Vegetarian Main Course Recipe

Vegetarian Main Course Recipe – Finding basic meat-free options for entertaining can be a challenge. We have some ideas to share for individual recipes and larger dishes.

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Vegetarian Main Course Recipe

Vegetarian Main Course Recipe

Make sure your vegetarian guests are treated like royalty with one of our easy yet impressive main course recipes – perfect for entertaining and dinner parties. Check out our Vegan Dinner Party Collection for even more tried-and-tested favorites.

Best Vegetarian Recipes

These scrumptious Spiced Lentil and Spinach Pies by Tom Kerridge are packed with flavor with a surprising chutney center – sure to make your vegetarian guests feel better!

Perfect for autumn or winter, baking a squash and stuffing it with savory rice makes a great centerpiece. Try this stuffed pumpkin recipe, which is also vegetarian.

You can make the mushroom mixture or assemble this beautiful Golden-Glazed Carrot, Mushroom, and Hazelnut Tart in advance, so you can spend more time with your guests on the day you’re entertaining.

With roasted cauliflower becoming increasingly popular as a main course, we especially love this festive recipe, which is loaded with kale and chestnuts and then toasted perfectly with crunchy breadcrumbs.

Top 10 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Main Dishes

This shallot tatin is a delicious version of the classic dessert recipe with a puff pastry base, caramel glaze, and ornately arranged toppings.

If you’re hosting a vegetarian Sunday lunch, this parsnip, mushroom, and barley entrée at the center of the table is sure to impress. It’s a lovely modern twist on a walnut loaf that’s packed with flavor.

These amazing 5-day burgers are made with a base of porcini mushrooms and served with spicy peach ketchup.

Vegetarian Main Course Recipe

A traditional log-shaped pastry, minus the beef. It’s also freezable, so it can be made in advance. Pair this Squash and Blue Cheese Wellington with Vegetarian Gravy for a special winter feast.

Best Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Try these Salad-Stuffed Peppers with a leafy green salad and fresh bread – you can make the buckwheat stuffing a day in advance if you want to make ahead.

Loaded with Moroccan flavors and presented as an attractive phyllo swirl, this veggie spiral pie with spicy tomato sauce is sure to take down a storm. It’s filling and satisfying, but still with fresh summer flavor.

Have you found what you were looking for? Let us know which vegetarian recipes you’ve tried in the comments below. After a big weekend, I’m looking forward to some fresh and healthy, comfort food. you too? You are at right place.

Since we’ve got a lot of new visitors this year (welcome!), I’ve rounded up 29 of the most popular vegetarian main dishes on Cookie & Kate. keep in mind that

Cornbread, Mushroom, And Kale Pumpkin For Thanksgiving

Most of my recipes are vegetarian, so narrowing down the list to a reasonable number wasn’t easy.

Basically, they are for everyone! These crowd-pleasing recipes will convince even the most skeptical carnivores that meatless dishes can be delicious

You’ll find more popular options in our “Reader Favorites” category in the sidebar. If you’re looking for something specific, hover over “All Recipes” in the menu bar and you’ll find many more categories to explore. Or for an overview of our hottest recipe recipes, click “See All.”

Vegetarian Main Course Recipe

For more favorite recipes, check out my cookbook, Love Real Food, which has over 100 recipes (most of which you won’t find on the blog). In no particular order, here are the 29 best vegetarian recipes, according to readers.

Simple Roasted Mixed Vegetables Recipe

“I made this last weekend and love love loved it so I’m making it again this weekend! My husband really liked it too, and getting him to eat lots of veggies is a tall order.” So this will be entering our regular rotation for sure. So glad I found this blog, subscribed to the email and just bought your cookbook! Thanks Kate!!” – Julia

“This is one of my favorite recipes of all time. I wish I could eat this every day. Once upon a time I was eating this while lying on the couch, every time I took a bite I would say, “This Very good”. Curry powder and lemon juice make it. Thanks, Kate!” – Lauren

“Okay, these little babies really are the best falafels I’ve ever had. I’ll keep this recipe, five out of five!! We made them with whole wheat pita, hummus, vegan pesto mayo, tomatoes, kalamata olives, and spring greens.” Taken with. OMG so good. Thank you!!! You are the best! I could cry they are so good!” – Connie

