Wedding Cake Recipes Pdf

Wedding Cake Recipes Pdf – Here you will find the full recipe and cake decorating video tutorial for a DIY homemade wedding cake. This simple and elegant vanilla wedding cake has 2 tiers and comes with a full set of instructions. With the help of a carefully digested log, this wedding cake recipe is perfectly manageable for any home baker.

At the request of many readers, I present you with a homemade 2 tier wedding cake recipe. Adapted from a trusted vanilla cake and 6 inch cake mix, this from-scratch wedding table is not only beautiful- it tastes amazing, too.

Wedding Cake Recipes Pdf

Wedding Cake Recipes Pdf

Equipped with step-by-step recipe and recipe instructions to create this one-of-a-kind table, you’ll have happy couples and wedding parties. This has everything behind it.

Wedding Cake Recipes

This is a Tier 2 wedding cake. The clusters are buttery, soft and moist. Instead of traditional fondant, this homemade wedding cake recipe uses my vanilla buttercream, but in a higher amount. To avoid (1) your mixer over-beating the cake and over-mixing or under-mixing, make each cake separately.

Unless you have an extra oven(s) or space, prepare a bed of dough and bake the cakes one by one. Let the cakes cool before they are completely assembled and decorated, which I cover in a separate section below.

Both cakes use the same exact ingredients, and each has a special function, so I don’t recommend substitutions. Use sugar, cake flour, egg(s), extra egg whites, sour milk, whole milk, and proper room temperature butter. (Among a few other things.) If needed, use this as a substitute for bread flour. Here are some recipes that used egg yolks.

The bottom cake is my vanilla cake recipe, but I swap out the butter for whole milk and sour cream. I do this so that you don’t need different things in each row. (Because the top order uses whole milk and sour cream.) Sure, you can replace the entire 6-inch cake with buttermilk and sour cream, but whole milk and sour cream are more readily available than buttermilk.

Classic White Cake Recipe

This is vanilla flavored, which is a classy option to please a variety of wedding guests. You can play around with frostings, fillings, and flavors. Here are 5 other good cake flavors:

*These are just the flavors I’ve tried in stages. At this time I don’t have a strong enough version of the chocolate to use in the bottom row.

Want to mix and match flavors? Stick with vanilla cake on the bottom (or other flavors listed above) and use any of the cupcake recipes listed in my 6 inch cake recipes for the top layer. As mentioned, cupcake batter yields between 12-15 cupcakes and makes a perfect 3 layer 6 inch cake.

Wedding Cake Recipes Pdf

Filling ideas: The filling on my cake is vanilla buttercream, but feel free to use other frosting flavors if you like. You can add extracts to the frosting like almonds, lemons, oranges, or coconuts. (Start with 1 teaspoon, to taste, add more to taste.) You can also mix a few layers of film into the vanilla buttercream for richness.

Elegantly Simple Raw Vegan Cakes

The 6 inch cake batter (left above) is light and creamy. The 9-inch cake batter (right above) is thicker, so the bottom layer is slightly thicker (for extra support).

Always line your baking sheet with parchment paper before adding batter. Begin by lightly spraying the bottom sides of each with nonstick spray or butter. Add a round of parchment paper, both round and greased. You don’t need to buy anything special for round parchment paper. Simply put the bottom of your cake on a regular parchment paper pan and cut into circles. Refrigerated paper rounds guarantee that the framework will dissolve from the pots.

This recipe uses a 9-inch 3-layer bed and a 6-inch 3-layer bed. A 9 inch cake makes 8-9 cups, and a 6 inch cake makes 4 cups. If you need to substitute a different size pan, see my Cake Pan Sizes & Conversions post to determine how much pan you need for your desired cake pan.

Please allow a short time for the video to load right below this text. The horizontal flow of the cake. Click the play button in the center to play it. Make someone stick to the blockers for a while in your browser.

