Unbelievable Vegan Recipes

Unbelievable Vegan Recipes – This Vegan Chocolate Avocado Pudding is incredible! It is made with whole foods, plant-based ingredients like dates and avocado. A satisfying, simple dessert.

You won’t believe the simple, whole food ingredients that make this creamy chocolate pudding. First of all, there is no dairy in this recipe. Unlike regular pudding that uses cow’s milk, this vegan recipe uses plant-based foods for its rich creaminess.

Unbelievable Vegan Recipes

Unbelievable Vegan Recipes

Second, there is no refined sugar in this recipe. I am on a mission to cook with whole foods while avoiding ingredients like refined oil and sugar. By using whole ingredients like dates and avocados, I can create dishes that are delicious and nutritious.

On The Go Healthy Plant Based Recipes

In particular, sugar can be a strong addiction. Our biology is hardwired to get the energy that comes from sugar. Refined sugars (such as cane sugar, brown sugar, agave, and maple syrup) all stimulate addictive tendencies. However, using dry fruits like dates is addictive. The fiber and other nutrients in dates help curb our cravings and fight addiction.

We’ve all heard that avocados are a source of healthy fats. But, did you know they also have vitamins B, C, E, K and fiber? Because avocados are a whole food. Unlike processed foods, they have nutrients that have not been stripped away. Refined processed fats such as coconut butter, cow’s milk butter and coconut oil. It’s stripped of any nutrients so all you’re left with is fat. Fat is incredibly calorie dense, so it’s easy to overeat and still feel hungry.

You want to use ripe avocados for this recipe. To tell if an avocado is ripe, it should yield to a gentle squeeze. You can also flick the nub where the stem is attached – you should see a bright green color. However, if your avocado is not ripe, here are some tips:

You’ll love this recipe for a healthy, oil-free, plant-based avocado chocolate pudding. This is a perfect vegetarian food recipe:

The Creamiest Gf Vegan Mac N Cheese W/broccoli 🧀 🥦

Whole Foods: I’m on a mission to use only whole food, plant-based ingredients. You won’t find any refined flour, sugar, syrup or oil in my recipes. Only whole food, natural goodness.

Freezer-Friendly: This Vegan Chocolate Avocado Pudding is super freezer-friendly. Make a double-batch to freeze the excess. Or, freeze small portions and thaw the night before. This can help with portion control.

Dark Cocoa Powder: For best flavor, use high quality dark baking cocoa powder. It’s worth investing in a product that has a deep, rich flavor. This will make your chocolate baking more delicious.

Unbelievable Vegan Recipes

Raw version: For the raw version of this recipe, use raw cocoa powder. Baking cocoa powder is often made from roasted cocoa beans and may involve some heat during the process.

Great Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

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* Percent daily values ​​are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values ​​may vary based on your caloric needs. The values ​​here may not be 100% accurate as the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor evaluated by the US FDA.

Easy Vegan Chocolate Coconut Oat Balls 1 Minute Vegan Chocolate Sauce 5-Ingredient Cocoa Peanut Butter Energy Bites Chocolate Mocha Healthy Chia Pudding Best vegan dinner recipes that are packed with protein and perfect for any day of the week. You’ll find plenty of quick and easy vegetarian meals, vegan takes on traditional comfort foods, and more that are guaranteed to impress meat eaters!

Vegan Turkey Roast

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I love taking traditionally meat-heavy dishes and putting a vegan twist on them with different proteins, spices and flavors. In this round up, you’ll find more than 50 of the best vegetarian dinner recipes to put on your menu ASAP! These delicious, healthy vegetarian dishes are packed with fiber and protein, so I guarantee you won’t miss the meat. Plus, most of them are drizzled or tossed in some fantastic vegetarian sauces — you might just want to dip your whole life into them. how nice

These vegan dinner ideas cover anything you need in a satisfying meal. I have divided them into the following:

Unbelievable Vegan Recipes

Pick up a few new vegan favorites to put on your Meatless Monday menu this week! If you make any of these vegan dinners, be sure to visit the recipe to leave a comment and rating so I know how you liked it. Have fun, xo!

Seitan & More

Noodles are naturally a good source of protein and fiber (especially whole wheat!) but feel free to use gluten free noodles too if you prefer. Each of these vegan pasta recipes also has a delicious sauce and a boost of veggies!

Even your favorite comfort foods like meatloaf, sloppy joes, enchiladas, and pot pies have gotten a vegan makeover! These recipes pack plant-based protein from tofu, beans, and other legumes.

A warm, nutritious soup that will fill you up even without any meat. Enjoy as is or with your favorite plant-based sides!

Is there anything better than a hot bowl of chili, curry or hearty stew? These dishes are very nutritious and full of vegetables and warm flavors. Plus, you’ll find vegan protein sources like chickpeas. Lentils and tofu.

Unbelievable Vegan Chicken Piccata (seitan)

Curb those burger and sandwich cravings with vegan versions of your new fave! The traditional veggie burger gets a delicious makeover with amazing condiments and sauces, and you’ll be coming back to this easy wrap and sandwich again and again.

Everything in a bowl has to be loved, especially when it’s full of wonderful flavors. Many of these vegan recipes are inspired by my Puerto Rican mama, and they are some of my favorites for all meal prep.

No boring salads here! This beautiful plant-based salad is truly a complete meal with lots of hearty vegetables and protein. You’ll want to use a variety of dairy-free dressings on everything.

Unbelievable Vegan Recipes

If you make any of these vegan dinner recipes, be sure to comment below and let me know how you liked them! You can also tag # on Instagram so I can see your creations. Thanks, xo!

Vegan Tempeh Tacos

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