What Are Some Unique Drinks

What Are Some Unique Drinks – Four amazing and magical color-changing cocktails (Galaxy Magic Cocktail) with a secret ingredient! Bring out the secret mixologist in you and wow your friends and family with these fun and unique cocktails! Don’t forget to watch the video where you can see all these cocktails in action.

As promised, here are FOUR amazing color changing cocktail recipes! Again, I used the secret ingredient – butterfly pea flowers (or blue pea flowers), to create these cocktails. But this time, I added a bit of that magic to the alcohol itself by infusing the flowers into it. All these cocktails work on the basis of butterfly pea flowers that change color in the presence of an acidic solution. I will not go into detail how it happens here, because I explained that a couple of times before in my post Galaxy Lemonade Slushie, and the post Color Changing Pink Lemonade.

What Are Some Unique Drinks

What Are Some Unique Drinks

What is important is that it is a unique and fun ingredient, and that it is completely natural and turns from blue to purple to pink when mixed with an acid solution.

Magical Color Changing Cocktails (galaxy Cocktails)

I mentioned a few cocktails that I will make in my galaxy lemonade post, and here I will share some of them with you!

Kiwi Lime and Mint Magic Julep (or a Mermaid Magic Julep as I like to call it!) Glow in the dark Galaxy Magic Mule (A classic mule made with tonic water) Lemon-Lime Magic Margarita (which looks like a Sunset Magic Margarita) Raspberry Gin Martini (made with frozen raspberries)

To enhance the color change in these magical cocktails, I use lemon or lime juice, or fruit juice mixed with lemon or lime to make it more acidic. Orange, pineapple or kiwi juice alone will not be acidic enough to give that final purple/pink color.

I made these cocktails with color changing alcohol, BUT you can use the second option mentioned above, and just add a layer of COLOR CHANGING MAGIC ICE to your glass and pour in regular alcohol for that beautiful color changing effect color

Taste The Rainbow

For non-alcoholic versions, you can use pineapple and orange as a base, then add lemon syrup and serve as the Color Changing Galaxy Lemonade here.

Yes, this may be a bit more work for a cocktail, but imagine how much fun it would be to impress your friends, family and guests with some mixology magic!

I mixed kiwi and lime juice to create the base of this amazing drink. Then it’s topped with some mint (and a splash of mint liqueur). Next, fill the glasses with crushed ice (or half full with crushed magic ice if you’re not using alcohol that changes color). Add extra lime juice, followed by color changing vodka (or regular vodka) and club soda to make this Magic Julep.

What Are Some Unique Drinks

Top with more crushed magic ice. The drink goes from green at the bottom to pink, purple and blue at the top! Almost like a magical mermaid julep! 🙂

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I made a big change to the classic Moscow mule here. Instead of regular crushed ice, I used crushed tonic water ice. The iced tonic water shines brightly under the black light, giving it this amazing glow in the dark galaxy’s magic mule.

Fill the serving glass (Moscow mule mug glass or a highball glass) with crushed tonic water ice (half full of color changing magic ice if you are not using color changing vodka). Pour freshly squeezed lime juice and ginger syrup. Pour the color-changing vodka on top, followed by tonic water.

I love this drink! It looks like an ethereal mood ring that changes color! And under the black light, it will glow brightly as you can see in the video!

While you can add kiwi juice, orange juice or regular lemon/lime juice to make a wonderful margarita, I went with the simple lemon and lime combo instead.

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A gorgeous sunset in a glass awaits you after you add the color-changing tequila and shake the drink! 🙂

Gin is the only clear spirit that does not turn purple when mixed with butterfly flowers. I wanted to add a pop of color, so instead of adding too much crushed ice (since Martinis don’t typically have crushed ice), I added frozen raspberries which also add a nice raspberry flavor as the drink is shaken.

Add some icing though, just to help accentuate the color changing layer. Serve this drink as a layered drink, and let your guests shake the drink to see the gorgeous color change with a hint of dark pink from the raspberries!

What Are Some Unique Drinks

Here’s another Color Changing Cocktail – with the addition of SHIMMERY LUSTER DUST. Be sure to check out the Phoenix Cocktail recipe + Video here.

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