Easy Homemade Wedding Cake

You literally make 2 completely separate cakes and put one on top of the other. For support and stability is guaranteed, the 4th cake is fixed there in the bottom row. They are pleased with the staff that will support the top order. You will need to measure and cut the little houses so that they are red on the surface of the bottom of the cake. A small order to put on. A 6 inch cake board, which I will describe next, hangs between the rows of additional support.

* As in the video tutorial, layer the glitter coat and the cake decorations both separately before step by step. Decorate following instructions.

Decorate both steps on the cake boards. You can remove the cake board from the bottom layer, if you like, before placing the cake on a plate or cake stand. (This can be mistaken!) But I usually leave him alone. Pipe a border of frosting around the bottom of the cake. Please do not remove the table from the bottom to the top row. A pie plate sits between the two tiers for added support and stability and ensures that when you cut into the top tier, the whole pie doesn’t settle.

Wedding Cake Recipes Pdf

A wedding cake is literally the table of life, so it doesn’t just taste great—it also looks stunning. The ability to reduce defects or mistakes, I stick to the simple. The mica coat in both steps is necessary to cover the frosting so as not to catch the mica.

Butter Cake Recipe (moist Basic Cake)

As you can see in the video tutorial above, it is useful to use a razor blade to coat the glitter and the outer layer of frosting. In fact, I use a razor blade to decorate all the layered cakes. Also use a spatula to glue the tops of the cakes. (I use a small icing spatula for a small cake and a large icing spatula for a large cake).

After coating the cakes with crumbs, they should be refrigerated to help “set” the crumbs coat. This is another reason why cake boards are needed to help transfer/carry the cakes around.

The easiest way to see the texture of the outer frosting. (Big shout out to my assistant, Stephanie, for suggesting this look!) As shown in my video, use a small spatula and run the cake around the cake while swirling it with the cake turner. You’ll love this look because it’s so easy, but it mimics beautiful roughs.

After placing a small layer above, you can pipe the frosting around the bottom. This covers, or smooths, any spaces that have appeared, arranging the top row. Pipe the frosting points with a rounded piping tip between the lines and around the bottom of the entire cake. They are like beautiful pearls. For any peaks in these smooth “pearls”, wet your finger with water and gently press down on the tip.

Vintage Christmas Baking Ideas From The 1950s

You will use my vanilla buttercream recipe (enlarged, of course) as a garnish. Make two separate batches of frosting, 1 batch for each batch. There is too much frosting in 1 batch, it will overwhelm your base.

At least 8-9 cups of frosting total, which includes the filling, the mica coat, and the frosted outer crust, and the rim. If you want other flavors of frosting, be sure to find a recipe that yields or adjust to yield 8-9 cups.

Whipping the super-vanilla buttercream creates air bubbles. The taste is not different, but the buttercream is no longer smooth and velvety.

Wedding Cake Recipes Pdf

Here’s how to get rid of air bubbles in your frosting: basic ditching. Grab a wooden or metal spoon and start stirring the buttercream by hand. Scoop the frosting over the side of the bowl to “pop” the bubbles. Do this until most of the air bubbles pop, about 1-2 minutes. This trick requires a lot of arm muscle!

Tropical White Cake With Dragonfruit Buttercream

This is a recipe for a complete homemade 2-row wedding bed. For the best taste and texture, and to prevent the soup from overwhelming you, make each layer (cake) and each batch of frosting separately.

Are you new to this website? This email series is a great place to start. I’ll walk you through a few of my most popular recipes and show you exactly why they work.

Sally McKenney is a professional food photographer, cookbook author, and baker. Her kitchen-tested recipes and carefully-paced instructors provide the knowledge and confidence to cook from scratch. Sally has been featured on America Morning, HuffPost, Taste of Home, People and more.

This email series is a great place to start. I’ll walk you through a few of my most popular recipes and show you why they work. Avoid the cost and make your own very easy Wedding Cake. You can save money and prepare an incredible treat for your wedding.

Ilana & Romy’s Wedding Cake

Not only is this easy

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