“Wow, just served them for dinner. “Epic” is a great description. As you said, Kate, the pickled onions complement the other ingredients perfectly! I offered all the condiments you suggested and Favorite was the shredded cabbage and feta cheese. Going to be making burritos for lunch tomorrow with the left overs (I doubled the recipe, luckily)” – EricB

Main Course — Latest Blog Posts — The Forest Feast

“I’ve made this recipe several times! Mostly for myself, but I’ve also brought it to a few potluck-style gatherings and it’s a hit every time. So easy to make and addictive!” – Diane

“Soon after making this delicious dish, which the whole family enjoyed, I was asking my six-year-old son about his favorite food. He quickly replied, “The dish you made!” (Pinto Posole). Thank you for this and for all your amazing recipes!” – Maria

“Fellow Kisi resident here! I love La Bodega’s paella, so my expectations were pretty high. I made this recipe last night (with sauerkraut) and it was amazing. Absolutely loved it and will be making it again soon!” – Tony

Vegetarian Main Course Recipe

“I decided to try this recipe and I was blown away by its amazing deliciousness. My experience with vegetable lasagnas has been figuring out how to cover up the watery nightmare that hides under a cheese crust. This recipe gave me the best tasting lasagna I’ve ever had. I had a few friends over and no one commented that it was missing meat. Everyone was eating fast to secure another piece. Plus, I bought all the materials on a budget, so I spent $8.50!” – David

Best Vegetarian Main Dishes For Valentine

“Success! We’re about to run out of lentils,” worried my carnivore husband. My carnivore ten-year-old stepson, who had previously despised carnivore food, soon claimed he was going to eat ten tacos. and said that “this dish could belong in a fancy restaurant.” At the end, our two-year-old kept yelling, “More cauliflower!” The only thing I would do differently next time is double the recipe! ” – Brooke

“This is the best minestrone I’ve ever had! From the delicious flavors to the ease of preparing all the ingredients to enjoy a hearty soup, it’s very satisfying! (My family thinks it’s our award-winning Better recipe than bakery/cafe!) Thank you for making a true classic! – Beth

“This is heavenly! I decided to make dinner for my mom and her boyfriend the night before they left for London. Learning that her boyfriend is a vegetarian, I had to turn to Google. I came across your page, And I’ve never come back! Both couldn’t help but sing their praises about this dish. And honestly, I could either! I paired it with Cilantro Lime Rice – perfection. I’ll be posting more recipes for you this coming week! Gonna make it. Thanks, Kate!” – Danielle

“Made this yesterday following the recipe quite faithfully. Husband said it tasted exactly like the red curry from our favorite Thai restaurant! This is a winner and will be bookmarked and made often! The details in the recipe like each The step by step cooking time ensures that you cannot go wrong with the recipe. And hence I would feel confident making this recipe for company as well. – Poornima

Easy Vegetarian Lentil Stew

“This was absolutely fabulous! Loved the texture surprise of the lentils. It was so satisfying! Can’t wait for the next recipe… Thank you!” – Kat

“I love this stir-fry and I’m so glad I found it! I made this last week for the first time and just made it again today. My husband wasn’t complaining 🙂 I used coconut oil because it was the only oil I had besides olive oil and I used sambal oelek for the chili garlic sauce. It’s a different recipe with unique flavor combinations but it works very well together. Thanks for the great recipe, Kate!” – Moriah

“It was great! Thanks for a great recipe that was easy for this novice cook. I added some green chilies for extra flavor, but it would have been just as excellent without. I love your website, I eat vegetarian New to baking and your recipes and easy to follow instructions are really helping to boost my confidence.” – Joseph

Vegetarian Main Course Recipe

“Oh my gosh! This recipe is just fabulous! I substituted regular carrots and added an extra tablespoon of pumpkin seeds just because I love them so much! This might be my favorite dish from her yet! Thanks Kate !” – Madison

Vegan Dish And Main Course With Vegetables And Tofu Cheese Vector Set Stock Vector

“I absolutely love this recipe! I made this last night for my family’s girls night.

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