B or better. Please note: Enrollment in 300- and 400-level writing courses requires a transcript and instructor approval. Preference is given to majors focusing on creative writing and creative writing minors Our program emphasizes coursework that will place students in a good position for admission to the graduate school of their choice. Many course requirements in science must also be met, and these vary with each student’s program Generally, courses in chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics are minimal Few schools require a science major, but these courses will meet the requirements for admission and prepare the student for the admissions test. For many students, it is convenient to major in a science, which requires many of these same courses

The University of Maine is located in Orono, a quiet community of about 10,000 people in east-central Maine. It is relatively safe and free from big city problems in terms of crime and traffic problems Nearby Bangor offers first class shopping, theaters, restaurants and other attractions. Acadia National Park and other attractions are just over an hour away, enough for a day trip to the Maine coast. Extensive forests and mountains are not far to the north and west, with excellent opportunities for hiking, camping, downhill and cross-country skiing, river rafting, boating, and fishing. Buses run regularly to Boston and major carriers serve Bangor International Airport

The University of Maine is unique in Maine It is the only Ph.D. As a modern research university in the state, it offers students many opportunities to participate in laboratory and clinical studies. Well-equipped laboratories are maintained for work in basic medical sciences such as molecular biology of cancer, osteoporosis, genetics and physiology of cardiovascular disease, veterinary science, biochemistry and human and animal nutrition. Many graduate students participate in formal or informal projects with faculty in laboratory studies, and some go on to co-author publications with their sponsoring professors. Having research experience adds an important dimension to graduate school applications Associate faculty and graduate students make important contributions to graduate school applications in the form of letters of recommendation.

Our faculty are committed to teaching They are the backbone of the University of Maine and health professions programs Our professors are expected not only to be first class teachers but also to do research This requirement applies to non-science majors as well as biology, chemistry and physics The combination of research and teaching ensures that the latest information is used in all classes Graduate institutions know the care in which University of Maine faculty prepare students for their programs. Grading standards are consistent with high expectations of students Admissions committees know they can count on the University of Maine to be “as advertised.” Most importantly, our graduates know that their preparation for exams like the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) or the Dental Admission Test (DAT) meets the highest academic standards. Select your first and second choice on your application or let us know If you are undecided about which program to choose at a particular college Details of specific academic programs can be found here

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High school courses should be at the college preparatory level or higher Advanced, honors or AP courses are encouraged Candidates should have four units of English, three to four units of Mathematics (at least Algebra I and II, and Geometry);

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